Sep 102020
Kitty Cute: Dripping Wet

Kitty Cute is hot. A nice bath will be refreshing.

"Because of how I look, and my big boobs, I always get a lot of attention," Kitty said. "I like it. Sometimes it is just too much. But I do feel fortunate."

Kitty likes to wear casual clothes and high heels. She's picked out shorts and a tight top for this scene.

"I began to get large breasts at thirteen and I was easily the girl with the biggest chest. When I was offered a chance to pose for The SCORE Group, I was happy to accept. I feel I am in very good company with so many beautiful girls of all nationalities."

Kitty already knew the Star sisters when she went to the Dominican Republic for the girl-group movie On Location North Coast but she got to meet more busty babes there.

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