Renee Ross – Best In Chest

Best In Chest

It's fitness time for sexy and beautiful Renee Ross but not for long. Exercise had to wait when our cameraman showed up. It was time for another travel show. Traveling along Renee's awesome body, that is. She's a brick house with a soft center. "Renee Ross is going to be a legend," believes K.L. "I can't stop jacking off to her photos and videos since I first saw her. Is she really as nice and sweet as she seems? She's so hot in hardcore and solo. Renee is one of the all-time greatest models you ever found. I bought all her DVD's because I wanted the best video quality and I've had hard drives crash before and lost everything. I look forward to more of Renee. I could listen to her for hours." We can assure K.L. that Renee is indeed as nice and sweet as she seems. In fact, on the niceness and sweetness scale, Renee is ten of ten!

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Joanna Lake – Her Second Time

Her Second Time

Joanna Lake is a hardworking sales representative discovered in Romania. This is her second time before the XLGirls camera. Among the props she received her first time was "Joanna is an awesome find." (Tom) and "I managed to get beyond those great tits and shapely legs and discovered those alluring eyes." (BJ). How far Joanna wants to take modeling is a question we don't have an answer to yet. She looks more relaxed in these pictures. Joanna does have a compelling look, a penetrating gaze in her eyes as BJ mentioned last time. Hey, where'd those cuffs come from in photos (39-42)? Is there some secret side to her? "I have a demanding job so when I go home, I like to relax and go to bed early. There is never enough time on the weekends. I like to meet friends for lunch or visit a cultural attraction on Saturday or Sunday... perhaps go to the cinema or watch television and see what I've missed all week. I am interested to read what people will say about me when they see my pictures. It will influence my decisions."

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Nikki Smith – Nikki: Sexy and Smart

Nikki: Sexy and Smart

Nikki Smith on: Giving good head.

"Honestly, I started watching porn. The first thing I learned from porn that I was really excited about was how to put a condom on a dick without using your hands. So I was really proud of myself when I mastered that. That was a big step in my sex abilities."

Nikki Smith on: Her blow job advice for girls.
"Definitely take it deep. Gag yourself if you must. It's awesome; they like it. Not too much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the dick. And enjoy it. Don't suck dick if you don't like it. It totally ruins it. If you enjoy it, they enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, they don't enjoy it as much.

Nikki Smith on: Casual sex.
"There's a time and a place for it I think. If I'm going to have casual sex with somebody then it's going to strictly be casual sex. I don't want to have sex too soon with someone I'm interested in dating. I just need some no-strings-attached dick, and sometimes that works. But usually if I'm interested in a relationship I take it a little slower."

Nikki Smith on: Dating.
"Surprisingly enough, when it comes to dating I'm a little old fashioned. I don't usually kiss on a first date. I definitely don't have sex on a first date. I really only choose to have intimate sex with a partner if I feel like the relationship is going to last for a little while. Not everyone who takes me out to dinner is gonna get laid. I think that's the biggest thing. And I just like to have fun. I like to do random things. I think a fun date is going to the batting cages or going to have frozen yogurt. And like I said, having sex in the parking lot afterwards! Of course that's after I get to that point with someone."

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Sarah Rae – Finger In The Pie

Finger In The Pie

Sarah Rae not only has her finger on the pulse of the XL Man, she has her finger in the pie. These cherry pies. All three of them. That Suzy Homemaker apron conceals a smokin' hot body and wonderful whoppers barely hidden by sheer lingerie. There are big tits and there are BIG TITS. Sarah has HUGE TITS that she's proud of and proud to show for the benefit of mankind. Ah, to find a girl built like this is a miracle and to have her naked and playing at is a greater miracle. At first, we were worried that Sarah would not want to pose because some web-cam models are not comfortable outside the comfort zones of their own bedrooms. That didn't prove to be the case with eager to please and naturally happy Sarah who said she has a lot of fun here with our friendly studio staff. If your pulse is racing and you're pitching a tent at the sight of her, you are not alone, Boob Brother. This is Sarah's third pictorial and video. How sweet it is. Now check out that pie! Mouthwatering!

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Sarah Rae – Finger In The Pie

Finger In The Pie

Popular XL Girl Sarah Rae has two cherry pies she wishes to share. It would be in your best interest to join her at the table and indulge your sweet tooth. Her kitchen apron is minimal concealment for her sexy lingerie. Her ass looks hot in it. Her tits are severely stressing that sheer, flimsy top. Wait until Sarah loses the Suzy homemaker apron. Sleek stocking and stacked heels complete her hot pie-maker outfit. Maybe this is not a standard uniform for your baker but it is for ours. Sarah calls herself on Twitter, "Just a normal, big-boobed Jewish girl with a lot of dreams, a good sense of humor and a strange affinity for shaking her massive tits all over the internet...." Take care not to lose it when Sarah takes out her boobs at 3:40 of this freshly-baked video. is not responsible for seizures or falling backwards out of your chair when you see her incredible body once again. Are you going to refuse her pie once she's gotten nice and naked? The whipped cream is ready. Sarah Rae has a fork for you. So give in. It's not nice to say no to a doll like this.

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