Khloe Lust – Video Virgin

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Sep 132013
Video Virgin

Khloe Lust is a newbie at XLGirls. She is a horny-looking Florida ginger and a girl-next-door type with 40D's (more like double-D's) who sports a Latin inscription on her left shoulder that reads "Semper ad Meliora" or "Always towards better things."

And one of those better things is her trying hot modeling. She's so far made two videos and two pictorials.

This is Khloe's first time having sex on-camera. It's a video virginity party and you are invited to witness her cherry copped by a pro-cock and a regular at XLGirls.

Khloe says she's nervous as she chats in the dressing room right before they head to bed. She laughs and giggles a lot. She is very charming. But no worries. Khloe is in good hands and her fuck partner will keep his horn high and hard for her as she sucks it, sticks it between her big boobs and takes off her panties and opens her legs for her filling.

They say a girl never forgets her first time. And her first time with a fuck-stud in front of a camera? Khloe is getting the royal treatment. And she is giving it back with gyrating hips and sucking lips. If Khloe ever decides to do another guy-girl video, we are as close to her as her telephone. Or is this a lark, a one-time fling, a once-in-a-lifetime thing, her only schwing?

Hit that play button on the video and watch Khloe Lust in Video Virgin, only on

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Khloe Lust – Video Virgin

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Sep 132013
Video Virgin

It's Khloe Lust's first ever guy-girl scene and she's a little nervous. That's perfectly normal when a girl's having her first on-camera coupling. But we know Khloe will be great at it.

Khloe will need an experienced sex-stud to guide her and make things easy and relaxed. Tony chats her up in the dressing room after she's had her hair, make-up and wardrobe done. A giggler, Khloe laughs a lot. He points out that she has a nice laugh. Khloe drops her straps and reveals her girls. He reaches out to touch and caress her nipples and breast-flesh. Tony continues to warm Khloe up, kissing and nuzzling her, hitting her erogenous zones and making her purr.

Tony stands. With a smile on her lips, Khloe unzip him and pulls his jeans down. She giggles as she feels his already hard horn through his briefs. "Nice and hard," Khloe says, rubbing the lump. She takes his cock out and puts it in her sweet mouth to suck.

Khloe inserts it between her big jugs, then pops it between her lips again. She gets on her side and stretches out, cupping her tits with her hands while his cock slides in and out of her mouth, hands free. Khloe sucks it in a sensuous way, not rushed or mechanical.

Tony holds her hair behind her and begins to pump her mouth while she pinches her nipples for extra pleasure. She can get almost all of the shaft in her wet mouth.

Tony helps Khloe remove her panties. She gets on her back so he can fuck her tits. She uses her hands to squeeze her boobs together, squishing his cock between her soft, smooth mounds.

Now comes the big moment. Khloe is ready. Tony rubs his cockhead against her clit and lips, then easily slips it inside Khloe. She gasps from the sensation. Tony is taking Khloe's video virginity, busting her on-camera cherry. Khloe is ready. This is going to be a very horny sexing. Will it be her first and only? Only time will tell.

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Khloe Lust – Khloe’s Lust

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Sep 032013
Khloe's Lust

Khloe Lust is a fresh-faced newcomer to As we mentioned last time, the tattoo "Semper ad Meliora" on Khloe's left shoulder is Latin for "Always towards better things."

While Khloe's a real girl-next-door, and says she has no fetishes except for loving chick-toys, in this photo shoot and Bonus video, she wraps her sexy body into a kinky fetish outfit with chains and wrist cuffs. Definitely a different look for this well-built swimmer. It's more suitable for late night punishment parties in a smoky dungeon than for a sunny day at a Florida beach.

On Friday The 13th, Khloe will be doing her very first boy-girl cum-facial hardcore scene. We recommend everyone check in for this one. Advance word is that it's smokin' hot.

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