Allysa Andrews – Florida Keys Boob-Bomb

Florida Keys Boob-Bomb

Allysa Andrews has 38G boob-bombs and she's proud of them. She rubs them proudly, too. "G for good?" her fuck friend Johnny Rod asks in this remastered scene.

JR and Allysa both agree that Allysa is a dirty, little bad girl who likes to fuck and cum as much as she can. First they must play private boob games. Allysa can suck on her nipples. Many girls can't do this because of their breast size, pliability and shape. Allysa can just lift that suckler up with her hands and encircle the nipple with her lips.

Allysa lists the things she's good at doing that could qualify her to star in porn videos. "I like to titty fuck," she says proudly. "I'm good at sucking cock. I'm a dirty girl. I'm a cum whore. I love cum. I love to eat it." Those qualifications seem to be in order. JR tells Allysa to jump up and down, shake her tits, spit on the nipples, suck her finger like she's sucking a cock and spank her own ass. Johhny has her get into a masturbation pose on the couch. Warmed up, he unzips his fly. She immediately goes for the cock. She rubs his cock through his briefs, even sucking it through the fabric for a second before going for the bareback meat. He tells her to look up while he fucks her mouth. Allysa can only get half his cock in her mouth. From the same position, he fucks Alyssa's jugs. She offers them up for fucking, squeezing them together making the "cleavage pussy" tighter.

Allysa begs for a hot bang in her pussy. Her cries reverberate loudly through the room as she's pounded hard on the couch. Johnny inches forward to penetrate her deeper in missionary position. Then to achieve max penetration, she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl. She leans forward to take the cock in doggie pose, his battering meat-ram setting off an atomic bomb in her sopping wet cunt. JR can hold back no longer and uncorks a load of man-paste directly on Allysa's waiting tongue, proving that she really does like to eat up all the cum.

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Allysa Andrews – Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Allysa Andrews was a horny little minx when she came to XL Girls. The Florida local was young, full of hot, wild oats and worked in a porn store.

"The guy with me, Johnny Rod, was very experienced," said Allysa. "I'd never been with a guy like that so it was great because he taught me a lot about sex and how to position myself the best for the cameras so everyone at home can see everything. I'm just a rookie. I've seen a lot of adult movies because I worked in an adult store and I've seen plenty of bad ones so I want any videos I'm in to look great.

"Johnny controlled me and told me what to do. I liked that. I think most girls want a man to be in control of them even if they don't want to admit that and I think most of the guys at home watching a video want to see the man control the girl and guide her when they fuck.

"Most of them don't want to see a girl call the shots on a submissive guy and henpeck his cock around. They want to see the girl adore the man's cock and do as he says 'cause he's the boss. I guess that's why I have this fantasy of being fucked by Darth Vader...the most controlling, dominant male in the universe."

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Allysa Andrews – XL Girls: Origins

XL Girls: Origins

Every model has to start somewhere and every model has a different story. XLGirls: Origins looks back at Allysa Andrews and her first XXX hardcore scene.

Allysa was working in an adult store as a sale associate when she contacted Now the idea of a huge-breasted girl working in a porn store has always been an unforgettable image in our sex-soaked brains. It's mostly a guy's job. We have actually met very few female porn store clerks, and of those, few had huge tits. XL Girls Marilyn White and Violet Addams worked in porn shops. Marilyn White graduated to dancer in a strip club next to her store. Do girls work in a porn shop because they need a job? Or are they attracted to the material? Do some of them get into porn because they worked in a porn shop and caught the "fever?"

You have to figure that a girl attracted to porn, DVDs and magazines of people fucking, dildos, lubes and hooker lingerie to the extent of working in a shop is more than a little interested in recreational, fun sex, even in a voyeuristic way.

Allysa fulfilled that horny fantasy in this horny video. "I love to get as much sex as I can," Allysa told us. "I could suck dick for an hour...if a man could hold back that long. That's never happened. I love getting my pussy eaten. A guy who really knows how to eat pussy can do what he wants with me."

In Allysa's case, she sowed her wild oats with several XXX and solo scenes, then moved on, never to model again but leaving behind these precious mammaries.

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Allysa Andrews – XL Girls: Origins

XL Girls: Origins

Allysa Andrews described herself as an adult store sales associate when she applied to She is from the Keys in Florida where they don't wear a lot of clothes 12 months a year. Allysa is 206 pounds, 5'4", wears a 38G bra and a size 18 dress. Her fantasy was to fuck Darth Vader. We couldn't arrange that in her very first scene so we got a normal dude instead although he does breathe heavy.

The first time Allysa got fucked in her life, she was on a trampoline with her ex-boyfriend's brother. "My friends pulled into the driveway while we were fucking." That didn't happen here, luckily for all of us. Coitus interruptus is a drag.

This XL Girls: Origins looks back at her first hardcore scene. Allysa made two more XXX videos with cocksmen before riding off into the sunset.

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Allysa Andrews – Glazed and Amazed

Glazed and Amazed

We applaud Allysa and Kandi for trying to be healthy and exercise. But the truth is, we don't want them to lose a pound. We want those plush bodies and huge tits to stay just the way they are. And apparently, so does this guy. He knows they're big girls at heart, and what their hearts really desire are delicious donuts and a big dick. He gives them what they want, and they give us what we want-a donut-munching threesome that ends with two pairs of glazed hooters.

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