Stacy Adams – Creamed Cunt

Creamed Cunt

Stacy Adams (Busty Workin' Sistas, Tits & Tugs 5) hasn't been to The SCORE Group in a few years. Stacy's tits are much larger now. The facial piercings and the tats are new too. She's looking more voluptuously foxy, thicker all over with a lot of the weight gain gone to her boobage. Stacy is paired off with big-dicked white boy Johnny and they get right down to action. He shovels his nine-inch man-steak into her mouth. She can't get it all down her throat even though she's blown many men in Los Angeles. She does try valiantly in photos 23 and 24! She can also swallow his entire nutbag in her mouth. There are many excellent first-person blow job, tit-screwing and fucking pictures putting you in the driver's seat. Stacy's huge tits are especially perfect for fucking, making for hot buns to wrap around his weiner. Stacy is placed on her back, hands at her sides as she's speared in missionary position. In cowgirl, she finger-bangs her asshole. If you've seen Stacy Adams fuck before, you know that she can take the cock deep. She can even handle the piledriver, one of the toughest fuck poses a girl can try. There is nothing half-done with Stacy. She goes for the whole enchilada.

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