Sunny Beach: Newbie

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Mar 312018

I cammed for the first time last night and it was fun! I am still kind of nervous, though. I guess it takes some time to get used to this.I am so excited to really get into this with toys and lingerie! Working on getting a better camera. bare with me, loves.

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Fat blonde in lingerie seduces a garden worker

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May 032016

BBW Pickup - Fat blonde in lingerie seduces a garden worker

Oh these dirty BBW girls, never missing a chance to hook up! Peyton got lonely one day and thought her garden needed some work - well, in every meaning. She called a guy to come and do stuff in the garden while she was watching him work and playing with her horny body. She was on the verge of explosion when he came in and well, things took a totally different turn. The guy took care of Peyton's giant rack, her dick-starved pussy and just about every other crack on her amazing body. In the end, her heavy boobs got lots of cream on them!

Black BBW photographer was too endowed

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May 032016

BBW Secret - Black BBW photographer was too endowed

The guy wanted some pictures with his wife so he came to this studio. Shanice was working there and boy was she hot. A black BBW hottie, she had the booty and the rack to die for. She started tooking pictures of the guy and his wife and then she had to leave for work. She tried taking more pics of him but he couldn't concentrate. Her boobs were just too gigantic. He said perhaps if he had seen them he would have gotten over them. But no luck here. He couldn't keep his hands, mouth and then cock from these two perfectly huge mams. Well, what do you know, they ended up porking in the studio until the wife came back!

Sekret Nicole: New Me

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Mar 282015

I am finally getting the hang of this it is a mixture of fantasy and reality. I have to just be.myself but at the same time be.the goddess both reachable yet always just out of reach. The allure and mysterious personification of who i am and what i could become. So i will just be myself and if that is what you want to see a real person just living life making her way step by step in the fast pased rat race called life then my room is where you want to be .i am able to carry on a conversation about almost anything.and even get you and myself off while having fun spending time in a enjoyable and enchanting environment then my room is where you will want to be so make.sure you add me to your favorites and leave a review as to how you feel about the time you spend.with me in my home in my room in my own little private time that i am willing to share with each and every one of you. And i will be making a fan club as soon as i am no longer a greenhorn. I plan to be spending.a lot.more time online pretty much every time i am awake,so come and stay...

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Billie Ryder & Payton Paige: Sin-nopsis of Our Escapades

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Dec 052014

Hey all you sexy viewers and flirters out there! We got something new for ya'll to take in: We're the most unique couple you'll find! Me, Billie Ryder, and my associate / girlfriend Payton Paige will be slutting it up for you LIVE throughout the upcoming weeks, going to the gym and then coming home and getting on camera to play, bodies pumped up, both of us full of cum for each other and you too.We'll be hosting private sessions where we will explore your fantasies and show you our steamy love making sessions. Both of us are crazy about sex and like to fuck as many times a day as possible, so take us private and we can all have a juicy delicious romp together while we all dream about hot bodies and psychological pleasures like when Payton dominates me and even cuckolds me with you, torturing me, or when I makes Payton my bitch, riding her hard doggystyle and making her squirt on camera for you with my big cock.Versatility is the word with us, basically. Her phat ass and his succulent cock and cute lil' butt are perfect for all the bisexual and straight members alike. We love hearing others' fantasies and flirting, so don't be shy and talk to us about your wildest nastiest dreams. Who knows, they might just cum true ;)--Billie Ryder

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