Keshara Wilson: A Memorable Vibrator Experience

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Dec 012021

I'm sitting here thinking back to the time when someone used my vibrator to bring me to a mind-blowing orgasm that I was never able to achieve for myself. I normally am the one controlling the vibrator on my miniature clit, sending mini shockwaves throughout my body. My sex partner decided that they wanted to see how well they could do in pleasing me with the vibrator. Initially, I wasn't going to agree but I ended up giving in because...why the hell not!!! I knew it'd be a first-time experience and the fact that it's sexually related intrigued me. I figured the worst thing that could happen is me not liking the end results. I think a part of me was so afraid of being disappointed and that's what made me even want to not give him a chance to please me in that way. Fortunately, he was extremely good at pleasuring me with the vibrator, so much so that I ended up experiencing a heightened sense of pleasure that I couldn't even give myself. I literally cried real-life tears!!! It led me to wonder how much practice he had in using vibrators on women before me, but I dare not ask. I was just too thankful for him pleasing me in the way he was able to.

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Xiomara Chart: Give Me a Lot of Love

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Nov 032021

Hi my lovesToday I uploaded some new photos and I would like them to give me a lot of love, so I write them to be encouraged and liked my photos, the one who likes them from my new photos will send a surprise, a photo Very hot so you do not forget me.Kisses

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Paulina Saenz: In College

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Jul 062021

Every day, at 6.30 in the morning I go to college on a green bus. From one end of the city to another. The journey lasts an hour and a half. And, like all students, during the way I sleep. For almost a year I was asleep on the shoulder of a boy who was in the seat next door. This morning, he brought me a small pillow! With a secret pocket ... where was a note: "I do not know what's your name, but you're so beautiful sleeping I want to marry you"

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Dakota Vega: Salento and the Cocora Valley: the Best of the Colombian Coffee Region

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Jul 022021

I confess, this is an instant crush on this area, with its landscapes, with its people. And no, I was not wrong. Nature that impresses, that leaves you with your mouth open and screams for you to come back. It is the image par excellence, an emblem of the country. I invite you to visit the best of the Colombian Coffee Region for at least two days enjoying Salento and the Cocora Valley.The Coffee Axis is a very large area that, by itself, deserves to spend several days on it. But we are going to concentrate the best of the area in two very well spent days. The plan? Visit a charming town, walk among incredible landscapes and discover the secrets of the exquisite Colombian coffee. Not bad, right?We are facing the most famous and touristic town in the entire Colombian Coffee Region. And no wonder. The small town of Salento seems to have come out of a painter's canvas. Narrow streets full of colorful houses, music and a good atmosphere everywhere. All this wrapped in a wonderful environment. You will discover all the shades of green surrounding what for me is one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia.It won't take you long to discover the essential places to visit in Salento. But I advise you to do it calmly, to savor it and enjoy the moment. A good place to start is to go up to the viewpoints in the upper part of the town: the Salento viewpoint and the Alto de la Cruz viewpoint. It was right here that I noticed a detail. Salento from a bird's eye view has a more than reasonable resemblance to the city of Trinidad in Cuba.

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Gaby White: Vote for Me in Foty

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Jul 012021

I am very happy to be able to participate in this contest, when I started in Flirt4free I did not know that I could go so far all thanks to your support every day these 4 months have been the best for me, I would appreciate if you will vote for me every day, it is free !!Even though my account was banned by some errors I really am very happy to participate, I really hope you really, I would love to win .. I love you with love Gaby :: !!

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