Ann King: Hi There

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May 122022

I'm Ann. It is my first day on here. Idk what to expect of this day yet. I hope you can help me to adapt here :) All your support will be appreciated.I'm young and full of energy. I promise you will never be bored with me

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Lira Foxie: Something About Me

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May 032022

welcome everyone to my page! I want to tell a little about myself. I am a very cheerful, kind, talkative girl. I am studying to be a cook, I really like different and delicious food. I also like walking in the evening with listening to music on headphones.

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Gaby Whitee: My Dream

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Apr 212022

The beginning as a model for me has not been easy, there have been many setbacks, but my biggest dream is to be able to position myself in the top positions, my dream is to become TOP not to be more than the others, but every effort and dedication that I make you see yourself reflected, be better for you, and how I can become a TOP BBW is with your tips and your power score, I like to get to know the person in front of me first, know their tastes, know everything so I can create unique, fun and unforgettable moments, the basis of good SEX is knowing because without knowledge there is no chemistry and satisfaction.!!

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Yasmine Delight: Vegan Meals

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Feb 252022

HI my babies!! Hope you are all doing well, just want to thank all of my top 5 babies from my chat earlier you guys were AMAZING! I was wondering if any of you had any vegan meal ideas? Transitioning back into a vegan lifestyle and would love to hear your great ideas!

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Keshara Wilson: A Memorable Vibrator Experience

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Dec 012021

I'm sitting here thinking back to the time when someone used my vibrator to bring me to a mind-blowing orgasm that I was never able to achieve for myself. I normally am the one controlling the vibrator on my miniature clit, sending mini shockwaves throughout my body. My sex partner decided that they wanted to see how well they could do in pleasing me with the vibrator. Initially, I wasn't going to agree but I ended up giving in because...why the hell not!!! I knew it'd be a first-time experience and the fact that it's sexually related intrigued me. I figured the worst thing that could happen is me not liking the end results. I think a part of me was so afraid of being disappointed and that's what made me even want to not give him a chance to please me in that way. Fortunately, he was extremely good at pleasuring me with the vibrator, so much so that I ended up experiencing a heightened sense of pleasure that I couldn't even give myself. I literally cried real-life tears!!! It led me to wonder how much practice he had in using vibrators on women before me, but I dare not ask. I was just too thankful for him pleasing me in the way he was able to.

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