Delilah Dixon: Goals

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Jun 212020

Recently I had set new goals for better equipment so i can best reach my fans. I feel it is going well. As a newbie, I feel that i am getting the hang of this rather well. I have a few more fans to fav me to earn my second badge. I am hoping to gain many more along the way!! Till then my loves :x

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Kat Yorkshire: New Girl on the Block.

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Mar 222020

Hey Gorgeous,I'm the new girl on the block, and I can't wait to get to know you a little better.A little about me:When I'm not on camera I perform full body massages, so I really know how to use my fingers! I love being active. I take Barre classes, run with my dog and do yoga. My favorite cocktail is a dirty gin martini, or a glass of red wine, and I love chocolate!I'm super sweet and a lot of fun! I'm wild in the bedroom and love to role play! With a little encouragement I can be down for just about anything so don't be afraid to speak up! I'm a good midwest girl with a full figure that I know how to use!Want to go private? I want to give you my full attention. I want to pleasure you and only you. Tell me your fantasies and I'll do what I can to make them come true. Naughty Nurse? French Maid? Toys? I can make that happen.I'm looking forward to getting to know you more as well. When you're in my room, tell me about yourself, what you like, what you do for work.... The more I know you, the easier it will be for me to please you. See you soon!

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Julie Maroon: Part 2

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Feb 072020

I heard Gali 's breathing becoming increasingly intermittent and exciting. In the dark, I carefully opened my left eye to look at their barking, and in part I felt everything that was going on, for we were lying right next to us. While barking, Galia sometimes looked dangerously in my direction to make sure I was sleeping. Pretending to be asleep, though my body began to get excited to a shiver. Galia was apparently a virgin, and when Alex barking her started sipping off his trousers, it slightly scared her. But Alex was attentive and calmed her down in time, whispering that she wouldn 't be afraid, and that he wouldn 't get in there. She was wearing leggings. In the dark, she felt his embrace, but here she felt her bare dick touching her feet, and she met with mounting excitement. After such a more candid lament, Alex began to pull her elk down, but she slept firmly for him, and whispered - "no, not that.... it is impossible for me". But Alex became persistent, he began to persuade her, he whispered to her "well, what are you? You 're a modern girl! Don 't be afraid, I 'll be very careful! " Apparently Galia whispered to him that she didn 't want to lose her virginity, to which Alex whispered "Well, what are you if you want to stitch her back very easily...." And then, Alex 's arousal and persuasion took over, and she let his hand go, and let him take off his leggings and panties.

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Alliey Katt: Mia

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May 062019

So as most of my followers are aware, I was gone for a while but only because I was ill. Nobody wants a girl on cam coughing and sneezing. So I took the time off to take care of myself. While it may not been the best option for me being a new cam girl, I feel I made a good decision. My day has been nice. Itâs beautiful where I live with the sun shining and birds chirping. I found myself unsatisfied with my cam session this morning, maybe because I wasnât taken private to please my viewer and myself and instead had to finish the job off cam ð~¢. But I know there is always later. Iâm hoping I can hop online and someone can giveMe another orgasm, itâs always better to orgasm with someone then alone in my opinion. I can only hope someone later will play with me. For I have been so lonley without the company of my followers.

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Jaielle Black: Master's Treat for His Slave

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May 062019

Master's ringtone pierced the silence in the room. My heart quickened. My mind settled. My body taut ready for what instruction I might find when I opened his text. Call me. I set my coffee cup on the table beside me and muted the news show. I touched the call button, anticipation filling me as I waited impatiently to hear Master's voice."Good morning, Sir," I said. He likes me to address him as soon as the call goes through. "I guess, I need to call you sick, don't I?" he teased. "Um, well, I, yes, I guess you do." I am on another round of antibiotics. This time an ear infection. He then gave me instructions for the day.This morning, he told me to do some pushups, sit-ups, and deep knee bends. Then his next command was special. "Go out on your deck sometime today and get some sun. For a half hour sit outside with only your skirt on and masturbate. Text me while you're doing it. I need to keep tabs on my bitch." Any instruction Master gives me, allows me to focus. The last one is not only an instruction but his way of taking care of me when he isn't around. Master knows what a slut I am. He knew it was good for me to sit there, houses behind me and to the left of me where anyone could come out on their decks and see me. A pond with a walking trail around it sits at the bottom of the hill to my right. Homes scattered on the far side. Neighbors walk and take their dogs outside for exercise and to do their business. I sat in the chair, turned and faced the railing toward the pond, pulled my skirt to my waist, and opened my legs. I lay my head back on the cushion and closed my eyes. I cleared my mind of worry someone would actually see me. I rid thoughts of editing, looking for another part-time job, needing to add to my income, my health issues, etc. I focused on Master. Obeying his command was the only thing that mattered. I recalled the sound of his voice. The tone he uses when he makes me come. For the next thirty minutes, I would be Master's fucktoy just pussy for him and nothing else.I texted Master what I was doing. I teased the clithood piercing, gliding my fingers over my labia, slow, soft just the way Master likes. I took my time, building my need, thinking of how much what I do brings pleasure to Master as well. I spread my pussy lips and used my middle finger to rub around my fuckhole. His dirty words echo in my mind. "You touch your body when I give you permission, do you understand, cunt?" I slid my finger just inside the opening, gathering juices to spread from my pussy to my clit. "I own every inch of your white ass, bitch." I played with myself, rocking my hips, squeezing my cunt, masturbating just the way Master desires. "You're nothing but a fucking whore." I tortured my clit until I was on the edge of orgasm and backed off. My pussy wept with hunger and need. At times, I slapped, caressed, and fingerfucked my pussy into a frenzy of need. Only to slow down, ease my fingers inside my body, my hips rising off the chair fucking myself. My pussy gripping the intrusive digits begging for more. For a half hour, I relished the treat Master gave me, allowing me to touch this body he owns. It was exquisite.

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