Redden Sweet: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

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Jun 012018

That's right, I'll be back tomorrow for another show and you won't want to miss it! Can't wait to see you there! In the meantime, if you've seen me on cam before and you haven't left a review yet, make sure to stop by my bio page and let me know what you thought! I'd love to get your feedback. Or you can send me a personal message too and really make my day!

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Sunny Beach: Newbie

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Mar 312018

I cammed for the first time last night and it was fun! I am still kind of nervous, though. I guess it takes some time to get used to this.I am so excited to really get into this with toys and lingerie! Working on getting a better camera. bare with me, loves.

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Alesana Steele: My Typical Day

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Jan 212018

Usually on an average day I wake up at 10 am. After I wake up, I'll eat something and get my cloths ready for my shower. When I'm done showering I'll brush my teeth and hair as I slowly get dressed. Once that's done, I make sure I have everything at my desk and I begin working. I usually work until about 6 pm. Once I'm done working, I'll unwind for a little bit and get adjusted to not working. After I unwind I'll change into my workout cloths and hop on my treadmill for about an hour. Once I'm done with my treadmill, I'll either eat something small or do something fun. At 11 pm I feed my animals and take them outside. Once that's done, I get ready for bed and sleep until 10 am. That's my basic day. Sometimes it changes depending on what's going on.

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Vivi Plush: First Night

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Nov 032017

I had so much fun streaming for the first time last night! I got to talk to so many interesting people and I even got to cum. I almost came a second time but the private show had to come to an end and I had to stop touching myself, even on the verge of an orgasm.I hope I get to play lots tonight. I want to cum so many times, I'm already wet thinking about it.

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Brandi Wolf: Ugh Today is Just Ugh!

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Jul 032017

I cant get my cam to work which sucks, I cant get my mic to work which also sucks so all i can do is chat. I dont know what to do! outside of the app it works fine but it wont work in the app. So i guess i am stuck with just chatting with yall unless you want a private show then I can use skype for that! pay before play only!

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