Nova Ray: Upcoming Absence

Heyyy! So I had a loss in my family so ill take the rest of the week off. It hit me pretty hard HOWEVER! I'll be back on before you know It! Thanks to all your efforts and tips I have enough to recieve my Lush 3! Please be patient with me while I go through this journey. Thank you!- Nova

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Melanie Duque: My Shots Friend!

I have a friend who is one of those who live until the last moment. And for 3 weeks we have been going out to parties and bars. What happened is that when we got into the mood with the music and with the people, we began to get closer little by little, a little kiss here, a little kiss there, and laughter. The thing is, we were at a Techno party this weekend, in a wooded location here in Medellin. Throughout the night we were dancing, approaching each other, some guys even approached us, and between the two of us we rejected them (for what, but it was fun on some occasions, because they came with the idea of conquering us both, and we conquered the each other HAHAHA). The thing is, we went out for a drink because we were very tired, and we sat in the whole forest to talk, when out of nowhere she jumped on me to kiss me, and how am I going to refuse? We touched, and too much, no one had ever touched me like that, I was so wet! Unfortunately some people were walking near the place, so we left this appointment for the following week. Do any of you have one of those FuckFriends? I had never had one, but the idea is not that it seems bad to me either

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Gaby Whitee: My Dream

The beginning as a model for me has not been easy, there have been many setbacks, but my biggest dream is to be able to position myself in the top positions, my dream is to become TOP not to be more than the others, but every effort and dedication that I make you see yourself reflected, be better for you, and how I can become a TOP BBW is with your tips and your power score, I like to get to know the person in front of me first, know their tastes, know everything so I can create unique, fun and unforgettable moments, the basis of good SEX is knowing because without knowledge there is no chemistry and satisfaction.!!

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