Naughtie Angell: May 2014

Just a message to my lovers hehe I haven't been on in a while since ive been really sick and taking antibiotics and sleeping alot so i Will be well soon! Im feeling allot better now but the past week was very hard . Im so glad its over lol ! I have missed all my fans and lovers so much ! I also miss playing all the time and having fun on chat !! I love this website and i enjoy being on here i hope i will be completely better in a week or so ! So not too long and ill be back to my normal self again yay!! I cant wait to play with all of you and have so much fun too!! Im very anxious to play since i have not been able to in a few wees now! So im building up for a major extreme orgasmic explosion!! Its going be oh be so great and i cant wait! I truly enjoy talking and having enjoyable conversations with many of my customers! I absolutely cant wait to play though hehe you know Im a nympho hehe!! Well I hope you all don't forget me an come back and see me soon so we can play !! I miss all of you and cant wait!! XOXO

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