Sarah Rae – Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

It's a sticky situation for Sarah Rae when she tit-fucks her giant gazongas with a cock-toy and gets jizzy with it. That thing was loaded! Afterwards, she takes a warm shower to wash the mess off her sexy body and face.

"Modeling my huge breasts at XL Girls has definitely changed my life and attitude about them. It has made me more confident and has gotten my webcam shows more exposure.

Sarah shares the same thoughts about breast reduction as the outspoken and anti-reduction spokesmodel, Cherry Brady.

"What a terrible idea! I think reductions and enlargements are both silly. I think we should all be proud of the bodies we have unless there is a more serious condition that requires it. I would be stoked about my breasts regardless if I had B cups or J cups. I wish more people would consider positivity over surgery."

Sarah Rae, the girl, the legend. Giving us endless hours of titillation and stiffened joints. The breastivities never end when she's visiting XL Girls.

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Sarah Rae – Holy Hottie!

Holy Hottie!

"Holy Hottie" is right. Sarah Rae has a pair of the greatest tits in the universe.

She lights up a room and lights up our lives. Living in Big Titty Island, Sarah makes her guy feel special by engulfing him with her 36JJs. "I tell him how amazing he is all the time, support his life decisions and passionately give him head. He goes down on me and supports my big titty decisions, like sharing them with the world."

"The best way to get on my good side is to be respectful of my titties. The best compliment I ever received was 'Your boobs look as soft as kittens.' The worst was, 'Hey girl, you pregnant?'"

Does Sarah think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it's legal for men to be shirtless, like New York City?

"Personally I think we should all just walk around naked if we want to and not have some invisible force out there allowing us to do things. Why do we need something out there telling us what to do and what we're allowed to do in every aspect of our lives and why is everyone so ok with this?"

We're with Sarah!

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Sarah Rae – Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

This Bonus scene "Sticky Situation" is way different for Sarah Rae. Her fantastically huge 36JJ cups engulf a cock-shaped toy resulting in a lot of sticky juice all over her face and body! The scene opens as Sarah tit-fucks herself fast and hard. Covered in this gooey mess, she walks over to the models' dressing room and showers off.

Has Sarah ever done the nasty while watching one of her videos?

"Yep!" says Sarah. "Watching my scenes also started sex off a few times also!"

Does Sarah care for her boobs in any special way?

"Yes, I rub my special titty cream on them and give them each a kiss goodnight. I sleep naked, by the way. I like to sleep on my tummy. My boobies are super comfy to sleep on. Sometimes I sleep on my side or back."

We would be happy just to watch Sarah Rae sleep. Or is that weird?

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Sarah Rae – Holy Hottie!

Holy Hottie!

She's Sarah Rae and her vast expanse of soft breast-flesh is a great place to lose yourself in. What makes Sarah feel sexy and warm...besides visiting XL Girls and having fun so all of us can have fun watching her have fun?

"Caring for myself," says Sarah. "Being able to handle my responsibilities. Giving myself a good quality of life. Being strong no matter what life throws at me. When I want to feel sexy, I put on tight shirts and shake my titties! The only thing that's a pain for me is going through airports but I guess everyone feels that way. Just my reason is different!"

"I always watch all of my scenes at XL Girls. I'll watch them alone or with my current boyfriend. My boyfriends have loved them but I thought it was kind of weird at first. Over time, I have gotten more used to it and I feel that I have improved as a model. My own favorite model is Micky Bells. Her titties are inspirational!"

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Sarah Rae – Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

"I've been trying to invite you over for a long time now," Sarah Rae says as her latest and greatest scene opens.

Pardon us, Sarah. We must have missed those calls and texts, but we're here now. And we couldn't be happier to see you again. Sarah looks hotter than ever in her new pink lingerie. It's almost too bad she'll be popping out of it. Almost.

"I wanted to get dressed up all special," Sarah adds. "Just for you."

What a sweetheart. She hasn't even pulled out her tits, and she's already given us a hard-on. Speaking of her tits, her JJ-cups look softer and more pliable than ever, too.

We named Sarah's latest posting "Pretty In Pink," but what's prettiest is when she stuffs her favorite toy into her pink pussy. Ah, if only that dildo were our throbbing hard cocks. Sarah fucks herself hard, and the bed is shaking as if there actually is someone else rolling around in the sheets with her.

"Oh, you like watching me fuck my pussy?" she shouts.

We can't get enough of it. Sarah continues fucking herself and begins sucking her right nipple as she bounces on the bed. The vibrations of the bed grow louder as she inches closer and closer to her climax.

"Fuck, that felt so good," Sarah says as she comes down from her high.

And it looked even better.

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