Beverly Paige – “Cream My Pie”

Beverly Paige's sweet mouth and her tight 20-year-old cookie is a better thrill ride than anything you can find at an amusement park. She's a little shy, a little teasing, a little cheeky. Her older professor can't wait to get his mouth on her nipples, his cock between her legs. He gets naked fast and sits on the couch next to a fully-dressed Beverly. Slowly pulling down her tank-top, he caresses and feasts on her ripe boobs, squeezing and rubbing them. She holds his cock while he sucks her spigots. Beverly's happy to accommodate him as he buries his face in her deep cleavage. Now she's completely naked, ready for him to explore her lush body. She leans forward and begins to mouth-worship his meat-horn, her tits resting on his thigh like a boob shelf. Bev sucks cock like a well-trained 40-year-old nymphomaniac MILF. In other words, she's fantastic--sexually advanced beyond her years. She becomes his fuck doll: soft, adorable, compliant, sweet. He has banged many women--nice girls, other men's wives, co-workers, sluts, whores--but this one is extra-special. A creamy pussy injection will be Bev's gooey and dripping reward for being such a hot and sexy fuck. Beverly Paige can make any man blast a major load. "They would ask me to list what job I wanted, I would say, 'I want to be a porn star!' That was always my career of choice. I always wanted big boobs. I would stuff my bra and walk around. Well, I wasn't careful what I wished for. And then once I had boobs I knew I could be a porn star. I started off as a Web cam girl and then I went to a porn convention and I met the right people. And I wanted to do it really bad, so I had photos taken and before I knew it, I was here."

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Beverly Paige – Ginormous Gazongas

Ginormous Gazongas

We need ginormous gazongas. Beverly Paige comes to the rescue. Her ginormous knockers are what we all need to start the day with or finish it. Beverly pours her super-rack into an ultra-tight, short dress and high heels. She is an amazing sight. Surprisingly, Beverly said that she's met guys who are not into busty girls. It is hard to accept this statement. "It is very surprising because I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs! I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I feel like, 'Hello! I have these! Play with these!' Guys just ignored them!" There is something very wrong with these sick individuals. Fortunately, no such hang-ups plague Beverly's cock-date and he is inspired to give her the high, hard one. Some scientists claim that sperm is excellent for a woman's skin. We agree with this research and believe it is a scientific fact despite the skeptical nature of many girls. "I will ask the guy where he wants to cum," Beverly says. "On my tits, on my back, on my face. If he wants to cum in my mouth, if it tastes good, okay, I am cool with that." We love Beverly Paige.

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