Slone’s Titty Rubdown

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Jun 072022
Slone's Titty Rubdown

Slone Ryder, a former stripper from The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky, loves to play with every inch of her real 34DDD-cup tits when she's wetting the sheets with a dude. Let us illustrate with photos taken during one of Slone's encounters here with a stunt-dick she's never met before.

"I probably spend some time being tit-fucked every time I have sex, before or after my partner sticks his cock in my pussy," says Slone. "Some guys ask me to hold my tits together. Other guys like to press them together themselves. I like to lick and suck the head of his cock when he reaches my mouth during a titty-fuck. I really love sex and being fucked. A big cock stretching my pussy is the most indescribable feeling in the world. I need it so bad. I like short, hard strokes the best of all. I also like sex with women but guys are still the best of the two.

"I like a man with a muscular chest and arms, not so much so I can feel his muscles but so he has the strength to lift me up and down on his cock, standing or sitting, like I'm his love doll. I like a lot of nipple stimulation before and during sex. If I have to be alone, I'll take care of myself okay. If I'm feeling really horny I'll masturbate twice a day. I really like to do it at night. I like the Bullet. And I like dildos that feel like a real cock. I like those a lot. But nothing is as good as the real thing."

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Start The Morning With Breastfest

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Feb 082022
Start The Morning With Breastfest

Czech gal-next-door Charlotte C. is a whole lotta woman. She works as a waitress. We wonder what she looks like in her waitress' uniform. It probably covers up her buttery curves, which is rather unfortunate. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about any cover-ups here.

Charlotte enjoys having her pussy licked as often as possible. Oral gets her off the best, she says. Four sex dates a week is what she tries to aim for. She enjoys having her entire body kissed and stroked. Foreplay is very gratifying for her. She says she's not a wham-bam kind of girl. That's why, we guess, she likes to watch romantic comedies.

Getting Charlotte to talk about sex wasn't wham-bam, either. She's very shy about sex talk, which proves that not every girl who will play with her tits and pussy on camera is that bold when it comes to chatting about sex and what she likes done to her. On the bright side, Charlotte can make and serve you breakfast the morning after.

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The XLGIRLS Customer Service Rep

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Dec 012020
The XLGIRLS Customer Service Rep

Serenity Starr is a multi-talented musician (she can play many instruments), a professional singer-songwriter (she once worked in a restaurant as a singing waitress channeling Dolly Parton) and a professional baker. Serenity is also a SCORE Group customer service rep. At least she is in this photo shoot and video.

What boobs she has! And what an ass! It's enough to make a grown man weep.

Like all of our dedicated customer service reps who are happy to recommend the very best in XL Girls entertainment, such as the DVDs and magazines, Serenity is eager to help you ease the burden of that heavy load.

Of course, every job has its down-time, so when the rest of the staff is at lunch or has gone home for the evening and a cameraman walks into the customer service area, Serenity gets a little bouncy and jiggly. These pictures will serve to dramatize what bouncy and jiggly mean.

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Milky Jugfucker

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Jan 062020
Milky Jugfucker

One of the three undisputed tit-queens of the Caribbean, Kristina Milan is swollen with breast milk and leaking the white juice like crazy. Off-camera, Largo has a few questions for Kristina about her engorged fun-bags before his friend John The Milkman enters the bedroom to partake of Kristina's creamy goodness straight from her tit-tap. Kristina speaks Spanish only, so Senor Largo translates in English.

Overflowing her bra under a robe, Kristina explains that she seems to lactate at the same rate, whether it's morning, noon or night. Her milk production isn't based on the clock. John The Milkman is practically speechless at the sight of Kristina's nipples leaking moo-juice. The bedroom becomes a dairy wonderland as he and Kristina squeeze her tits so the spray can shoot into his mouth and face. It's not homogenized or pasteurized but who cares.

Kristina has a pair of the most milk-engorged tits ever seen. She tells Senor Largo that it's her turn; she wants to see John The Milkman's cock. He repays the favor and Kristina takes American sausage in her hand. It will fit well into her mouth, and before long, Kristina will be on her back, her tits plowed in phase one of their milky jug-fucking. In due time, John will be shooting his own brand of cream all over Kristina. It's tit for tat in this torrid tropic of titillation.

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Milky Jugfucker

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Jan 062020
Milky Jugfucker

Kristina Milan's tits were engorged with milk and enormous. Huge and leaking moo-juice out of her nipples without her touching herself. This was a milkman's paradise.

John The Milkman works his meat plow through Kristina's cleavage valley and through her fertile pink pasture. First, he wants to have a drink straight from her tit-tap. Then he wants to plow her fertile fields.

Dominican Kristina has a pair of the biggest handfuls any man could ever hope to fuck. As we've brought up before, milkmen seek out milkers for hire, not for any kind of sex, but to ecstatically suck the milk of their engorged tits or to buy it from them. This dude got the best of both worlds.

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