Charlotte – Top Heavy

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Jul 162014
Top Heavy

For various reasons, this set of Charlotte is a favorite of many. Her eyes look very horny. Her body is voluptuous perfection, the lingerie is extremely sexy and her posing is very baby-dollish with ass in the air fuck-me positions. Her rounded bubble-butt looks mouthwatering, with thighs that are thick yet still shapely and taut. Her boobs look fuller than usual, capped by tan, three-inch areolae.

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Cassitty – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

"I like a guy who's well-groomed, never jealous and loves to show affection in public," says Cassitty, who's made two trips to visit us so far."But it's not easy because most guys get very jealous real fast. Even if another guy just glances at me, they get bent out of shape. It's not easy having breasts like mine and not having a jealous boyfriend. I guess most men are going to feel like this because they're afraid that another guy will steal me away. Being a sexy model on top of that also doesn't help. They want to keep me all to themselves!"

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Tanya – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

Tanya, a 24 year-old barmaid from Kaspiysk spoke pretty good English. In fact, a lot better than our photo team's attempts at Russian. (They're good at 'vodka' and 'spreadski you pusski.') "Very few women in my city will pose without their clothes," Tanya told them. "I have no such reservations. So you are lucky boys." She's 5'2", weighs 123 pounds and measures 40-28-36.

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Ivy – Top Heavy

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Jul 162014
Top Heavy

Here's the mammary goddess Ivy looking resplendent in a pink blouse over a tight bra that gives her a superbly rounded and mounded cleavage. Combined with the buxom babe's denim micro-shorts, this is enough to coax out, a few balls worth of nutjuice. We received enough letters asking where Ivy dances to finally give her a jingle and find out although we risk having professional model moochers try to photograph her themselves by doing this. Anyway, Ivy dances at two clubs at different times: the Klassy Cat and the Barrel of Dolls in Rochester, New York.

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Monique L’Amour – Monique L’amour Video Extra

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Jul 162014
Monique L'amour Video Extra

Monique has more than a touch of that chick on the TV show Will & Grace, Megan Mullally. Except with much bigger, bigger tits. In this video (also on the DVD Cream My Tits), Monique is interviewed by editor Dave and poses for photo shoots. She's a lot of fun.

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