Cassitty – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

Cassitty: When I was 16, I was a D-cup.
Were you happy about that?
Cassitty: Oh, of course. Everybody loved me. They just wanted to see my tits. But I really wanted them to keep on growing and they did.
And the girls hated you?
Cassitty: Not all of them, but some did. It's the same as it is now. Some people don't care; others will be jealous. There's nothing you can do except smile and be happy with yourself. People are what they are.

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Talya Faust – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

One of the best new titters of 2001, Talya Faust comes clean in this thrilling shower set that focuses on her mouthwatering tits. But first a bra show is in order. That's a great brassiere she's wearing. A 36Fcup from Fredericks, as you can see by the tag. Look at that. Those puppies need a lot of support and Talya tells us that she wears a bra even when she sleeps. "I want my tits to stay in shape for a long time," she told us. So do we. Here's a gal who doesn't bullshit about the size of her boobs.

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Casey Cleavage – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

This photo set of the fleshy and sexy Casey Cleavage appears in the March '04 V-Mag . Let's turn the microphone over to Casey in Detroit, Michigan. Casey is a good cheerleader for Voluptuous and XL Girls, and she has signed copies of her issues for the guys in adult book shops. "For all those fans that wanted to see me get my pussy stuffed with a big cock, now you can see me doing that in the April 2004 issue of Voluptuous magazine," says Casey. "I hope you all like coming over the pictures. Also my first masturbation video is now on DVD. It's called Stacked & Packed #6 . Right now, I'm just relaxing and taking some time off from the dancing thing. Thanks to all the guys who like my pictures." Casey Cleavage: Her name is truth in advertising.

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Andy – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

This Romanian sweater stretcher living in Frankfurt, Germany says she would like to move to America one day and settle in one of the western states. She has grown tired of Europe and doesn't care for life in Germany. When she is out in public, men stare at her, walk into her or pinch her ass on crowded buses and in crowded shops. Men have touched her boobs in movie theaters and on buses. She would slap them but she doesn't want to touch them. She said a pervert once pulled his car over to the curb and called her over asking for directions. When she approached and looked down, she was disgusted to see that he had his cock out of his fly and was pulling on it. Andy now carries pepper spray.

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