Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

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Aug 152022
Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

It's Euro-cowgirl time for 36J-cupper Micky Bells, looking very American west in her fetching costume. She's ready to ring your bells. Micky doesn't sing but she does have a place to hold that microphone.

Miss Bells did play around once with a karaoke machine with Natalie Fiore and Japanese top-pop star Hitomi when they were in Mexico for the movie On Location Puerto Vallarta.

"Sometimes men are intimidated because of my boobs," said Micky who speaks in soft, low-tones that often sound like a purr. "A lot of men have never seen boobs as big as mine, so they are taken aback."

The funniest pick-up attempts Micky's ever heard--and she hears plenty of them, from crude to suave--are "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your mom available?"

Every inch a super-natural, Micky's unstoppable curves and her sensuous, delicate style has made her a goddess in the eyes of thousands of guys. "I do not play sports," says Micky. "I like to go for long walks in beautiful areas and I like to play games. I don't think I have any special talents unless you consider sucking my own nipples a special talent." Actually, we do, Micky, and in that, you are extremely talented. In fact, we could watch you do that for hours.

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Hot Creampie for Kris Kelly

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Jul 182022
Hot Creampie for Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly is one horny lady. She worked for a company that sells adult products and wardrobes. Posing naked and trying a XXX scene is one fantasy she's fulfilled.

"I've been with two men and a girl," Kris said about her horny personal adventures. "The four of us just played and switched back and forth. I was with a married couple. She played with me and then wanted to watch me with her husband. I had sex on a beach on a Saturday afternoon. I would do that again. I like anal play. I always swallow unless I'm asked not to. I don't have a favorite position. I love them all. I like to have sex as often as I can."

Kris has a sexual fantasy that's way different.

"I love shoes and I would love my date to cum in my heels, then put them on my feet as we continue, or even go out." She didn't ask James to do that. He came in her pussy-hole.

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Jun 272022

Mr. Steed can't believe his good luck being paired off with a proud graduate of the Big Girl Sex School, an XLGirls production. This huge-boobed hottie in a sheer white dress, an angel who calls herself Lovely Libra, is going to eat his schlong to the balls, rub his cock with her flesh pillows and let him fuck her pussy hard until he pulls out and shoots his mess all over those big, fat titties. Now, this is a layover he's not going to forget soon. Libra says she loves to get a good pounding so the pleasure's really all hers. Look how happy she is, how her eyes sparkle with a hard one in her sweet mouth. She's truly an exceptional young lady.

Click here for the video version of Libra doing what she does best.

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Slone’s Titty Rubdown

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Jun 072022
Slone's Titty Rubdown

Slone Ryder, a former stripper from The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky, loves to play with every inch of her real 34DDD-cup tits when she's wetting the sheets with a dude. Let us illustrate with photos taken during one of Slone's encounters here with a stunt-dick she's never met before.

"I probably spend some time being tit-fucked every time I have sex, before or after my partner sticks his cock in my pussy," says Slone. "Some guys ask me to hold my tits together. Other guys like to press them together themselves. I like to lick and suck the head of his cock when he reaches my mouth during a titty-fuck. I really love sex and being fucked. A big cock stretching my pussy is the most indescribable feeling in the world. I need it so bad. I like short, hard strokes the best of all. I also like sex with women but guys are still the best of the two.

"I like a man with a muscular chest and arms, not so much so I can feel his muscles but so he has the strength to lift me up and down on his cock, standing or sitting, like I'm his love doll. I like a lot of nipple stimulation before and during sex. If I have to be alone, I'll take care of myself okay. If I'm feeling really horny I'll masturbate twice a day. I really like to do it at night. I like the Bullet. And I like dildos that feel like a real cock. I like those a lot. But nothing is as good as the real thing."

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Start The Morning With Breastfest

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Feb 082022
Start The Morning With Breastfest

Czech gal-next-door Charlotte C. is a whole lotta woman. She works as a waitress. We wonder what she looks like in her waitress' uniform. It probably covers up her buttery curves, which is rather unfortunate. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about any cover-ups here.

Charlotte enjoys having her pussy licked as often as possible. Oral gets her off the best, she says. Four sex dates a week is what she tries to aim for. She enjoys having her entire body kissed and stroked. Foreplay is very gratifying for her. She says she's not a wham-bam kind of girl. That's why, we guess, she likes to watch romantic comedies.

Getting Charlotte to talk about sex wasn't wham-bam, either. She's very shy about sex talk, which proves that not every girl who will play with her tits and pussy on camera is that bold when it comes to chatting about sex and what she likes done to her. On the bright side, Charlotte can make and serve you breakfast the morning after.

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