Sylvania – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

Sylvania goes it alone following her matchup with Zuzanna (Sylvania & Zuzanna). She's 28 years-young, born January 14, 1974, a powerfully built woman at 5'7", 44-32-38. and 143 lbs. Says Sylvania: "I did not think I would be chosen to model. There are many beautiful women in Germany. My breasts developed early. I was shy of my body when I was a young girl. My mother would tell me I would spoil my back because I walked hunched over to try to draw attention away from my chest. She said I should feel proud of my large bosoms. She was correct, of course."

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Magda – Top Heavy

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Jul 162014
Top Heavy

Magda 4: Another series of Magdaline
"Magda" Garbanowski's striking photographs
from '92 highlights the smoldering sexuality and topheaviness
of this Polish babydoll. This
pictorial appears in the November '03 edition of Voluptuous
magazine as a "legends" retrospective. Damn,
where is she today...?

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Lola Lane – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

"I love a strong man who is gentle and a man who is exciting. I'm never satisfied completely unless I have it from behind. He doesn't have to have a very big cock as long as he can stay hard. I like a strong cock. The perfect boyfriend will treat me right all the time and be able to give me sex several times in a row. In my private life, I like to have sex at least four times a week. I have a submissive personality but in sex I am very assertive. Making XXX videos is different from sex with a boyfriend. In videos, you have to fuck in positions that show most of the woman's face and body. In private, the man covers the woman's body with his body when they have sex. That's the difference between adult movies and everyday sex. Most of the men in adult movies have big cocks so I am used to that. I never thought I would make adult videos. There's nothing wrong with it as long as people are careful. I meet a lot of men because of my large breasts. They approach me. I don't approach them. But I encourage it because I like to wear V-necks and low-cut tops to show them off all the time. I am like all women. We like to be treated special in everything."

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Chaka T. – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

What The Peeper Saw Part 2

Those tits! Bigger than any tits you've ever seen before in your life. You wonder what she does for a living. You hope she doesn't leave the room and your line of sight. "Don't move!," you try to mentally command her. "Don't leave the room. Please don't move!" Suddenly she stops fingering her pussy, stands up, turns and stares straight out the window! She sees you. You've been spotted! Maybe you'd better run! Run! Run before she screams
and calls the cops! But wait up... She's smiling at you. Winking. Wha..? She's actually licking a nipple and looking right at you. She wants you to stay. Stay there and stare through her window. You watch frozen as she proceeds with her little show to the one man audience.
That dildo...what's she gonna do with it? Wow. She's fucking herself with it. This is your lucky night. Maybe she'll invite you in...? Maybe you can be her human dildo...

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