Billie Austin – Billie Busts Out

Billie Busts Out

"This is what you came for right?" Billie says as she unbuttons her top. "I'll show you how we do it in Texas. These are homegrown Texas titties."

Those tits, which are juicy 42H cups, are a pair of Grade-A breasts. Those are the only kind we accept around these parts.

"Do you want a peek at these titties?" She asks. "They want to see you."

Billie's nipples are already hard when she takes her top and bra off and they look ready for a good suck.

"Tell me you wouldn't want your lips wrapped around those nipples," she says.

She's definitely reading our minds, but that would just be the start. A girl with Billie's curves gives you a lot to work with and explore, and we're going to enjoy every inch.

When Billie takes her jean shorts off, we finally get to explore that luscious body. Teasing us, she fondles her tits and rubs her pussy.

"Oh, that's a sweet pussy," she says. "You should come here and taste it."

We wish we could, but it's almost as much fun to watch Billie work on herself. Her clit is fully-erect now and she's pushing herself to an orgasm. When she finally does climax, she pulls her fingers out of her cunt and rubs her juices onto her nipples.

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Billie Austin – Billie Busts Out

Billie Busts Out

Girls like Billie Austin don't come around too often. She's got big H-cup boobs, a big personality and an even bigger sexual appetite. Whoever said, "Everything's bigger in Texas" had girls like this Texan's huge boobs in mind. Her self-confidence is large, too.

"I believe if you've got it, flaunt it," Billie said. "I love being a shapely and voluptuous woman. My mother taught me how to dress well and carry myself when I was young, and I wouldn't change anything. I love my boobs and I love my curves."

We wouldn't change anything about you either, Billie. Especially not when you're teasing us with your holy hangers pouring out of that overmatched flannel top. Billie is wearing some cowboy boots, too. Which is fitting since she says one of her favorite fucking positions is reverse cowgirl.

"I enjoy any position where I can feel my man's cock deep inside of me," she said. "Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl let me control the cock, which every girl loves. I do love doggy-style, though. I have a nice, plump ass and every curvy girl loves the feeling of fucking face down, ass up. I like the smacking sound of my guy's pelvis hitting my ass. It gets me even more wet."

And Billie talking like this is getting us even more hard. She's busting out, and our cocks are about ready to do the same.

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Billie Austin – Billie’s Big Bang

Billie's Big Bang

XL soldiers, stand at attention for Billie Austin's first XL Girls hardcore scene. She'll polish the helmet of Tony's cock real good. This is the true meaning of spit and shine.

They called U.S. Marine veteran Billie Austin a "bubble chaser" when she was a helicopter mechanic in the Corps. That's a tech who, amongst her many duties, looks for bubbles in the hydraulic lines of a chopper. Her official job description was "Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic." Now Billie's loving the porny life.

Today it's reversed. Bubble chasers are the guys chasing Billie to get their hands on her big bubbles and her big bubble butt! Yeah, baby.

How did we find Billie?

"My boyfriend is a big fan of the SCORE Group and he suggested I should submit pictures. I am very fortunate he is so supportive of me!"

What gets Billie off?

"A good aggressive roll in the hay where I get a good pounding on my G-spot until I squirt like a geyser."

It's time to let Billie make your cocks stand at attention. She loves jarheads.

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Billie Austin – Billie’s Big Bang

Billie's Big Bang

Billie Austin is our kinda XL Girl. Lively, bubbly and bouncy. Laughing, smiling and enjoying showing off her bod and huge 42H whoppers while our cameras snap.

In her first XL Girls XXX scene, Billie talks to the director about her time in the Marine Corps as an Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic while her stunt cock heads her way to give her a hard way to go. We owe military servicewomen a lot and this is our way of giving back. Semper Fi, baby.

Is Billie sexually aggressive or submissive?

"I'm not afraid to tell a man or a woman what I want and what I enjoy in bed. Assertive would be a better word. However, the submissive role is more natural to me. I love taking it good and hard from big, strong men."

How often does she get the cock?

"A couple of times a week if you don't count me having a good romp with my vibrator every other day or so."

What's Billie's favorite fucking position?

"Oh, head down, ass up, clinging to the bed for my life!"

What's the funniest pick-up line a guy's ever laid on her?

"He said, 'Damn girl, your hands are tiny. I'd bet they'd make my cock look huge!'"

Our dicks salute you, Billie Austin. Now go suck that man to full attention.

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Billie Austin – Ripe and Ready

Ripe and Ready

Hailing from Texas, Billie Austin knows all about Southern hospitality. Her smile is genuine and warm as she invites us into her home.

"Welcome," she says oozing bubbly Southern charm. "Come on in and see my home."

Who are we to say no to a girl who looks like Billie? Not with those curves, sexy tats and her 42H cup tits pouring out of her overmatched purple tank top.

"I think I know why you're here," Billie says.

Billie boasts brains to go with her boobs and beauty.

"I think I'd like it if you watched me," she continues.

Billie slowly sheds her tank top and bra and begins to play with her boobs. She cups her left boob and sucks on her nipple, leaving behind a sexy lipstick ring on her areola.
Soon, Billie is stroking her pussy while lustily groping her body and boobs, steadily pushing herself closer to an orgasm.

"Oh, I'm so wet," she moans after cumming. "That's just what I needed."

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