Susie Wilden – Plumpers


Now, your breasts have grown quite a bit over the last year and a half, haven't they?
Susie: That's right. They just grew all of a sudden, really fast. Probably, in the space of a year, two or three sizes.

So you were about a G-cup in England before this?
Susie: Yes.

Wow. Even that's huge.
Susie: It is.

Before you started posing, had you ever met anybody as big as you?
Susie: No, but I've always been fascinated with really big breasts like mine.

What's so fascinating about them to you?
Susie: Well, I can suck my own nipples. I can play with them. I can lick them. I can satisfy myself perfectly.

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Susie Wilden – Best Hardcore

Best Hardcore

We've been partying since 1999, but the XL shindig didn't really get cranked up until 2002. It was then that we first started running hardcore in our magazines, and guys couldn't have been more delighted to see girls like Samantha 38G, Kat Vixen and Susie Wilden pop their hardcore cherries in our pages. Samantha, who debuted solo in 2001, would go on to shoot a mountain of raunchy hardcore and become one of XL Girls' most-popular models ever.

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Susie Wilden – Best Models

Best Models

The first four years of XL Girls presented girls who also appeared in Voluptuous magazine, such as Eve Tyler and Laura Bailey, often in a section called "Plumper of the Month." The popularity of Plumper of the Month led to the idea of a spin-off magazine that only featured larger ladies. But would it sell? There were no magazines that focused entirely on them. Reader feedback and the fraternal nature of the guys hot for this kind of girl (as the editor of XL Girls magazine put it) was a powerful motivating force in publishing the first issue as a special edition. As the years moved on, we began to seek out models specifically for XL Girls.

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Susie Wilden – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

It was an awesome encounter when big British babesters Susie Wilden and Laura Bailey met and licked nipples and cookies for a one-time only match-up. Retired from modeling, Laura loves to sing, travel, and spend time with her friends. It's not unusual for Laura to travel for six-to-eight months at a time. She loves exploring the culture and history of other countries. She's also dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and finding new homes for them.

Laura developed young. "I was 13 years-old when my big boobs began to grow," Laura said in an early interview. "I wore a 34 DD-cup bra at 13."

James once wrote, "Laura Bailey is just perfect to me. I fell in love straight away. She has the loveliest smile, velvet soft skin, perfect blue eyes, her beautiful boobs are just wonderful and the rest of her gorgeous, all-natural, voluptuous body is, in one word, perfect." She has that effect on guys. They fall in love.

Susie Wilden was also an early developer. "I was the first in my school to have these wonderful things, and boys would tease me," Susie said during a visit to The SCORE Group. "I was a little ashamed of them at first, but they kept growing and growing, and then all the guys loved 'em. They just couldn't stop looking at 'em. I was wearing tight shirts with tight sweaters. I went on vacation this one time, and when I came back, they'd grown even more, and my mother checked underneath ...cause she thought I'd had an operation done to make 'em bigger. They just kept growing and growing."

"You know, even guys who really like big breasts are sometimes intimidated by mine. They don't like to touch them, like they're afraid. In America, I'm a G-cup. In English sizes, I'm a 36 double-J. When I go home my nickname is Double-J because I'm a double-J."

Susie retired from modeling somewhat abruptly also. This pair-up on Mammary Lane is one of those rare events in XLGirls history.

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