Patricia Gold – Boob Handled

Boob Handled

Patricia Gold gets a major boob manhandling from Jay when the two hang out together and Patricia takes her boobs to hang out of her tank top. Jay can't keep his hands off her huge jugs, squeezing and rubbing them. He buries his face between them and in general treats them like boy toys. He tries to take Patricia away for some nefarious purpose but the photographer gets her back so he can shoot his photo set!

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Patricia Gold – There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills

Patricia Gold as a maid? A French maid? Yowza! That works for us. French maids are always a hot fantasy. Real maid uniforms look like medical scrubs!
If Patricia was sent over to clean your apartment, she'd never get any work done. She'd be too busy pulling your face into her massive bosom and feeding you her nipples.

And it wouldn't end there. Patricia would be riding your stiffie in every position until you both erupted. Who cares if the place never got cleaned?

"I never lived my fantasies until I became a model," says Patricia. "I'm only sorry I did not do this much earlier." Don't think of all the things you didn't do, Patricia. Think of all the things you will be doing in the future!

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Patricia Gold – Curves In A Corset

Curves In A Corset

For someone fairly new at adult modeling, Patricia Gold is a fast learner. "I am a very eager to please woman," says Patricia. "Tell me what to do and I will do it. I have done many things in my life before but my favorite now is modeling and making videos with hot guys. Now I am spoiled for other men."

Patricia wears a corset in this fresh set. "I enjoy wearing elegant lingerie but I am also comfortable in casual clothes. I studied how other models spread their lips and asses and practiced at home in a mirror. Looking at my finished pictures and videos is something I love to do now. I go on the XLGirls website and look for ways to improve. I enjoyed seeing myself have sex. I want to do more of this with hot guys. I was shy all my life. I would have never done this when I was younger."

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Patricia Gold – There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills

Newcomer Patricia Gold has a wet and tingly time with that shower head. XLGirls' photographer enters the bathroom with a camera to make sure Patricia has enough hot water. Patricia lifts up one of her heavy boobs to suck the nipple.

Patricia's never modeled before and she seems to relish it. Playing with her tits and the shower head, a smiling Patricia presses them against the glass door. She spritzes body wash and moisturizer all over her chest and tummy, rubbing the stuff in and lifting her big floppy tits to spread the stuff all over. Her big boobs are very pliable and are capped by large tawny areolae.

After soaping her tits, Patricia cleans her pussy, squatting down on the shower floor and directs the shower head up for a thorough refreshing of her lady parts.

A final rinse off and towel drying, and then Patricia blows a kiss, taking off for her next video--her first boy-girl XXX scene posting December 27th.

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Patricia Gold – New Discovery

New Discovery

One of our boob-hound photographers found Patricia Gold during his never-ending model search. Her body and huge tits are a good fit for

Patricia had never modeled before. "I never thought about modeling," Patricia said. "I have always worked in regular jobs, office work and so on. I was very flattered to try this. I did not feel nervous at all. When I saw the photos, I was very pleased with them. I feel very special."

Patricia says she developed young. "I always had trouble finding the right bras and blouses when I was younger. My mother had to fit me. Now I shop on the internet for bras. When I was younger I was not so proud of my boobs. Now that I have become a model for XLGirls, I appreciate them much more than I ever did."

XLGirls joins Patricia as she showers, and for a newcomer (even though she is a mature woman), Patricia was not shy at all about showing her tits and pussy. And she didn't splash the camera. But wait. There's more.

While she was in the bathroom, Patricia got to fuck and suck a hard cock. Her first boy-girl XXX takes place on December 27th.

Welcome, Patricia Gold.

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