Ivy Dreams – Graduation


Ten huge tits, five wet pussies and five cock-hungry mouths, Big Girl Sex School is a plumper lover's dream come true. The closing graduation is more an orgy than a ceremony as the students get fucked every which way.

What did young Miss Ivy Dreams remember best about making Big Girl Sex School? "Getting to be around all of those sexy girls and guys," said this plump morsel.

"Ivy's really a delightful girl," said Miss Shugar, who played the headmistress and we do mean head. "As the filming progressed I watched her get more comfortable and confident with each scene she did, so it was really like she was a student, not just acting as one. What you see is real."

Miss Shugar's impressions of the other BGSS babes.

"Peaches LaRue is the kind of girl your guys go bonkers for. She's a big, sassy redhead and I think she may be almost as horny as me, if that's possible. When the cameraman stopped filming, she didn't even stop sucking this guy's dick.

"Madi Jane's one of the girls I kind of knew from before, and she's also just a sexy baby doll. She is a swinger and from everything that I've seen and heard she'll fuck all day and night and still want more."

"Lovely Libra has got the biggest, brown areolae and nipples I've ever seen. Of course, she also has a pretty face and doing scenes with her was really special!"

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Ivy Dreams – Graduation


Libra, Madi Jane, Peaches and Ivy have enjoyed attending Miss Shugar's Big Girl Sex School. Talking during a break, the girls speak their minds, and what's on their minds is getting fucked by a couple of stiff-poled dudes.

The girls end their week with a bang. Miss Shugar is busy elsewhere so the girls target Shugar's two studs. If they threw themselves any harder at her two men, the girls would have whiplash. The closing orgy with the four girls, so eager to get their pussies stuffed by two born-erect dudes, really raises the roof.

The way the girls lovingly feast on the cock--two girls per man, one girl on balls, one girl on cock--and the way they fuck and talk dirty in a very spontaneous way make this a classic.

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Ivy Dreams – Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Hit the road with Big Girl Sex School headmistress Shugar and her students Lovely Libra, Ivy Dreams, Madi Jane and Peaches LaRue. This van is stuffed with more breastmeat than a chicken truck. We shot their chat this way so that the girls' big tits bounced like crazy. Girls will be girls and XL Girls seem to be a lot more rambunctious and frisky than other girls. Put them together in one place, like this van heading down the hooter highway, and you've got some seriously horny babes talking sex and big tits. They are proud to be big girls, a special sorority!

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Ivy Dreams – Trained To Fuck

Trained To Fuck

"My favorite position is doggy," says Ivy Dream, here at Big Girl Sex School to be trained to fuck along with several other choice students. "A close second would have to be me on top of my partner. What satisfies me most of all in a guy is a good, hard man. A man who can stay hard and keep it hard without special needs. I couldn't get all of JT's cock down my mouth, he was so big.

"Porn sex is way hotter than everyday sex. I'm being recorded so I want to look and be my hottest. Most guys are very critical when they watch a porn video. They'll criticize your talents and they know when a girl is being plastic. It was very exciting making Big Girl Sex School with all the other beautiful girls. In real life, not porn life, cock size is only half of being pleased. The other half is in how you take care of your girl other ways in the bedroom. I love having a guy lick and kiss my neck and shoulders, then move on to my nipples before finding my warm spot."

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Ivy Dreams – Trained to Fuck

Trained to Fuck

Ivy Dreams goes to speak to Big Girl Sex School headmistress Miss Shugar. It seems that she has some kind of personal issue and she doesn't feel that she's as advanced as the other students. So young and so tender, Ivy needs a big dick to train with.

Miss Shugar suggests that Ivy try her mouth and pussy on JT, another of her school studs. Ivy begins by taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it. Miss Shugar stops her and advises that Ivy use more of her body, especially her jugs, to excite and tease a man. Ivy follows her instructions, using her chubby, soft body and big tits to crazy JT crazy before he gets to pound Ivy's wet pussy.

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