Sara – The Gift That Keeps On Coming

The Gift That Keeps On Coming

Sexy Sara is back with the gift that keeps on coming. It's in the gift box that Sara opens and she's eager to have some fun with it. But first, Sara has a new sexy outfit that she's just bought to please the Boob Brotherhood. She unwraps herself in each photo because she herself is the gift that keeps on giving.

"I was always the bustiest girl in town and in school," Sara remembered. "I have always liked the attention I get from men and women. Some of the girls in school were jealous, but I didn't care! Even now that I am an adult, women are jealous. But they do not need to worry. I am not going to steal their men. I get all the men I need when I model." Let them be jealous, Sara. Who cares? They have a lot to be jealous about.

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Sara – Posing Makes Me Feel Good

Posing Makes Me Feel Good

"I have never had sex with another girl," says Sara. "Is that something I should do? I would like to read some opinions about this. Or maybe me, another girl and a man? I have never had a threesome but I would consider it."

Sara's first magazine photo appears in XLGirls SP#269 September 2014. It's also the magazine debut of Maggie and the Ukraine's Antica. "This is what I would wear outside on a nice, warm day. When I first began modeling, I did not know I would enjoy it so much and how much I would enjoy the sex. Now I look forward to every photo shoot and I enjoy the people who make me look so beautiful. They are very talented and creative. It is a very good place to be for me. I would like to read more nice compliments and suggestions. I enjoy reading what the men and women write about me and I like to look at the models. They are so beautiful."

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Sara – Non-Stop Curves

Non-Stop Curves

Very few girls in the world are as built and as pretty as Sara and of that number, very few are willing to pose totally naked, let alone have sex with studs on-camera. And we're grateful for that. It's great to have Sara back again at XLGirls.

Sara is new to it all and she's having fun. "I get a lot of attention when I go out because of my body and my chest but it's different to get all this kind of attention from photos and videos. I like it! It makes me feel special." That's because Sara is special.

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Sara – Sara’s Hot Bod

Sara's Hot Bod

XLGirl newcomer Sara has what it takes to hit the top. For someone brand new to any kind of modeling, Sara has amazing confidence and talent. It's like she was born to do this. "I've always liked attention," Sara told our staff. "Now I feel more special and desired, knowing that so many guys are watching me and enjoying me and what I do. It excites me very much! I'm glad I made the decision to model for XLGirls."

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Sara – Hangin’ With Sara

Hangin' With Sara

As a special bonus, Sara hangs out to answer a few questions in-between sexy, slow licks on her giant lollipop that she also rubs on her nipples... because she's got a teasing side that likes to come out. The camera lens would have fogged up as Sara tongues the lolly but it was sprayed with anti-fog.

"In the morning, I like masturbation," says Sara when she is asked about what she likes to do when she gets up. And you might have thought, "coffee and the TV news?" No, Sara likes a nice cum first.

Sara's erection-producing lollipop licking and nipple rubbing continues as she describes the kind of guy she likes, a regular guy with a big cock which she endearingly pronounces as "coke."

Later on, some of the questions in English need to be translated into Czech. It's a pleasure to listen to Sara in her native tongue, a tongue which continues to suggestively and slowly lick her large lolly. "I think the guys will like you," says the interviewer in what could be the understatement of the year.

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