Alana Lace – The Best Of Tits & Tugs 1

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Dec 232015
The Best Of Tits & Tugs 1

Some girls are just handy at tit-fucking and jerking off. If they're good at jack talk and eye contact, so much the hotter.

"The Best of Tits & Tugs #1" shot in P.O.V. begins with the ever-popular Youtube star Taylor Steele (On Location Grand Bahama). Taylor remains a go-to girl for many with her fantasy tits, lush body and pretty face. The lovely Canadian's also got a great dirty rap going as she strokes away. We're jealous of this dude.

Our second hands-on exciter is Alana Lace in a tremendous jerk job and tit-wank, jacking cock like she's pumping up a bicycle tire (that ultimately explodes all over her). Whispery-voiced Alana shows every inch of her sweet, fleshy body and turns around to show her pussy and butthole before she gets a grip. Lubed hands make her big, heavy tits shiny and slick, just right to slide the cock through. Two of the best big-boobed Tits & Tugs stroke scenes to be found anywhere with all of the right ingredients: great, sexy girls with big, big meaty tits, eye-banging, nasty talk and horny slight of hand action.

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Alana Lace – Alana Gets A Facial

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Dec 312014
Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Lace is a filthy girl. And we couldn't be more complimentary when we say that. Being a cute DDD-cup sex doll will get you pretty far around these parts. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a hotter fuck buddy than Alana. Our good friend and veteran cocksman, Seth Diamond, is about to experience this firsthand.

"I'm pretty insatiable," Alana said. "I like to play with girls and boys, because why not enjoy the best of both worlds? I can be dominant or passive when I'm with a guy, but I'm always assertive when I'm with a girl. So, yeah, you can manhandle me a bit. Or maybe I'll use your cock as my new favorite sex toy. You'll never know which version of Alana you're going to get when I'm fucking a guy."

We'll take any and all versions of this ridiculously hot and horny Sunshine State hottie. Today, Seth is getting the dominant version of Alana. And we can't help but feel a little jealous of this lucky bastard. Alana is renowned for her cock-sucking skills, and this babe unleashes every bit of her expert tonsil torque. She takes every inch of Seth's manhood into her mouth and down her throat in this wet and sloppy romp. She stuffs his cock between her fleshy tits, too, and we're pretty impressed Seth didn't blow a big load onto those perfect naturals. What a champ.

"I take pride in my dick-sucking," Alana told us. "I've had a lot of guys say I'm the best, and it always makes me smile when I hear that."

She sure does know how to prep a cock for her pussy. So Seth gives Alana the type of hard, no-holds-barred, all-hands-on-deck, leave-her-pussy-sore-and-dripping-wet sex a curvy, cock-thirsty girl deserves. Alana cums a handful of times in this sizzling hot scene, and when these two are done, she's left with a mouthful of man-juice, too.

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Alana Lace – Alana Gets A Facial

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Dec 312014
Alana Gets A Facial

"It makes me feel very sexy," Alana says when asked what it's like to see herself in a magazine. "It makes me feel very loved."

Alana is certainly very sexy and loved in our hallowed halls of hooters and amongst the Brotherhood of XL Men. She's one of the hottest hardcore performers we've seen in some time, and it doesn't hurt that Alana is sweet enough to eat for dessert, either.

"I love fucking," Alana says. "I love fucking and I love being watched when I'm fucking."

We're all about fulfilling desires here, so we had no choice but to fill Alana's tasty, plump pussy once again. For our viewing and jerking pleasure and Alana's exhibitionist desires. It's hitting two birds with one bone.

Alana's latest boning comes courtesy of our friend Seth Diamond. He's never seen a plumper he didn't like, or a pair of naturals he wouldn't suck. So he's certainly in luck because Alana is as horny as we've ever seen her. Her nipples are already erect when Seth pulls her tits out of her top. He sucks on Alana's right nipple while she tends to her left tit. Yeah, naturals this luscious are often a two-person job.

Alana's facial expression is a mix of lust and anticipation when Seth is about to stuff his cock inside of her. She's rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits and almost begging for his meat.

"Yeah, give it to me, baby," she says in a nearly inaudible whisper.

She lets out a long gasp when he slides himself inside of her. Seth's pace is slow and deliberate to start, but he gradually picks up momentum with each stroke.

"Oh, fuck that beautiful pussy," Alana says. "Fuck this pussy!"

Alana's pussy is more than beautiful. It's mouth-watering. It's the kind of pussy that makes you nearly drop your nut as soon as you slide inside of it, but you never want to leave once you are inside. Alana's tits bounce to the rhythm of Seth's thrusts when he fucks her, and her pussy is so wet you can hear him churning up her juices as he slides in and out. This is the type of five-star fuck a plump babe deserves.

"Cum on my face," Alana demands.

You don't stay as pretty as Alana without consistent facials, and Seth leaves her with a sticky one.

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Alana Lace – Pound My Mounds

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Oct 292014
Pound My Mounds

You'd be hard-pressed to find a girl sexier, bustier and hornier than the curvaceous Alana Lace. Her sex-drive is always revving, and her pussy always ready for a throbbing hard cock. A throbbing hard cock like our friend Carlos'. He's never seen a pair of tits he didn't like and a curvy girl he wouldn't fuck. And with her 38DDD tits and hourglass figure, Alana has these assets in spades. Today, we decked Alana out in some sexy fetish-style fishnet lingerie. Which is a good look for a girl like Alana. She's as freaky as they come, and girls like her do, say and crave the darndest things.

"I'm a freak," Alana says with a giggle. "I'm into it all. Bondage, a little restraint, you know? Of course, I'm into anal and I like using ice to tease. I can either be dominant or submissive. Usually, I'm more dominant with women and more submissive to a man."

In this scene, Alana fully submits to Carlos and worships his cock. Always one of our best girls when it comes to tonsil torque, she starts with an extra-sloppy blowjob. Alana's gag reflex is nearly non-existent because she even gets down to the balls a few times.

Carlos' cock is lubed and ready to fuck Alana's pink cunt after her expert cock work. He lays her down and blasts her pussy in missionary before turning her around and fucking her doggy style--Alana's favorite position.

"I love doggystyle," Alana said. "I like feeling my man's cock deep inside of me."

Alana takes every inch of Carlos' dick in this position. She hops on top of him for a reverse cowgirl fuck, before turning around to fuck him in the traditional cowgirl position. Eventually, Alana works Carlos so hard he can't hold out any longer and has to drop his load. He drops his jizz on her pretty face and heavy tits. And Alana gleefully laps it up.

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Alana Lace – Pound My Mounds

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Oct 292014
Pound My Mounds

Alana Lace has a pair of tits we could stare at all day. And we would if this lovely young lady didn't have fucking to do. Alana's latest hardcore scene opens with the camera zoomed in on her best asset: her 38DDD tits. That isn't to say Alana Lace isn't a cute chick. She definitely is. But a rack like this deserves your undivided attention.

Our friend Carlos Rios feels the same way. He makes a beeline for her soft, heavy naturals when he enters the scene. He's squeezing and fondling them and Alana frees them from her overmatched bra to assist him. Alana's tits may be her greatest asset, but Carlos is going to enjoy every single asset she has. He tears open Alana's fishnet stockings at the crotch area so he can stroke and lick her pussy. Even though this is just the foreplay, Alana is already dripping wet.

"Oh, make that pussy wet," Alana says. "You're making that pussy wet."

And Alana is making us rock-hard. Alana teases Carlos' cock through his boxers, nibbling on it through his shorts. Carlos finally pulls out his throbbing member and stuffs it into her hungry mouth. She goes to work on Carlos, sliding his dick all the way down her throat a few times, showing off her skills.

By the time Carlos is finally ready to fuck her, his man-meat is nice and lubed up from her expert cock-suck and ready for her plump, pink pussy. Carlos fucks her missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits.

"Thank you for cumming on my tits," Alana says with a smile.

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