Marille – Killer Body

Sexy BBW Marille
Marille’s got on a black, sheer one-piece and a separate black and pink bra. Bad-girl slip-ins on her feet. Her long, black hair’s up in a poof this time. It looks good; sexier than when it’s pulled back tight. Marille has a bottle of lotion nearby. The better to cream up her jugs when the time comes. After this shoot, Marille will shower and meet some girlfriends at the pub she hangs out in. She doesn’t mind if anyone watches her shower. You can watch too!

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Marille – Model Behavior

Model Behavior

"I've always liked Marille," commented Happy Dude. "She has wonderful big boobs on a sexy frame. She poses well and has a lustful look in her eyes. I look forward to her next appearance." Well, this is it. This is also Marille's last layout unless she decides to make a comeback like Diane Poppos and several others. Marille never posed all that much, maybe once a year. She now works full-time at a regular job in an office and wants to move up the corporate ladder so there is no time to shed her clothes and show off that sexy body. What a waste, eh? Hopefully one day, Marille will contact us about modeling again when the spirit moves her but you never know. (You also never know what you have until it's gone.)

"Czech women are much more liberated than Americans," Marille once told us. "It's a national scandal if a woman shows one nipple on television in America. Maybe one day things will change for the better. In my country, we appreciate the body. It's a beautiful creation."

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