Lynn Smith: My Secret to Not Being So Shy

I knew I was going to be really shy at first when I applied to be a cam model here. I wanted to do this badly so I had to figure out a way to not make myself so tense. My secret, which is not a secret anymore, is to have a funny show going on TV while camming. My mic is muted every time I cam so no one can hear what I'm watching. Sometimes I'll even laugh on cam but I don't even care! It has even helped me have great private sessions without being shy. It is just so hard to be shy when something ridiculous is going on on the TV. So far I have watched The Office and Trailer Park Boys to help me loosen up. Not only does having these shows on while I'm camming help me to not be so shy, I'm also constantly smiling at all the jokes and guys love it when you smile. c: I'm already on season 5 of The Office and I have just started season 1 of Trailer Park Boys. The only downside is that I have missed a lot of the plot when I watch the shows while camming. :c Well, I guess that's it for today. See you all the next day!

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