Ashley Sage Ellison – Ashley Sage Ellison Jackumentary

Ashley Sage Ellison Jackumentary

A girl from Manchester, England who puts the word "chest" in Manchester, J-cupper Ashley Sage Ellison won both SCORE and V-mag Newcomer of the Year titles for 2009. In 2010, Ashley came in second in V-mag's Model of the Year, First Runner-Up to Renee Ross. Ashley scored a grand slam by appearing in SCORE, V-mag and XL Girls magazines. Very few have done this.

A beautician by profession, Ashley first started posing for a UK site and then connected with The SCORE Group. A photo team flew to England and filmed Ashley in her home town. St. Maarten in the Caribbean was next. That's where Ashley met the great Euro-star Karina Hart who was shooting for the website You can imagine the excitement they caused when they went out together. Footage of Karina introducing Ashley plus never-before seen bloopers is included in this Jackumentary.

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Ashley Sage Ellison – Monokini and Mammaries

Monokini and Mammaries

Flashback to beautiful Ashley Sage Ellison poolside on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean in this scene from the DVD "Ashley's First Time," never shown before at How that red monokini doesn't rip from the stress factors of Ashley's extreme curves is a miracle of modern fabric manufacturing. Would she ever dare wear this suit at a beach or public pool in the UK? Ashley is a shy girl even though that may seem to contrast with being a nude model.

A trained beautician back home in Manchester, England (and still living with her parents at the time of this DVD), Ashley told a TSG editor in St. Maarten that she loves being very busty. "I'm grateful for the attention. It used to strike me as weird when people would ask to take pictures when I was out and about. Now I actually think it's sort of neat. I get noticed a lot when I go out, and I know my boobs have a lot to do with that."

The weather was overcast when Ashley left the beach villa and headed over to the pool to spritz her lushness with oil. She drops the monokini. While Ashley rubs the stuff all over, the camera captures spectacular views of her slick ass-cheeks and close-ups of her mind-blowing tits shining as she massages them, the breast-flesh undulating in her hands. Ashley gets on the recliner, our camera moving in tighter. As boobs splay to the sides, Ashley rarely stops making eye contact.

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Ashley Sage Ellison – Ashley Gets Wet

Ashley Gets Wet

"I tend to wear comfy clothes when I'm home. But I also like to walk around naked most of the time when I don't have to get dressed." That's what Ashley said back home near Manchester. One of the many joys of shower videos is the girls don't need to start off in clothes.

Ashley Sage Ellison hits the showers in this scene from the movie Ashley's First Time, now at XLGirls for the first time. Sweet young English lass Ashley really puts the show in shower.

A TSG editor was on-set that day at the swanky house in St. Maarten to interview Ashley between scenes and he was right there when she showered. This is part of what he brought back with him besides a case of blue balls and wet clothing.

"It's apparent why Ashley has that extra something that is going to transform her to superstar. Her hands move slowly over her body, rubbing soft soap as it runs over her breasts, through her cleavage, down her belly and over her pussy. She turns her back to the camera and rubs her delicious ass."

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Ashley Sage Ellison – Swimsuit Splendor

Ashley Sage Ellison
Living near Manchester, England, Ashley Sage Ellison doesn’t get much of a chance to go to the beach. Spending a week in St. Maarten with The SCORE Group was an experience for her. “It reminds me of when I was younger and my family would vacation in Spain. I love the beaches there. Being in Spain was fun, and I love being with my family. But this is a spectacular beach. Truly beautiful.” What does Ashley do for fun… besides modeling swimsuits totally unable to support her breasts? “I like to go clubbing with my friends. You know, the whole girl thing of dressing hot, hitting the scene and not coming home until the wee morning hours. Could we come along with you Ashley?

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