Anya Kovac – Big Boob Dollface

Big Boob Dollface

Anya Kovac is a Ukrainian (like the great Jelena Jasper) discovered by a longtime contributing photographer to XLGirls. Anya learned about us through him and the idea of posing appealed to her. The most fun job Anya said she had, until she started getting naked for us that is, was handing out adult flyers in a wide neckline and a short skirt. We can see guys enjoying that sight. Better that Anya poses in her birthday suit in a nice apartment while our shooter captures her bodaciousness rather than standing for hours as a flyer girl. "When I want to get attention, I wear a short dress with a deep cleavage," Anya says. No surprise that so many guys want to marry Ukrainian girls. She's built like a fucking brick house. Anya asked the photographer what the deal was with leaving the toy in without holding it. That's actually a common question new to girls using toys for pictures or videos and sometimes a reader will write in, not getting it either. Anya understood after he explained that it shows that a girl's pussy can grip the toy without it sliding out. And if her pussy can grip a toy, it can grip a guy's boner nicely too. As you see, she can do it. It was a long toy too and she got in all the way. We suspect she has seen one of these things before.

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