Brandie Moore – What A Good Wife She Would Be

What A Good Wife She Would Be

Sometimes the magic works, sometimes the magic only works once.

We look back at Brandie Moore.

Brandie Moore made only one visit to XL Girls. Our door is always open, yet so far, Brandie hasn't walked through the doorway again. Even so, at least she posed. So many girls who should never will.

We believe she was motivated to model by her fiancée.

Brandie is the girl-next-door. She loves reading, writing poetry, playing video games and taking walks in the park. "I'm a casual dresser. Casual but cute. I wear long skirts or pants and a low-cut top. Sometimes I wear boy shorts."

How does Brandie like to cum when she flies solo? "I love masturbating in the tub," Brandie said. "Feeling my hands gliding over my wet, soapy body really turns me on."

Sex that satisfies Brandie the best: "I'm passive. Having sex doggie-style on my hands and knees and having my nipples sucked on."

The worst thing a guy can say to a woman is "call her fat or unattractive."

Was Brandie ever with another chick? "Well, I made out with a girl in school but that's been it so far. Maybe one day but I'm not looking for it."
Please come back, Brandie. Don't go away. You know where we live.

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Brandie Moore – What A Good Wife She Would Be

What A Good Wife She Would Be

As much as XL Girls has no love for the expression "One Hit Wonders," for obvious reasons, it describes Brandie Moore, an XL Girl who posed once and promptly vanished off our radar screen. That was a shame because we thought Brandie had a great body, a very pretty face and the potential to be a regular here, especially since she was a local Florida girl. We don't know the reason. Sometimes it's a domestic issue.

Brandie had never posed for anyone, never danced in a strip club, never gone to a nude beach. This was her first and only time posing nude.

This video begins with Brandie talking to an editor about herself and her naturally huge 36G-cups. Brandie can suck her own nipples--not as easy as many think.

Brandie takes a Doc Johnson in her hand and faps her pussy. The camera operator shoots this from a high angle and captures it perfectly.

Full credit for Brandie taking her clothes off goes to her fiancée, a reader who felt Brandie should strut her stuff for our cameras. Brandie was very relaxed for a newbie and had no trace of nervousness.

Before we leave, here's what Brandie wrote about losing her virginity.

"I was 18 and I lost it to my ex-fiancée. I snuck him into my bedroom late at night. We started making out and he pulled out a condom and asked if I was ready. It was the first time for both of us. He put on the condom and quickly thrust inside of me. It hurt the whole 10 minutes it lasted. We cleaned up and fell asleep in each other's arms."

Again, we don't know exactly why Brandie didn't return, but we believe she posed to make her fiancée happy. If that ain't love, we don't know what love is. And your XL Girls staff is always in love with love.

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