Corina and Peaches “Everything’s Peachy!”

Tripping down Mammary Lane, we come to Corina of Germany and Peaches, also of Germany. When both of them were in our studio at the same time, as timing would have it, we asked the girls to mirror each other as much as possible for this body comparison. Most models don’t like to be compared to one another but these two were happy to comply to our persistent, one-track minded demands. They both dropped off the face of the Earth after a short stint at modeling. The only evidence that proves they even existed are the photos we took of them. We can only guess what happened. Marriage, kids, and all that cock-blocking stuff. CHECK IT ALL OUT!

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Corina – First Time’s A Chesty Charm

First Time's A Chesty Charm

Chesty first-timers are always very welcome! Corina was discovered by a veteran TSG photographer on the west coast. "This is Corina's very first attempt at doing anything in the adult industry," our man tells us. "She has never made any videos nor been on the Internet and this is her very first men's mag shoot. She was very comfortable in front of the camera, as you can see." Corina hasn't said if she plans to continue on but she sure looks like she was having a lot of fun showing off her 44DD's and pussy with a very confident expression on her face while pleasuring herself with a clear dildo and a clit-vibrator. Keep up the good work, Corina. Those tan lines encircling your big boobs are very nice to look at.

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