Alix Lakehurst – Breast of XLGirls Blow Jobs 2

Breast of XLGirls Blow Jobs 2

Alix Lakehurst, Vanessa Del, Nikki Armand, Salena Marie and Twilight Starr suck that boner and show off their very talented oral skills in "Breast of XLGirls Blow Jobs 2." Big sausages in their mouths keep them satisfied.

A blow job is Alix's favorite way to start the day: "I wake up and give my honey a nice cock sucking."

"The first thing a guy wants is to suck my tits," says Vanessa, Dominican breast-goddess. "The second thing he wants is a blow job."

"At first, I was a little nervous but everyone was so friendly and nice, the nervousness went away," Nikki said. "I learned a lot. I came away with an appreciation and a new respect for the models I'd looked at on the site before I came here!"

"I like men with big dicks," said Salena. "I can wrap my lips around the biggest dicks."

"I love oral sex," says Twilight. "Getting and giving. I take pride in my blow jobs."

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Alix Lakehurst – Big Girl Strip Club

Big Girl Strip Club

In reality, there are very few strip clubs featuring dancers with XL bodies in the US. They are really hard to find. We've known a few over the years but they went out of business. There is a strip club circuit for big girls made up of private clubs. These also come and go. Bunny De La Cruz once mentioned dancing in a club for big beauties in California. Most strip clubs feature "boob jobs on a stick" and with the severe drop in the super-busty features of the 1990s and many feature superstars retiring, it's difficult to find any kind of really big tits in a dance club! We aimed to rectify that shortage by creating our own club, populated by Alix Lakehurst, Daniella Grey, Charlie Cooper, Sadie Berry and Julia Juggs. What a line-up! The greatest big girl strip club! A man would spend his life in there if he could. The proof is in the pictures. Driving men crazy is their game.

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