Skye Sinn – 38DDD Chubby Doll’s Booty Boning

38DDD Chubby Doll's Booty Boning

It's a booty boning party for the hot, hot, hot Skye Sinn, the strapping blonde who has everything you need and want to make life a pleasure. This is Skye's fourth XXX scene and every time she fucks, it's magic time.

Super-busty Skye gets the big cock of Largo this time. Can she handle his trouser-hose in her ass? Can he handle her super-voluptuous and very dangerous curves? We're not telling. That's for you to find out.

"I have no gag reflex, so I love giving deep throat blow jobs and making a guy crazy with my big tits. My tight butthole is there waiting if you want to go there. I will let a man know what I want. I will swallow your cum. Sometimes to be a dream, I will gargle, then I swallow. My needs and desires are always stated. I love anal play. Give it to me doggie style, hard and deep, and make me want to think later about what you've done to me and how good you've made me feel."

Intense pussy fucking, deep throat BJ's and butt-drilling New England-style is on the menu. Dig in and savor the sex power of the one and only Skye Sinn.

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Skye Sinn – 38DDD Chubby Doll’s Booty Boning

38DDD Chubby Doll's Booty Boning

"Skye comes out and just knocks you out with her gorgeous face, huge tits and breathtaking legs. I swear, there is nothing like a New England hottie!"

So says an XLGirls member about sexy and beautiful Skye Sinn who is back to get on her knees, stick her hot ass up in the air and let a backdoor man fill her fleshy booty with hard cock.

"Stop teasing me," says Skye as Largo spanks her meaty cheeks that you'd like to bite and rubs her punani through her sheer black panties. She's in bed on her knees. Skye turns around and they remove her bra so he can have at her massive 38DDD honeyhills. She buries his face between them for a hooter-heavenly experience.

Taking out Largo's boxer-hose and making purring sounds like the sex kitten she is, Skye treats him to an oral cock-loving session. Observe her sucking and stroking moves. Skye's said having no gag reflex is one of her special talents. That talent is special! She deep-throats his cock fast and hands-free while she's propping herself up on her hands and knees. This bodacious babe gives her all!

It's time to fuck. Skye's pink taco comes first for a filling. Largo lays the first application of pipe into Skye with her on top of him in a cowgirl position. Skye pumps her hips so his johnson gets deeper and deeper into her. Spanking gets Skye horny so Largo slaps that booty with open palms.

Well-fucked in her pink pussy-hole, Skye wants it in her butthole. Largo slips it into her ass when Skye gets on her side. Reading her body language and her cries of pleasure, he ramps up the rump pump and fucks her harder. What happens next is something you need to see.

Another amazing fuck session from fantastic newcomer Skye Sinn!

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Skye Sinn – The Analysis Of Skye

The Analysis Of Skye

The lens travels up from her chest to her mouth and to her eyes.

You hear her voice. "Skye Fucking Sinn." And then, "I want a cock in my ass."

That's Skye Sinn's way of introducing herself in her third And that's all she needs to say as a greeting. Like they say, fasten your seat belts.

"My tight, wet ass. For the first time. I wanna feel my ass getting bigger. And bigger. I wanna feel every inch of it. All the way in my tight ass."

Skye gets on the floor on all fours. Her succulent body is throwing off enough heat to boil water. She needs the hose to cool her down. Enter the ass-man who pulls up her mini-dress and slaps that big, round, sexy butt. Spanks it hard and makes Skye moan.

She gets on her back so he can feast on her ripe, heavy melons and when he's had his fill of titty and nipple, it's time to fuck those beauties. Skye and girls like Skye attract dicks to their cleavage like bees to flowers.

And that's only the beginning for Skye in a scene you'll watch over and over again. Horny ain't the word.

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Skye Sinn – The Analysis Of Skye

The Analysis Of Skye

Skye Sinn is dressed to kill in a tight, red mini-dress and high heels. She is ready to tear the house down in her sensuous way. Everything she wants she is going to get. What Skye especially wants most of all is a hard cock in her ass. Ask and Skye shall receive. Who could say no to those lips, those eyes? And those big tits? That big, juicy ass made to be slapped and spanked? Only the most cold-blooded men on earth could resist her.

Her fuck buddy is eager to slide between those melons and then face-fuck her. They get on the couch so Skye can get on her hands and knees and go down on his hard-on. What a deep-throater. She gets his entire shaft down her throat all the way to the balls and at times stares wide-eyed into the camera, cock in her mouth. She is proud of what she can do and wants everyone to see her magic. Men fight wars for women like this.

Skye is shorn of her clothes and still in her red skimpy underwear, gets into a sitting position on top of his lap and slides her FB's wood into her wet cunt. Her crotchless panties make it easier. She doesn't need to pull her panties to the side to take the cock. She turns and faces him, riding him some more, the pumping making her hotter and hotter as every nerve in her body is electrified.

Skye's undies are tossed away and she parts her legs again, this time so he can shove his dick into her asshole while she is on her side, and then again when she gets on her knees, butt in the air. And then again as she is sitting on top. The pressure of the pumping is leading them to detonation. It feels so good in Skye's ass. Dirty words flow out of her sweet mouth as her ass is filled by the man-drill. The explosion is coming.

When Skye Sinn gives it up, she gives up 100%.

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Skye Sinn – Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

Skye Sinn is new at and a very welcome addition to the hotties who make this plush playland what it is. This photo set is a match to the video version.

Has Skye had sex in public?

"Yes, Patriot Place during a football game. We snuck away during halftime and found some hay piles with pumpkin displays on them and decided to get down to it. I guess football games turn me on in a whole different level."

What about girls?

"Sexual encounters with girls are much more sensual. They know exactly what to do and where to touch at the right time."

What was the funniest thing a guy ever said to you?

"Does your chest have AllState insurance because if you don't, your chest needs to be in good hands."

Passive or assertive?

"Assertive. My needs and desires are always stated. I will let a man know what I want but not at the expense of feelings or self-worth."

Your kinkiest experience was..."Swingers club. First experience ever."

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