Harley Ann – In Her Pink

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Apr 092015
In Her Pink

Girls like Harley Ann are the type you brag about to your friends about banging. She's as cute as a button, has a pair of DDD-cup naturals and she's a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. She has everything the Brotherhood of XL Men wants in a woman. As our scene opens, we get an eyeful of what makes this chick so darn lovable. Harley has the sweetest, cutest smile spread across her face and she teases a bit by popping out one of her tits.

When our friend Tony Rubino moves over to her, Harley is eagerly anticipating the hard fucking she's about to get. No words are spoken, but these two don't need to say a word. The sexual energy in the room is thick, and Harley's pussy is already dripping wet when Tony pulls her panties to the side and begins fingering her.

Harley returns the favor by deep-throating his cock, and that's when the real fun begins. Tony pushes her down onto the bed, stuffs his cock inside of her and bangs her from the side. Tony is fucking her so vigorously that each of his thrusts nearly makes Harley's tits hit her in the face. He then fucks her cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggystyle before she demands that he shoot his load on her face.

"Give it to me, " Harley says with a moan.

Tony will be bragging about this fuck for a while.

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Harley Ann – In Her Pink

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Apr 092015
In Her Pink

So cute and so cuddly, Harley Ann looks like she wouldn't be the type of girl into the naughty things she's into. She's as horny a chick as you'll ever meet, and she takes pride in her skills in the sack.

"I've been told that I'm very talented at giving blowjobs," Harley said. "I really enjoy giving head, so I guess that's why." I like pulling a guy's cock out when he's soft and making him get hard in my mouth."

It's a good thing we have our good pal Tony Rubino on hand to test her cock-sucking prowess. He knows and loves his plumpers, and he's gotten his cock sucked by some of the hottest chicks with the no gag reflex.

Harley doesn't waste any time and begins sucking Tony dry at the first opportunity. She switches up her rhythm a bit, too. She begins with slow, deliberate sucking and cock-tugging and slowly picks up her pace. She spits on his cock a few times, too. This is what blowjobs are supposed to be wet and sloppy from a girl who is eager-to-please.

Of course, giving mind-blowing head isn't where Harley's sexual prowess ends. Tony is a lucky guy because it's just the beginning.

"Guys have also told me that my pussy feels amazing," Harley said. "They say it's nice and warm. Tight, but not too tight. I'm not sure if it's my pussy they love or how I use my pussy when I fuck them, though."

Whichever it is, whoever gets to fuck Harley's pussy is one lucky S.O.B. Tony knows how lucky is, and he bangs her brains out as hard as he can before shooting his load onto her cute face.

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Harley Ann – Heavy-Hootered Harley

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Dec 222014
Heavy-Hootered Harley

Young Harley Ann is back to cause severe stiffness and bloating below your belt. It's not Harley Ann's fault. She's just built that way.

We asked Harley Ann about her previous shoots.

XLGirls: Did you see the scenes you did earlier?
Harley Ann: "I saw a little bit of them. I watched them alone. I didn't have sex while I watched them which is what I've read that some girls do. That does sound hot to see yourself getting fucked while you're getting fucked at home."

XLGirls: What did you think?
Harley Ann: "I thought they turned out better than I expected! It definitely furthered my modeling ability. I'm much more comfortable in front of a camera now."

XLGirls: So what makes you feel very sexy?
Harley Ann: "I feel sexy when I'm giving a guy a blow job. I also feel sexy when I'm all dressed-up, like I am in this shoot."

XLGirls: What's your top three sexual experiences so far?
Harley Ann: 1) My first time with a woman. 2) Sleeping with an older man. 3) My first time being tied up in bondage.

Thank you, Harley Ann. Stay sexy.

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Harley Ann – Heavy-Hootered Harley

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Dec 222014
Heavy-Hootered Harley

Cute. Cuddly. Adorable. Squeezable. Just a handful of words that describe Harley Ann, a young Florida girl-next-door just ripe and just right for XL Girls. Who would not want to worship her naked body and big tits and lick every inch? Who would not want to shove his face between Harley's thick thighs and stick his tongue into her pink pussy?

Dressed in a tight pink top and tight skirt, and looking like a billion bucks, Harley Ann gets a request to send someone a selfie. And that's what she does. When her selfies are done and sent, Harley Ann gets comfortable and gives herself a selfie with her fingers.

XLGirls: What does Harley Ann do to make a guy feel special? Besides sending him selfies?
Harley Ann: "I like to take my time and explore the things he's interested in. I'd hope I'd be number-one on his list.

XLGirls: What makes Harley Ann extra horny?
Harley Ann: "I love being teased for a long time and I love to be spanked. That gets me really hot. It makes me ready to be fucked."

XLGirls: What's the best way to get on Harley Ann's good side?
Harley Ann: "Make me laugh or just be a genuinely kind person. I love the quick comebacks of people with a weird sense of humor."

Show Harley Ann some love with your words of praise! All of the girls want to read your comments.

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Harley Ann – Beauty, Boobs & Wine

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Nov 172014
Beauty, Boobs & Wine

You definitely don't need beer goggles to appreciate a plump, bra-buster like the lovely Harley Ann. But we'll gladly watch her take a few sips of bubbly and catch a bit of a buzz. We could watch her all day, what with her fair skin and sexy, womanly figure. Oh, and those tits! You couldn't miss them even if you tried. They're a pair of juicy, fleshy, grade-A 40DDDs we'd love to take hearty bites of. And Harley wouldn't mind that one bit.

"Most people notice them first," Harley told us with a laugh. "Even before they look at my face! I don't mind it at all, though. If you've got it, flaunt it! I dress to accentuate my breasts. So a lot of tight tops, low-cut tops, tight dresses with a deep v-neck line."

We had to primp Harley up and get her into the lowest-cut dress we could find when she told us that. With her naturals nearly pouring out of her dress, we'd say she looks pretty darn scrumptious in this outfit.

Of course, when you look like Harley and dress the way she dresses, you're bound to hear some funny pickup lines.

"The funniest I've ever heard is 'Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only 10 I see,'" Harley said with a giggle.

We're not sure if that qualifies as a pickup line, though. With her combination of beauty and boobs, it's a factual statement.

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