Devin Taylor – XL Girls Legends

XL Girls Legends

It took a long time to bring Devin Taylor to XL Girls and Voluptuous. Devin only shot for two studios and TSG was one of the two. The praise for this now legendary model ( Devin Does South Beach on DVD) was as overflowing as her 38GG bra. Knowing that she retired from modeling was a downer.

"Devin is the hottest woman to hit your pages. Devin has such a killer smile and gives 'Great Face' in her photos. She never has that blank look like most of the models do. Devin makes love to the camera. I love her original faces and poses and she looks like she is really having a good time showing it all off for us. I have all her layouts and her DVD."

"All I gotta say is Devin Taylor is an absolute Goddess. I love how confident and open she is about herself. She oozes sex appeal. She knows just how beautiful big women really are."

"Devin is so incredibly hot looking she makes my mouth water. She has so much to offer the audience, from her sexy toes to her incredibly good looks. You can't go wrong with a girl like her."

"I'm actually pretty shy in real life," Devin once told us, a comment that was surprising to hear come from her lips. "I get compliments on my smile." Indeed, one of Devin's most popular assets was her beamer of a smile, a genuine, happy expression that knocked guys out. The result of that welcoming smile was a desire to see more of her. She was habit-forming. Addictive.

"I wear a lot of skirts, short tops," Devin said about the way she dressed. "Not too many v-necks because I get stared at. There's that idea that if you have big breasts, you're trampy or looking for attention, but I've had them all my life! And it drives me crazy when people think because I have big boobs that I'm deaf. Guys, if I'm walking by and you say, 'Look at those tits,' I can hear you! It would be nice if you said I had pretty eyes or something. Modeling is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear pretty clothes and makeup and high heels. "

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Devin Taylor – XL Girls Legends

XL Girls Legends

Devin Taylor is an XLGirls legend. She is one of the very few who had a DVD created specifically about her (Devin Does South Beach), shot in Miami Beach, Florida. It took a long time to arrange to photograph Devin the first time because she was very precise about who she would pose for and who she would not pose for.

"Plumper to me sounds like hot dogs!" Devin said. "You plump when you cook them. I'm completely ok with fat. I think when a word's really bad, you should own it and then no one can hurt you. Hey, I'm a real pretty fat girl! I do love the word 'voluptuous,' It's beautiful and it's lovely to be described that way. Rubenesque is beautiful, too. Chunky, chubby, not so great!"

While she spread and used big toys, Devin had no interest in shooting hardcore with guys and feedback wanting her to do hardcore was non-existent for the most part. The readers and members who liked her wanted Devin all to themselves and didn't want a dude in their line of sight.

The sexy blonde retired much too early, in our opinion.

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Devin Taylor – <i></i>Best Models

<i></i>Best Models

2002 was a great year and 2003 brought another wave of superstars. So many fantastic ladies passed through the door of XL Girls from 2003 to 2006 that it's not possible to list all of them. Miranda was a rare Italian import living in the States at the time. Mama mia! The curvy, hot-blooded Mediterranean was looking to make it big.

In contrast, 38-J cupper Scarlett Webb of Atlanta, Georgia called herself "Busty Belle of the South." Voluptuous readers and SCORELAND members voted her the Plumper of the Year 2005 beating superstars Deja, Devin Taylor, Samantha and Eden.

Redheaded Maria Verbeck was another rarity, a citizen of Denmark discovered by a European contributor. "My friends are okay with me being an XL Girl as long as I'm okay with it, and I am. It's my decision anyway. My real friends all respect my right to do as I please, as I also respect their rights. I had imagined what it would be like and it was even more fun than I had thought." Maria never modeled for any other studio.

Cherry Brady, of course, became a superstar from the word go. A subscriber to V-mag, redheaded Cherry brought tremendous enthusiasm and a positive, happy attitude every time she visited. Her body is perfect and she advocated against women getting breast reductions. She wrote the script for the DVD Ultimate Cherry Brady and tangled with Annie Swanson, Brandy Talore and Angela White in our only wrestling DVD The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling ("B.L.O.W.").

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Devin Taylor – Plumpers


Let's kick off round two of our Devin Taylor appreciation society meeting. Look at those mogombos!
Fact #1: Devin always wears a bra. "Yes! All the time," says Devin. "Unless I'm showing off a special guy."
Fact #2: Devin is single. "I don't go on many dates. Most guys don't even approach me to try pick-up lines on me." What are they--crazy?
Fact #3: Looks are not highly important to Devin. "Humor, class and intelligence are much more important," says Miss Taylor.
Fact #4: Devin likes to watch golf. "I am learning to play in my spare time. It's not as easy as I thought it would be."

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