Nixie Night – Breast of Tit-Fucking 3

Breast of Tit-Fucking 3

Nixie Night, Kacey Parker, Shyla Shy, Lisa Canon, Analee Sands, Sienna Hills and Sadie Berry can easily use their tit-sex skills to make any guy spray like Yellowstone Park's cone geyser Old Faithful. The proof is presented in XLGirls' "Breast of Tit-Fucking 3."

This video is dedicated to the wide, wide world of breast-banging also known as laying pipe through her mountain ranges, hiding the salami in the hills, giving a pearl necklace, hooter-humping, bosom-boning, driving the skin bus through the titty tunnel and ramming the royal rack.

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Nixie Night – Pop Culture

Pop Culture

What do we have here? The hot Nixie Night hanging out in her candy-colored bedroom, listening to Just In Beaver? Beautiful with big, bright eyes and face-engulfing breasts, Nixie is one of the sexiest babes at XLGirls. Erotica is Nixie's field of studies and one that she's made a big part of her life. A full-time student, she's found the time to live out her fantasies also. Last time it was a fetish scene with gags and bonds.

"Sex is kinky for each person. It's always fun and dirty and weird and gross and hilarious at the same time." Nixie loves role-playing. "There's a 1950's housewife role-playing fetish and some men get off on that," she told us. We'll be seeing that in the future. What's one of Nixie's biggest fantasy-fetishes? The answer is in her video, "A Short History of Sex With Nixie Night."

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Nixie Night – A Short History of Sex With Nixie Night

A Short History of Sex With Nixie Night

Got a question about ancient cultures and their particular attitude and customs when it comes to sex and erotic practices? College student Nixie Night is your go-to scholar. From Greeks to Romans and more, Nixie studies the sexology of past civilizations. Her eyes light up at the topic. The ancient Greeks? They were ass-focused explains Nixie and that's why their statues have nice butts. From there, the topic moves to sex and what Nixie likes. "I can honestly say I have never been 'made love' to," says Nixie, "It's always been 'fucking'--fast and furious--and that's how I like it." Nixie talks about the differences in having sex with porn men and with regular guys and it's not just cock size. She will explain all!

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Nixie Night – Lolly Pop Girl

Lolly Pop Girl

"I was asked to show you some of my skills with phallic-shaped objects," says lovely Nixie Night, the girl who puts the voom in va-va-voom. This is her oral dissertation. She holds a long, colorful lollypop in her hand and she's ready to, "Suck it, touch it, squeeze it."

"I like to start slow and then work my way up to it," says the XLGirl coed, her bright eyes shining. True girlfriend material. She inserts just the tip in her mouth and pulls it out, then sticks it in again, making sucking and lip smacking sounds. "I use my lips a lot. You can't see it but the tongue is going too." Sticking her tongue out to show what usually can't always be seen, Nixie licks it with different tongue moves. Visualize her sucking your own Johnson. And there's more ahead as Nixie speaks in tongues. Follow the rainbow that is Nixie.

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Nixie Night – XL Candids: Trying On Bras

XL Candids: Trying On Bras

Nixie Night is back! And looking as adorable as ever. In this special, brand-new XLGirls bonus video, Nixie tries on a variety of bras borrowed from the wardrobe department and finds all of them but one hooter-holster coming up short!

Nixie was a 42DDD when she first modeled a little over one year ago. Now she needs a 42G bra. Onward and outward we say when it comes to tits.

Please look forward to more of the huge-chested pixie named Nixie coming at ya soon!

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