Holly – Thick Chick With Fuck Stick

Thick Chick With Fuck Stick

Thickalicious Holly is a dancer in Hollywood, Florida. "Guys tell me they love my body and they tell me not to lose weight," says Holly. She says she masturbates sometimes when she's driving to or from work and gets an attack of the hornies. This would partly explain why the drivers in south Florida are so bad. She likes to fuck every two-to-three days and masturbates in-between. We asked her to show us how she toys herself.

Holly only wears a bra when she goes to church. Otherwise, she's free and easy and you will usually see her wearing tight jeans and a little tank-top.

She likes a man who will "hit it from behind and talk dirty to me, pull my hair and spank me. Call me his little bitch and lick my pussy." Her one kink that she talked about was having her feet played with. It makes her crazy. Sounds like a fun playmate.

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