Chaka T. – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 2

Big Girl Boob Bang Part 2

There are three basic tit-fucking positions. The girl kneeling in front of the guy who can be standing or sitting. The guy lying on his back with the girl kneeling between his legs, tit-fucking him. The girl lying on her back with the guy straddling her chest. This last position is the most popular.

Chapter 2 of the tit-fucking feature Big Girl Boob Bang stars five of the greatest boob-boffed, breast-sexing, sausage-wrapping, pillow-pounded sex-bombs. All of them are tit authorities.

First up: Chaka T.: "My nipples are very sensitive, so a man should lightly touch them, mostly on the nipple, then get a little harder, then start sucking on them. I like to be sucked, but not too hard. Some guys bite them. I don't really like that. Little nibbles are fine and the swirl with the tongue is good, and then a little massaging with the hands is always good. I love that. When I was with one of your porn guys, the cameraman kept telling me to look straight into the camera. I don't know why, but that got me so turned on."

Cherry Brady: "I like them manhandled a little. Not too rough, but not too soft, either. A lot of guys are afraid. They don't want to hurt me. But I like my nipples pinched and twisted and pulled a little bit. I like guys to suck on them. Really suck on them. Just nurse on these titties. And put their hands on them. I like to see the hand in relation to my boobs."

Denise Davies: " I just love having my boobs played with. If I had a choice between a man shagging me and playing with my boobs, I'd pick playing with my boobs every time. Fortunately, I've never had to make that choice. I've never had a bloke go away complaining. I guess it's because I have a dirtier mind than most blokes. I love doing naughty things with my big tits. Sucking on them. Biting them. Wrapping them around a big cock. Making a cock cum all over them. I once had a guy put whipped cream all over my tits and fuck them. He got whipped cream all over his cock, then he had me lick it off."

Desirae: "I like tit-fucking if my partner is really enjoying it and really loving it. Any attention is nice, but I like most of it on the nipples. I think they're like six pounds, maybe six and a half, together. I could be wrong, but they're pretty fucking heavy. I really like it whenever my boobs are being sucked and fucked really hard. My nipples are sensitive, but my breasts aren't."

Hayden: "My nipples are very sensitive. It's a huge turn-on to have them sucked and touched. Sometimes it can drive me to orgasm immediately. I can get extremely aroused from that. If a guy doesn't pay attention to my breasts, he probably won't be invited back. Some men almost seem like they're trying to prove to me that they don't only like me for my breasts. That's fine if we're having a conversation or in a restaurant, but if we're having sex, it's important that you pay a lot of attention to them."

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Chaka T. – Rubenesque


What The Peeper Saw Part 2

Those tits! Bigger than any tits you've ever seen before in your life. You wonder what she does for a living. You hope she doesn't leave the room and your line of sight. "Don't move!," you try to mentally command her. "Don't leave the room. Please don't move!" Suddenly she stops fingering her pussy, stands up, turns and stares straight out the window! She sees you. You've been spotted! Maybe you'd better run! Run! Run before she screams
and calls the cops! But wait up... She's smiling at you. Winking. Wha..? She's actually licking a nipple and looking right at you. She wants you to stay. Stay there and stare through her window. You watch frozen as she proceeds with her little show to the one man audience.
That dildo...what's she gonna do with it? Wow. She's fucking herself with it. This is your lucky night. Maybe she'll invite you in...? Maybe you can be her human dildo...

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