Jennica Lynn – Fantasy Girls

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Apr 162015
Fantasy Girls

There have been several great group grope oil massage scenes with the world's most luscious and exciting big-boobed girls of The SCORE Group. Chloe Vevrier, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Chaz in On Location Key Largo. Christy Marks, Lorna Morgan, Gianna, Terry Nova and Angela White in Big Boob Paradise. Hitomi, Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells in On Location Puerto Vallarta.

This oily massage scene of DDD-cupper Lavina Dream, 36GG bra-buster Roxanne Miller and sensational 34M Jennica Lynn is another spectacular group rubdown for the big boob history books. All three girls are superstars of XL Girls and the DVD XL Girls On Location is proof of their supernatural greatness. Roxanne and Lavina can't wait to get their lovely hands and huge, soft breasts on the incredibly stacked body of Jennica Lynn.

Like previous oily massage group scenes set in exotic locations, this is a once-in-a-lifetime erotic event. The girls take special delight in their three-way rubdown. The two Romanians suck hard on Jennica's 34M tits, pour oil over her butthole and pussy and all three grind and slide all over each other. It's as steamy as the weather in this tropical paradise. The girls need relief to soothe their hot tits and pussies and they're gonna get it!

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Shantay – Belinda And Shantay

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Jul 162014
Belinda And Shantay

Hair's the deal. Englishwoman Belinda and Shantay from Kingston, Jamaica, did not shave their hairy bushes for this wooly match-up shot during the making of Voluptuous Xtra #1 . They didn't depilate their armpits either, but they did razor their legs. Both girls have always been very hirsute so it doesn't take very long for a follicle frenzy to kick in. Belinda has the bigger tits, but Shantay is no slacker in the bra-stuffing department either. Neither have done boy-girl XXX shoots although we gave it a shot. 'Cause you've gotta ask. A horny threesome with a woodsman would have been a steamer.

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Andy – Rubenesque

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Jul 162014

This Romanian sweater stretcher living in Frankfurt, Germany says she would like to move to America one day and settle in one of the western states. She has grown tired of Europe and doesn't care for life in Germany. When she is out in public, men stare at her, walk into her or pinch her ass on crowded buses and in crowded shops. Men have touched her boobs in movie theaters and on buses. She would slap them but she doesn't want to touch them. She said a pervert once pulled his car over to the curb and called her over asking for directions. When she approached and looked down, she was disgusted to see that he had his cock out of his fly and was pulling on it. Andy now carries pepper spray.

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Maria Moore – Jackumentary

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Mar 262014

Maria Moore: a name synonymous with greatness. Today's Jackumentary looks at the highlights of her scenes at V-mag and XLGirls. The show opens with Maria meeting TSG editors on her first day in 2003. They were boob-drunk for the rest of the day, wandering the halls in a dazed condition.

Besides her physical blessings, Maria's point-of-view about sex, relationships and life intrigued everyone. "I have a theory about the first date," Maria said. "I think you should have sex first. Why waste your time having dinner with somebody you don't like? I think you should just get it out of the way and find out if the sex is good, and then, if it works out, have dinner. I believe in him coming in first and fucking me. I invite him in and have sex. That's my preference. I've been rejected a few times and had a few bad dinners, but it usually works out to both of our advantages. We have sex and we relax during dinner. We have a better date, and, of course, we like each other more. I think that's a better way."

An excellent philosophy.

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