Skyy Black – “When I go out, I try to look like a teenager”

"My sexual fantasy is to take 12 inches down my mouth" Skyy Black said. That's a great goal. Skyy likes to live dangerously. "One time I was in a car with a friend driving on the freeway and I got on top and rode him."

"I have sex with myself every day. Probably twice a month with a man, more if I'm really into him. I like a man who can give me good head and work my clit with his tongue. I usually start sex unless it's another girl. Maybe I don't look the type but I like bondage. I can deep throat most cocks and I like anal. I take pride in my ability to fuck a guy harder and faster than any other bitch he's ever fucked."

"When I go out, I try to look like a teenager. I wear a bra all the time except for sleeping. Then the bra comes off. Some people say a woman should wear a bra for support when she sleeps so they don't start to sag but it's too uncomfortable all the time."

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