SinFul Celeste – Drippin’ Wet Tits

Drippin' Wet Tits

When a guy gets an invitation to take a shower with SinFul Celeste, he'd have to be out of his mind to decline. This is how dirty girls get clean...breastfully clean. Hey, Celeste. You dropped the soap!

What does Celeste want to do that she hasn't done yet?

"I would love to try to get pregnant one day."

If that ever happens, call us at six months.

How do you normally dress?

"I wear tube tops and low-cut dresses. My favorite bras are push-ups."

Say we're construction workers having lunch outside and you walk past us. Is it okay to ogle you?

"Yes, I love to watch men turn to catch a look. I love it."

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SinFul Celeste – Drippin’ Wet Tits

Drippin' Wet Tits

Join Celeste in the shower. She may be SinFul but she likes every inch of her plush body to be fresh. Wash that pussy and butthole nice and clean, Celeste.

It's time for a Q&A about T&A with this tasty morsel.

Do you have any special talents?

"I give a killer blow job. I love to suck cock. When it's my husband's cock, I swallow his cum. With other guys, I spit."

Do you like anal play?

"Yes, I enjoy it. It gets me all wet and creamy inside."

What about girls?

"I had a girl come over to my place to enjoy her. The foreplay was awesome with her and my husband."

Do you like to have sex in public?

"Yes, I enjoy the chance of getting caught by people. The fear factor. Not really fear but the thrill of being seen, people watching me fuck. It feels dangerous. Doing this is really like having sex in public. Everyone and anyone at any time of the day or night can see me naked or fucking."

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SinFul Celeste – Tropic Of Tits

Tropic Of Tits

SinFul Celeste has big 38DDD, pierced tits. She got her nipples pierced when she was 17. The curvy Latina of Mexican-American heritage got her clitoral hood pierced when she was 18 and she loves the feeling it gives her when she's having sex with a guy or masturbating.

Celeste's special talents?

"I give a killer blow job and I enjoy doing make-up."


"I like big ones that vibrate hard."

Assertive or submissive?

"Definitely assertive."

Celeste started web-camming and liked it so much she quit her day job to model and cam full-time. She's very new to the adult modeling world and she's got the right moves which you will see in her first video, "A SinFul Girl."

Next up: hardcore XXX action!

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SinFul Celeste – A SinFul Girl

A SinFul Girl

SinFul Celeste came all the way from California to do the sinful thing at XL Girls. Another model recommended that Celeste make the connection. And now she's here and eager to bare her pair and every other millimeter of her plush bod.

"I always dress to emphasize my chest with tube tops, tank tops and low-cut dresses. I like it when guys check me out. It makes me excited to see men turn around and check me out. I am a complete exhibitionist. "

"I don't have any kinky fetishes unless you include role playing and foot play. I like to fuck my pussy with big toys. I enjoy masturbating. I do it a lot."

"I don't play sports but I like watching football. Even though I'm a California girl, my favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Sometimes I imagine them beating up another team just to get to me."

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SinFul Celeste – Tropic Of Tits

Tropic Of Tits

SinFul Celeste is from California where the tiki pop cultural scene is still celebrated... the lasting effects of Hawaiian influence that began in the late 1950s. She looks hot as a hula girl. Would you like to do the limbo with her?

"I'm outspoken, fun, sassy and sexy," says Celeste. "I have all the right curves in all the right places." That Celeste has in abundance.

Celeste has a guy. They're in an open relationship and if they meet someone they think is hot, they're ready to have some horny fun.

Celeste's favorite position is reverse-cowgirl. "I also like to get it good from behind with him giving it to me nice and hard."

The funniest pick-up line I've gotten from a guy is "I'm going to fuck you so good you're gonna call yourself dirty names!"

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