SinFul Celeste – Her Favorite Sin

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Dec 162014
Her Favorite Sin

Supernova sex is the name of the game as Sinful Celeste meets JMac for a power fuck at XL Girls. It's the clash of the sex titans. Celeste says that she's satisfied by a guy "who can get it up and keep it up." She's covered in this scene!

A girl who estimates that she gets fucked 4-to-6 times a week, Celeste loves to ride in reverse cowgirl and get hit hard from behind. At one point in the video, JMac picks Celeste up and fucks her while he's standing, then drills her butthole in a piledriver position.

"Giving a blow job really gets me wet," says Celeste. "I love the taste and smell of a guy's cock and the feel of it in my mouth. I give a killer blow job."

Seeing is believing as Celeste swallows the cock deep.

"I also love to fuck a man's cock between my big tits. There really isn't anything I don't like about sex. I love it all."

What about that collar and chain around Celeste's neck in this scene? Is that her personal fetish also?

"I don't think I have any fetishes but I do like to fuck myself with big toys," says Celeste. "I love to masturbate."

What does Celeste want to try one day?

"I would love to try to get pregnant someday," Celeste replied.

If Celeste does get knocked-up in the near future, maybe she'll call XL Girls at the sixth or seventh month mark.

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SinFul Celeste – Her Favorite Sin

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Dec 162014
Her Favorite Sin

Sinful Celeste shows again why she's so sinful.

Her scene starts off with Celeste sucking JMac's finger, a prelude to the cock-sucking to come. She's got a leash around her neck but she doesn't need to be disciplined or trained. Celeste knows all there is to know about man pleasing and male satisfaction.

In a few minutes, Celeste is kneeling and blowing Jmac. He has her by the back of her head and keeps the leash taut as she gargles his cock. Her big tits and deep cleavage are ready to be fucked. She sticks her pink tongue out to lick the head of his cock on the upstroke through her titty tunnel. She cups her big tits and holds them tight as he bones her quivering big boobs.

JMac gets on the couch and signals Celeste to come over to him. She sucks and jacks his dick some more, then climbs on board to be impaled in a cowgirl fuck. With one mighty lift, he picks up Celeste, his cock inside her and fucks her standing up which drives his prick even deeper into her cunt.

JMac puts her down on the settee, gets her ass up and smacks it, then plunges his dick into her pussy from behind. They move to a missionary fuck, another cowgirl and then the power position, the pile-driver.

This pile-driver position gives the guy tremendous leverage and driving energy. After deeply ramming Celeste's ass in the pile driver, he blows his load right into her open, waiting mouth as she tickles his bag. That's one happy meal Celeste won't forget too quickly!

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SinFul Celeste – Sinful Sex Bomb

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Oct 242014
Sinful Sex Bomb

What a way to end a week. SinFul Celeste, one of our favorite newbies, committing some of our favorite sins in her first hardcore scene. This 38DDD-cupper has the tits, curves and ample assets for it, too. A fact she's proud of.

"I love to emphasize my chest," Sinful Celeste told us. "When I'm out on the town, you'll always find me in tube tops and low cut tops. I love the attention, too. I love to watch men turn around to catch another look of me."

Right now, our good pal Tony DeSergio is trying to grab a glimpse of Ms. Celeste as she undresses. Though soon, he's grabbing a lot more than a glimpse. Specifically, he's grabbing her plush naturals, soft curves and plump rump. And not too long after that, Tony's cock is stuffed firmly inside Sinful Celeste's soaking wet cunt. These two fuck in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggystyle before Tony shoots his jizz all over her pretty face.

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SinFul Celeste – Sinful Sex Bomb

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Oct 242014
Sinful Sex Bomb

When you're in the bedroom with a girl like SinFul Celeste, there's no time to mince words. You get right to work on this babe. Which is exactly what Tony DeSergio does as we open this scene. Tony's face is buried between her tits and he has two big handfuls of ass. He's going to have fun with this plumper. Tony pulls SinFul's 38DDD tits out of her green negligee and begins to tease her nipples, both of which are pierced. A broad smiles etches her face and shivers run up and down her curvy body as Tony sucks on her tits while fingering her pussy.

SinFul Celeste is kind of obsessed with cock. The sight of it turns her on and having one in her mouth makes her pussy drip.

"Giving blowjobs really gets me wet," she told us. "I don't know about other girls, but I just love cocks. And nothing in the world is better than a man that can get it up, keep it up and fuck me all night."

SinFul's pussy has to be dripping right now because she gives Tony one hell of a blowjob before he stuffs his cock inside of her. First, he's banging her missionary and SinFul is already being pushed to an orgasm.

"Oh, yeah," she moans. "That cock is so good."

Tony lays down and slides his cock in from the side before SinFul decides to take control by hopping on top. Tony wants some of her plump ass, too so he bangs her doggystyle before he finally has to pop. That's when he serves SinFul a sticky facial, some of which drips down to her tits. Yep, she's our favorite SinFul girl.

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SinFul Celeste – Drippin’ Wet Tits

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Oct 072014
Drippin' Wet Tits

Join Celeste in the shower. She may be SinFul but she likes every inch of her plush body to be fresh. Wash that pussy and butthole nice and clean, Celeste.

It's time for a Q&A about T&A with this tasty morsel.

Do you have any special talents?

"I give a killer blow job. I love to suck cock. When it's my husband's cock, I swallow his cum. With other guys, I spit."

Do you like anal play?

"Yes, I enjoy it. It gets me all wet and creamy inside."

What about girls?

"I had a girl come over to my place to enjoy her. The foreplay was awesome with her and my husband."

Do you like to have sex in public?

"Yes, I enjoy the chance of getting caught by people. The fear factor. Not really fear but the thrill of being seen, people watching me fuck. It feels dangerous. Doing this is really like having sex in public. Everyone and anyone at any time of the day or night can see me naked or fucking."

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