Paige Plenty – Plenty Of Sex

Plenty Of Sex

The worst pick-up line a guy ever said to Paige Plenty was "If you get any sexier, I'll end up with hairy palms in a week." Actually, that's not too bad. He may have seen Paige's photos and videos before.

A beautiful girl with a very sexy body, Paige's tits were very pliable. She could pull and stretch them like taffy. "I really had a good time down there," Paige once emailed when she got home to Columbus, Indiana. She was always eager to get her clothes off and play with her big boobs and pussy in our studio.

Paige started her own website in the early '00s. It didn't last long and has been closed for years. To this day, we get emails and letters asking about her. As we have pointed out for years, appreciate the girls today because tomorrow may be the day when they no longer model and move on to other pursuits.

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Paige Plenty – XLGirl Origins

XLGirl Origins

Paige Plenty described herself as "young, eager and willing to please." That was certainly a very accurate description. Our studio team enjoyed Paige's visits and liked her company. All of us liked watching Paige bounce up and down on the pole.

"I love having sex in front of a camera," said Paige. "It does something to me. It gets me more excited."

Paige was one of the first XL Girls and V-Girls to sport nipple rings. She also makes good use of her tongue-stud. Paige's a quiet girl but was not shy about spreading pussy and eating cock on-camera when she got warmed up.

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