Angel DeLuca – The Office, XL Girls Style

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Jun 242016
The Office, XL Girls Style

"You're hired." That's what your XL Girls camera crew and editors would say to Angel DeLuca immediately if she ever wanted a job at the TSG offices. Now this human resources director has to ask Angel all these questions about qualifications. Qualifications? Is he fucking farsighted? Angel has tons of qualifications. Face, hair, tits, ass, legs, feet. Her assets are ample and staring right at him.

Eventually he falls for Angel's chesty charms and they do the nasty right there on his hiring couch in his office, going over such office procedures as tit-banging, fucking, deep-throating, face-jizzing and more. Now we ask you. If you were hiring and Angel came in for an interview, what would you do?

XLGirls: Angel, what is the most unusual sex position you've ever tried?

Angel: Trying to have sex on a super skinny couch while spooning, the constant feeling of thinking I'm going to fall off the couch and make a fool of myself and then laugh it off. Of course, I would immediately get back up and start fucking again like nothing happened!

XLGirls: Let us ask you, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex or masturbation?

Angel: Not too long. I usually become bitchy if I haven't had it for more than a week.

XLGirls: We don't want that happening, Angel. Keep getting your sex on.

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Angel DeLuca – The Office, XL Girls Style

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Jun 242016
The Office, XL Girls Style

Angel DeLuca is one of the sexiest dishes to appear at XL Girls. She has that mysterious X magic that comes naturally. A sex appeal can't be faked. Her hardcore scenes always have that extra touch of hot lava to jack up the heat level.

The business world is a nine-to-five grind and it chews people up. This scene strips bare the inner-workings of the typical human resources department. We can see why Angel made the most of her abundant assets and became a cam girl and a model instead of working for cold-blooded, corporate motherfuckers.

In all fairness, this HR director couldn't control himself and gets a little too hands-on. Unfortunately, it ends before we find out if Angel got the job or not. We can tell you damned straight we'd hire her the second she walked through the doorway.

XL Girls: So, Angel, what makes you cum the absolute hardest?

Angel: When my clit is being licked just right, getting worked up and dripping wet, then getting tongue fucked.

XL Girls: Cock size. Important or not?

Angel: Not too important. I'm really more concerned if the guy can use it correctly. In other words, make me cum before he does so he can feel my pussy tighten on his cock. That gets me off more!

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Angel DeLuca – Bubbly Angel

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Jun 012016
Bubbly Angel

Angel DeLuca is back and she's brought some bubbly in a bucket plus an ice cube to run along her now 34GG tits. It's a hot date show, the kind that ends with cumming. Undressing and getting naked down to her bare feet, Angel plays with her heavenly hooters and pretty pussy. She cums for you with a sigh of pleasure and tingling clit. We've said from the start that this girl is steaming hot and spank-bank material.

"In the very beginning, when I meet a guy, I want him to not bring up anything sexual unless I do," says Angel. "I like a guy who's a gentleman. Sex on the first date is fine if it feels right and it's what I want. I like erotic foreplay that starts with my body being softly and slowly kissed and caressed before we get to having sex."

A cam-girl, Angel does everything: "Jilling" (masturbation), girl-girls with her wife Sindel, sex with porn studs and threesomes. Her very first XXX outside of her bedroom was with Juan Largo in "Super Sex With An Angel," filmed at XL Girls in 2013.

XLGirls: Angel, what kind of tops do you wear if you're going shopping during the summer?

Angel: Usually shirts that show lots of cleavage because if you have them why hide them?

XLGirls: Do you watch adult videos at home? What kind do you like?

Angel: Mine, while editing!

XLGirls: Do you ever go to strip clubs?

Angel: I've been to a local club and was immediately asked if I was a dancer. I guess my huge tits were a change from the usual girls. I kindly declined and sat down to watch the dancers and get myself a lap dance!

XLGirls: Have you ever been a dancer?

Angel: One time, earlier this year during the 2016 AVN Expo at the Hustler Club.

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Angel DeLuca – Bubbly Angel

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Jun 012016
Bubbly Angel

An Angel flew into XL Girls and she's brought some champagne and an ice cube to rub around her big tits. Then she takes off her tight dress and heels and plays her erotic zones like a finely tuned instrument, making mammary music and finger-strumming her pink pussy, hitting the right notes. Music for a Rubenesque babe to cum by.

"When I'm feeling in a sexy mood, I'll wear no panties and a sexy, tight outfit," says Angel. "But just being myself and not trying to be someone I'm not makes me feel sexy. I think my best physical feature is my legs. Guys might say my boobs or my ass. I do love to show off my boobs so I'll wear low-cut and tight tops.

"I'm very flexible and I have a talent that makes guys and girls go crazy. I love to use ice inside my pussy and I sometimes stuff my panties inside my pussy also." We've seen Angel do that in the models' dressing room.

Angel talks about being a cam-girl in a Bonus video filmed the same day she did her "Bubbly Angel" scene.

XLGirls: Angel, do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Angel: All the time! Adjustments are often necessary and when I'm in public I tend to forget that so I just do what comes naturally; adjust my tits in their faces!

XLGirls: What do you like to do most on a free night?

Angel: Play video games especially Ark Survival Evolved on my Mac at the moment

XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Angel: The Queen of Tease

XLGirls: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?

Angel: Usually a one-piece but I always seem to only find two-piece bathing suits. And whether it's a one or two piece, my tits always just seem to be there.

XLGirls: What do the fans want to see you do the most?

Angel: Suck their dick...or me on top!

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Angel DeLuca – An Angel For Two Fuckers

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Apr 282014
An Angel For Two Fuckers

Angel DeLuca is a beautiful angel in a red dress. She is irresistible. So hot she wants two men to satisfy her. This is Angel's first two-man sex party. After they have made out and the guys have suckled Angel's big boobs, she is undressed. Her curvy body is gorgeous and inspires instant boners. She kneels to suck their cocks and have her tits boffed.

Angel mounts Rubino on the Ottoman. Her pussy slides down his pole in one smooth move. They pump. There is a horny view of Angel's bouncing ass. DeSergio stands on the Ottoman and touches Angel's head. She turns, flicking her hair to the side and he whispers something in her ear. He brings his cock to her mouth and she begins to suck it, hands-free since she is supporting herself with both hands as she and Rubino fuck.

It's DeSergio's turn to get a piece of Angel pie. He lays back and Angel gets on top to fuck him. Rubino feeds her dick while DeSergio and Angel bump away. DeSergio bends forward and lifts Angel up, his cock still inside her. He turns around and places Angel on her back. The men spread her legs wide, exposing her beautiful cunt. Rubino fills her from the side as Angel grips DeSergio's banger and blows him hard and fast.

Angel is a girl who deserves total body worship and her two fuck partners aim to give her the works in this ultra-horny threesome!

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