Bri Love – Breast of XLGirls 2013 Year In Review

Breast of XLGirls 2013 Year In Review

It's been another wild year at XLGirls. And now for a look back at some of the sexy and hot newcomers who have made life so enjoyable. We can't get everyone into this video and photo wrap-up review but they can be assured that we love what they have done and will do in the future and we are very grateful that they chose to become models.

They come in all shapes, all bra-sizes. Some are nude models. Others made the jump into sex after trying nude modeling. Sofia and Gina are established porn queens who XLGirls had been after for some time and we're pleased to finally have them here. Beti Phellasio, Jazlyn Summers, Sofia Rose, Jennica Lynn, Nikky Wilder, Bri Love, Serenity Sinn, Dani Moore, Gina George, Lavina Dream, Antica and Maggie--XLGirls salutes you.

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Bri Love – Getting All Creamy

Getting All Creamy

A shy girl who takes her tits out and bounces them on-camera? Yes, there are such girls and we have the perfect example here, Bri Love from the Lone Star State. Keep in mind that Bri is only 19-years-old with an innocence about her and all of this is new to her. Some of you have ties that old. Bri giggles a lot. Giggling is good because giggling leads to jiggling. Because Bri is bashful, she needs encouragement. Since she reads the comments about her, a few supportive messages would keep her in a bouncing mood.

After shaking her heavy hooters around our workshop, Bri takes a can of whipped cream, shakes it good and makes a sundae out of her 40DDD cones. She licks off the gooey white stuff and gets nearly every drop. Her body shines from her tongue juices. She needs two hands to hold one breast. Since Bri is only 19-years-old, we believe her boobs will continue to grow. We certainly hope so. She may not outgrow her shyness. That'll be just fine. An XLGirl can play with her jugs and pussy and be bashful too.

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Bri Love – Young Rack

Young Rack

Bri Love is one of XLGirls' latest young cuties. Bri's never modeled before and she's taken to it very well. She's here to wind us up and turn us on. Let's talk sex with Bri because she's planning to show us how she likes it on-camera.

"I like a man to dominate me and control me," Bri confesses. "I like sucking cock. It gets me wet to feel and taste a man in my mouth. I swallow most of the time unless he cums on my boobs or inside me."
"I really don't have sex all that often, maybe once a month. My favorite positions are doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I have a fantasy about having sex in public but I've never done. I'd like to one day. I usually have sex just at home in my bedroom."

"I don't have any fetishes. At least I don't think I do. I have met people who are into leather and things like that. People look at me and don't think that I would be interested in kinky things. I do like to have my ass licked. I like to masturbate if I'm making out with someone."

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Bri Love – Quick Change Artist

Quick Change Artist

Bri Love made her debut with an introductory video and pictorial. In this Bonus video, Bri tells us about going out to concerts with her friends, and then she shows us what she might wear to the dance clubs on any given night.

Holy bra-poppers, boobman! Check out the tiny coed-skirt and tight blouse Bri decorates her yummy body with! The good-girl-playing-bad look. After she takes her outfit off, Bri dances so we can see what her moves are like on the dance floor.

Bri is the shyest girl to ever walk into the XLGirls studio and show off her sweet stuff. She has never modeled before and, no, "selfies" at home don't count. Bri's timid yet bodacious, a very unusual combination. The ultimate girl-next-door? You tell Bri and us what you think. She reads the boards here.

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Bri Love – Meet Bri Love

Meet Bri Love

This introduction to newcomer Bri Love is not like anything you may have seen before. She is a total amateur and has never posed before nor is she a dancer. Bri may be the shyest girl to pose for XLGirls in nearly 13 years. She giggles and laughs in a way that can only be described as bashful and 100% girl-next-door.

A real cutie-pie, Bri is from Texas where everything is big and that includes tits and ass. She is super-shy and you wouldn't think she would decide to become a model yet she did. Every one of her answers to our cameraman's questions are prefaced or ended by a giggle and a smile and by touching her hair.

When Bri slowly drops the straps of her tank top and her bra with his encouragement and shows her huge love-pillows, and then gets totally naked, try not to go berserk. Because there is a distinct possibility that might happen.

As Bri sheds each article of clothing to get totally bare, she seems to actually get more comfortable. Our director has Bri stretch out on the bed and masturbate, like she does at home. As her rhythm builds up, her fingers dance across her clit until she explodes and cries out. And then Bri looks up at the camera and giggles again. She is very photogenic, a real natural.

Prepare to fall in lust with this sweet young thing, the most bashful girl to ever walk into our studio.

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