Aimee Jackson – Ass-tonishing Aimee

Ass-tonishing Aimee

Aimee Jackson says it feels good to stick a toy, butt plug or finger inside her sweet ass. And that's what she's gonna do for her pleasure and yours. After she faps her pussy and massages her big boobs. Sharing these intimate spanking moments is certainly caring. The babes at XL Girls are out to please.

"I love cumming while I am getting fucked in my ass. Best orgasm ever. I am a butt slut. I love anal sex, fingering and licking."

"Guys don't come on to me with pick-up lines. They don't pull that stuff with me. Actually I think I intimidate them. Sexually, I am over-assertive."

"I get a lot of attention. I find it fun, actually. If I catch guys, women too, staring too long, I will take my closed fist and go under my boob and intentionally bounce it at them. Usually the right boob. Most of my friends greet me not by a handshake or a hug but a light tit slap. It's hard to hide these puppies.

"I live in a climate that allows me to wear tank tops almost year round. I am always in a low-cut-shirt and my boobs are usually falling out of the top or bottom. I'm always adjusting them! That's why I wear a bra when I am in public. They are hazardous to others if not properly contained. I am always braless at home and I sleep nude."

Hazardous? Never! Thanks for the hot show, Aimee.

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Aimee Jackson – Ass-tonishing Aimee

Ass-tonishing Aimee

Aimee Jackson. Newcomer to XL Girls. Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Sexually liberated. Loves anal pleasure. Loves to suck and squeeze her big tits.

Some info-bytes about Aimee from Aimee:

"I was the bustiest girl in school. No one came close. I played basketball, volleyball and skateboarded. I don't really workout. I consider giving a massage a workout."

"I love music. I mostly listen to rock and metal like Pantera, Metallica and Chimera. I enjoy my oldies too. In my spare time, I like to go shooting, camping and 4-wheeling. I am a country girl at heart. I love anything outdoors. I enjoy watching horror and thriller movies and hanging out with my Golden Retriever."

"I love masturbating. I think I am addicted to it. I can masturbate anywhere. In my car, in dressing rooms. My two fingers rule. My next favorite is in the shower. I have a detachable shower head. I also fuck cucumbers. They are great, cheap sex toys. I've masturbated in tanning booths. It's just naughty. No one else knows I'm doing it. It's just me. They play the music pretty loud so I can get away with it."

Aimee faps it good and finishes herself off to cum-town by plugging her butthole.

Aimee Jackson: made for XL Girls.

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Aimee Jackson – I Will Be A Butt Slut Forever

I Will Be A Butt Slut Forever

Why do we love Aimee Jackson? Let us count the ways.

First, there's the bright, warm smile that will make you fall in love and could melt the ice caps.

"It's funny, I actually think my eyes and smile are my best features, but obviously guys always say something else," Aimee told us, pointing towards her 34H-cup boobs.

Well, you can't blame us, Aimee. Your boobs are heavy, perky and damn near perfect. Working our way down her body as we count the reasons we love her, there's no way we can avoid mentioning her boobs. Those are the assets that have separated her from other girls her whole life.

"Oh, I was always the bustiest girl in school," she said. "By far. No other girl was close. The attention I get from both men and women is pretty fun. Girls ask to touch them all the time because they don't think they could possibly be real. I almost always let them."

The third reason we love Aimee is because of her curvy, Coke bottle figure. Even when fully dressed, she makes us feel thirsty, and it only gets better when she peels off her clothes.

"I'm probably a bit of a shop-o-holic," Aimee added. "It's a bit of a problem. I'm a girly-girl, and I like to look cute. And with boobs, curves and a plump rump, it almost wouldn't be fair to not wear things that accentuate that."

It wouldn't be. Especially with that plump rump of hers. We think a plump rump is often the thing that goes unnoticed with busty, curvy girls. And Aimee certainly does love hers. She has something of an ass fetish, and loves her own ass and other girls' asses. A self-described "butt slut," anal play is this Kansas City babe's favorite pastime. And this is the fourth reason we love her.

"Honestly, sometimes I think I like being fucked in my ass more than my pussy," she said. "I love having my ass eaten out, too. I have toys that I use exclusively on my ass. I'll always be a butt slut."

That's Aimee. Our favorite little butt slut.

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Aimee Jackson – I Will Be A Butt Slut Forever

I Will Be A Butt Slut Forever

"I wish your big cock was here right now for me," Aimee Jackson says as this scene opens. "I'm so horny and I want it deep inside me. I want your cock in my ass now. I want you to fuck my ass."

We don't care who you are, if a girl--especially one who looks like Aimee--begs you to fuck her ass, you drop everything, pick up your cock and do it. It's still surprising to us at times how freaky and addicted to anal sex she is. If we googled "girl-next-door," we're pretty sure a pic of Aimee would be among the top results. But she's a nympho, too. One of the biggest you'll ever meet, and seemingly turned on by even the slightest sexual reference.

Her nipples are already fully-erect when she pulls off her top and bra.

"I want your cock right now," Aimee says. "I'm so fucking hot. My nipples are so hard. I want your cock right here between my tits."

Aimee takes off her jeans and begins to stroke her pussy. Slowly at first, then she picks up the pace. Aimee's pussy juices are dripping onto the black sofa she's laying on, and she slides her right arm under herself to finger her asshole while she strokes her cunt.

"Right here," she says. "I want that big cock right here."

Stroking her clit and fucking her ass, Aimee quickly pushes herself to an orgasm.

"Oh, it's so sensitive now," she says stroking her erect clit as she comes down from her climax. "You want me to cum again?"

We could watch you do this all day, Aimee. She begins fucking herself even harder while still stroking her pussy. Her moans grow louder and louder and soon, she's cumming once more. Finally, she pulls her fingers out of her ass and sticks them into her pussy, which is now dripping wet, then pulls them out and rubs her juices all over her tits.

"Oh, I love when you fuck my ass," she says. "I love when you cum inside of it."

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Aimee Jackson – Aimee’s Oily Bod

Aimee's Oily Bod

They say if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Aimee Jackson, a massage therapist who sports 34H holy hangers, is clearly doing what she loves. She believes that a good massage will cure all that ails you.

"A good massage will just make you melt," she says. "It relieves stress. It helps you sleep better, you'll have a better sex life. I think that's a big plus."

Sex and massages are Aimee's two favorite things. And with her looks and skills, we're sure both those activities always lead to happy endings. With a bit of baby oil, Aimee uses her own luscious naturals to demonstrate some of her best stress-relieving massage techniques. We expect loads of happy endings worldwide once the Brotherhood of XL Men get done with this vid.

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