Aug 272015
Bedtime Playtime

Two-time V-mag Model of the Year winner and star of four XL Girls feature DVDs (K-JUGS and All The Way Renee are fan favorites), the great Renee Ross is back and she's made her bed sheet into a tent to play hide and peek. Join Renee and see what games she has in mind in her little hideaway.

XLGirls: Other than at our studio, have you ever met anyone with boobs as big as yours?
Renee: No, I don't think so. Every time I see a big-boobed girl, I try to tell them about modeling for XLGirls and SCORELAND.

XLGirls: Do they ever do it?
Renee: Yeah. I tell them they need to go shoot. I think I've recruited three girls over the years.

XLGirls: So do you actually walk around with pictures of yourself?
Renee: Yeah, I have them on my phone. I have a whole file.

XLGirls: What kind of reactions do you get?
Renee: They usually say, "That's not you!" They usually don't believe me until I tell them to look at my tattoos and boobs.

XLGirls: Are you still living in Virginia?
Renee: Yes, I am. And I'm still a nurse.

XLGirls: Nurse seems to be the most common profession for our models.
Renee: It's because nurses are freaks.

XLGirls: Is that true?
Renee: Oh, it's a known fact. Nurses are freaks. That's all there is to it. I've never met a nurse that wasn't a freak.

XLGirls: Why is that?
Renee: I think we're more comfortable with our bodies and the idea of being naked. I'm totally guessing, though. All you need to know is that we're freaks.

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Aug 272015
Bedtime Playtime

Renee Ross has made a little hideaway under the bed sheet and you're invited. She's not going to bring a flashlight and read comic books in her makeshift tent. Take a look inside and pitch your own tent. Renee likes that.

A man could not have a better sex buddy than Renee Ross. She has a very healthy appetite for bedroom action. You've seen this in her movies such as K-JUGS.

XLGirls: Have you ever watched yourself have sex on camera?
Renee: Yes, but not for long. I can watch it alone, but I can't watch it if there are too many people around. I'm kind of shy like that.

XLGirls: Have you ever gotten off while watching yourself have sex on-camera?
Renee: I don't think so. I have watched it while having sex.

XLGirls: So you've watched yourself having sex while having sex? How did that happen?
Renee: I was with a guy, and I asked him if he wanted to watch a little porn. He said yes, so I popped it in. And the guy was surprised because he wasn't expecting me.

XLGirls: So he didn't expect to see you having sex on-camera, or he didn't know you had done it before?
Renee: He knew I had done it, but he wasn't expecting me to turn on the DVD.

XLGirls: That must be kind of weird for a guy.
Renee: I don't think he cared. I guess he could get a bit intimidated because you're the one that's on TV and think about you being a porn star. I'll tell them not to think about it and just fuck me.

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Jul 162015
Best In Bust

Renee Ross isn't just a sexy girl. And we don't say that to undermine how sexy she is--she's scorching. But one of the best things about Renee is that she's a guy's girl. She is the type of babe who will kick back at a sports bar with an ice-cold beer and watch the game with you. If she were your girlfriend, she's the type you wouldn't mind hanging out with you and your buddies.

"I've always been a sporty girl," Renee said. "I was on the softball team in high school and I was a cheerleader, too. And I love watching football and baseball. I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan."

And if you were watching the game with Renee, she would definitely be wearing something skimpy. You know one of those low-cut tops that would draw your attention away from the game and onto her J-cup naturals.

"I'm always in low-cut tops," she said. "With boobs as big as mine, I can't really help it. Everything but turtlenecks are low-cut tops for me."

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Jul 162015
Best In Bust

Though you couldn't tell from her sweet demeanor, Renee is a pretty competitive girl. She played softball in high school and never lost that spirit. Today, Renee is enjoying an exciting game of foosball; a game that is typically very lighthearted. But even through her giggles, you can see that she really wants to win. She'll even go as far as using her ample assets to distract the competition.

"I know you love watching my titties bounce when I play foosball," Renee teases.

Oh, this just isn't fair at all, Renee. We're going to throw in the towel on this game as long as Renee promises to pull off her top. And because we know Renee very well by now, we know she will.

"This top is so tight, it has to come off," Renee says.

Atta girl! We'll take a loss in a spirited game of foosball if it means gawking at a pair of bouncing J-cup naturals any day of the week.

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Jun 112015
Back & Better Than Ever

It's always big news when a TSG model returns to the fold. Diane Poppos. Valory Irene. Angela White. Natalie Fiore.

And now, one of XL Girls' and V-mag's most popular dreamgirls and a two-time Model of the Year winner returns, Renee Ross! It seems like we dreamt the whole thing but it's real. Renee is back. She looks beautiful.

In this pictorial and matching video, we give Renee the Miami experience: sun, a tropical setting and a swimming pool. And we wanted to see her lush body in a bikini and her huge tits dripping with water.

"I'm actually kind of nervous," Renee said in an exclusive video interview showing at XL Girls along with her bikini video. "I don't know why. I'm not sure. Maybe because it's been so long. I'm excited to be back, though. I've missed everyone. I especially missed the fans. I always try to read the comments. They're so sweet and make me feel so good."

Welcome back the great Renee Ross!

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