Madi Jane – Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

Libra, Madi Jane, Peaches and Ivy have enjoyed Miss Shugar's school and her instruction about their bodies, their tits, blowjobs and more. Talking during a break, the girls speak their minds, and what's on their minds is getting fucked by a couple of stiff-poled boobhounds. In the 5th and final chapter of Big Girl Sex School, the girls end their week with a bang! Miss Shugar is busy elsewhere so the girls target Shugar's two school-studs. If they threw themselves any harder at her two men, the girls would have whiplash. The closing fuck-orgy with the four girls, so eager to get their pussies stuffed, and two born-erect dudes really raises the roof and ranks as one of XLGirls' horniest, most pounding moments ever. The way the girls lovingly feast on the cock (two girls per man: one on balls, one on cock) and the way they fuck and talk dirty in a very natural, spontaneous way should have earned them awards instead of the awards going to the overscripted, overacted movies that Pornywood cranks out. Bravo, girls!

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