Chat With Carla4Garda

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May 312018
Chat With Carla4Garda

Carla4Garda has a backstage chat with her photographer. In her hands, a giant cock-toy. She demonstrates how she likes to suck cock. She also shows how she likes to lactate on cock.

Carla4Garda is from Galway, Ireland. She's horny for policemen. The police force of the Republic of Ireland are called Garda (plural: Gardai). That's why her name is Carla4Garda.

"I find them so sexy. I've had sexual encounters with 41 Guards now in total," Carla4Garda said.

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Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Show

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Feb 152018
Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Show

The charming Alice85JJ chats with the photographer about her interests and hobbies. They switch to a self-measuring, first over her bra and tank top, then topless. After that, Alice tries on some bras. The bra she wears before she tries on the others is a perfect fit.

The next one is ridiculously small. The one after that is an improvement but not by much. Watch how she puts on these bras. She has a different approach to putting them on.

Alice85JJ doesn't go to the beach because she likes to keep her skin pale white. As far as swimsuits, she prefers the standard one-piece.

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Gee, What A Busty Girl You Are

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Oct 122017
Gee, What A Busty Girl You Are

Georgina Gee and our photographer have a tit chat in the countryside in this bonus video. Georgina is seriously wreaking havoc on that tight tank-top, something all busty girls should own by the dozen. The English rose is wearing glasses (she wore them in her interview with Jem Stone) and that gives Georgina a different kind of sexy appearance.

XL Girls: When you give blow jobs, do you spit or swallow?

Georgina: I swallow or I spit on my boobs and rub it in.

XL Girls: You said you've had sex with other girls.

Georgina: Yes. Multiple times.

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How Mahogany Masters Gets Her Bra On

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Oct 052017
How Mahogany Masters Gets Her Bra On

Soft-spoken Mahogany Masters chats for a few minutes with the XL Girls studio manager. The conversation gets around to her 42K-cup bras. They are gigantic. She hands Mahogany one of her pink bras and requests to see her put it on by a full-length mirror. The mirror lets us see that Mahogany has quite a booty also. This bra has five hooks for obvious reasons. After we study Mahogany's way of hooking on her bra, we get to see how Mahogany puts it through very rigorous testing. There's lots of bouncing going on in this very educational bonus video. Mahogany Masters will make you lose your mind.

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