Kris Kelly Chat

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Mar 072023
Kris Kelly Chat

Kris Kelly's first day at The SCORE Group was on Halloween, and she joined the staff, many of them in costume, for a group Halloween brunch. If Kris thought we were out of our minds, she kept it to herself and doesn't mention it in this get-to-know-her video chat.

Kris worked for a company that sells adult novelties, shoes, lingerie, BDSM name it. The 38DDD-cup brunette is witty and sharp. She has the goods to be a stand-up comedienne, although it's better and hotter that she became a birthday suit model. Unlike your average comedy club performers, here at XLGirls, Kris can take out her big boobs while she talks about cock cages, riding crops and other items she sells.

Kris knows the effect that mams have on men so she goes for tops that show off her goods. Here, she sports big cleavage in a low-cut top. Thank god for women like this. She explains how she likes her tits and nipples played with. She talks about oral sex--giving and receiving. Nibbling? A lot. Motorboating? Not so much. Fucking? A lot.

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Chat Time With Yola Flimes

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May 212020
Chat Time With Yola Flimes

Yola chats with one of our photographers with an assist from a translator. The charming, giggly redhead talks about how she likes to dress, how she likes to play with her body, her tattoos and being a model on webcam. They also ask Yola about her very long hair. She's a natural ginger. Yes, the collars match the cuffs.

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Tit Chat With Diana Eisley

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Apr 102020
Tit Chat With Diana Eisley

Voluptuous magazine editor Dave chats with young, sweet, curvy, hot, cute, sexy, horny and busty Diana Eisley.

"I was working at a restaurant as a hostess/waitress. I usually wear my uniform, but that day, I was wearing a tank top. I had no laundry done, so I had to come in wearing a tank top that day. I was serving a man just like any other customer, and after he finished eating, he approached me at the counter and told me he was a recruiter for a modeling company. He didn't tell me specifics on what it was, but he told me he would like to exchange numbers and keep in contact and see if he can get me any jobs. We exchanged numbers.

"I went home. At first I thought it was fake, like a scam or something, but I decided, 'You know what? I've done nothing for the last year since moving here. Let's try something new.' He told me that there's a company that likes working with girls with very curvy body types, and he told me about you guys, The SCORE Group."

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Tit Chat With Lola Paradise

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Mar 122020
Tit Chat With Lola Paradise

Lola Paradise tells us about herself and how she came to The SCORE Group. Her husband is a fan of SCORELAND and XL Girls. It took Lola about a year to decide if she wanted to model and send some photos from home for consideration.

Lola is big-breasted and proud and enjoys being a busty woman. She could have stayed her husband's secret treasure, like many voluptuously-endowed wives.

Lola says that her favorite model is Bridgette B. because she likes girls with the blonde Barbie doll look. Lola likes wearing tight, low-cut tops to show off her deep cleavage. Big tits are a family trait.

Lola's magazine debut is scheduled for Voluptuous Volume 27 Number 3 (on-sale May 26).

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Tit Chat With Tessa Orlov

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Nov 212019
Tit Chat With Tessa Orlov

Tessa Orlov laughed a lot during this chat. We've added English captions to her Russian language interview.

Before becoming a model for XL Girls, the first time she's ever done anything like this, Tessa was an ice cream seller. "I did well because I have big breasts," Tessa laughed.

When she was growing up, Tessa was worried that she would have small boobs. Mother Nature took care of that. Her big tits make her happy. Her big tits make us happy.

"I love the attention I get. It's very pleasant."

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