Mona West: New Girl

Hello out there! I'm the new girl, I am looking forwards to having sexually explicit fun with You. I am easy to talk to and very open-minded! I love to put things in my mouth, sweeter the better! I also love to suck cock and eat ass, and I don't fiddle-fuck with it, I go all the way to the hilt! Id stuff your balls in my mouth too if there's any room! I am three hole certified and I have very few morals; in fact, just leave them at the door. I want you to give me your lust, take it out on me & inside of me--I'm kinky and fun and I have no safe word. I want to feel your pleasures and feel your pain. I am into role-playing, role-reverse, and want to try double penetration--it looks intoxicating! I have toys of plenty, but you got to come and play with me to see what all is in my toy box. My fantasy is to have a threesome with two bisexual men and my strap-on. I call it the recycle-reduce-reuse fantasy! We can all be the meat in the middle--no hole left unfucked! I've also always wanted to fuck a work crew on their site, I'm equipped to take on 3 cocks at a single time! I am still learning about my sexuality and I fantasize more than I've experienced. Want to parlay and show me what all that I'm missing? Looking forwards to playing with you--Have Fun and Keep It Deep!! oxxxo

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