Antica – Interview With Antica

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Feb 182014
Interview With Antica

Antica is interviewed by her make-up stylist before she begins today's photo shoot for XLGirls. Since Antica does not speak English, we have provided subtitles. Does the beautiful 23-year-old blonde dress like this during an average day, her huge 38G tits sticking out what seems like twelve inches ahead of her chest? No, and maybe that's a good thing. Antica addresses this topic and answers several questions in her first on-camera chat. What a babe! Woof!

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Antica – Arctic Nights

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Jan 292014
Arctic Nights

We see very big things ahead of huge-chested Antica so we asked the sexy blonde back to make her third appearance at XLGirls in a new pictorial and matching video. Fortunately, she was all for it. This time, our photographer found a cool, funky, unusual location that looks like Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

As mentioned before, Antica was discovered by sheer happenstance. Our man was exiting his apartment building when he saw her. Instead of gawking and seeing her pass by, he handed her his card and after some hesitation, Antica decided to give it a go.

Antica was a vendor in a grocery store selling wine and liquor. Nice job, but she is so much better-suited to showing off her ripe, robust body than working in a store.

Antica said she began developing at the age of 16 and was already a D-cup at that time. Her breasts began to really sprout when she was 17. Now at 23 years old, she is a 38G! Yet Antica says she was not the bustiest girl in school!

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Antica – Arctic Nights

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Jan 292014
Arctic Nights

Beautiful Antica has 38G-cup boobs that can only be described as super-whoppers. Finding bras that fit her must be a labor-intensive project.

Antica doesn't speak English but we are able to translate her comments. She says she doesn't dress to attract attention and is a low-key girl. "Yet, somehow, your photographer saw me and began to speak to me," says Antica. "At first, I was going to walk away, but then I felt he looked like a trustworthy person and my instinct was correct. I do not like superfluous attention to my breasts so usually I dress very shy. I was shy in my first shootings but now I feel more comfortable and relaxed."

"What can I say about myself? I like to play piano and ice skate. I am not interested in fetishes and I do not masturbate regularly. I have sex maybe once a week and I enjoy cunnilingus. I have the kind of sexual fantasies that are standard for most women; anything with a lovely man. I like to go on dates that are not ordinary; I like to do spontaneous things when I am on a date."

Will Antica continue to model? We sure hope so. Only time will tell.

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Antica – Breast of XLGirls 2013 Year In Review

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Dec 312013
Breast of XLGirls 2013 Year In Review

It's been another wild year at XLGirls. And now for a look back at some of the sexy and hot newcomers who have made life so enjoyable. We can't get everyone into this video and photo wrap-up review but they can be assured that we love what they have done and will do in the future and we are very grateful that they chose to become models.

They come in all shapes, all bra-sizes. Some are nude models. Others made the jump into sex after trying nude modeling. Sofia and Gina are established porn queens who XLGirls had been after for some time and we're pleased to finally have them here. Beti Phellasio, Jazlyn Summers, Sofia Rose, Jennica Lynn, Nikky Wilder, Bri Love, Serenity Sinn, Dani Moore, Gina George, Lavina Dream, Antica and Maggie--XLGirls salutes you.

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Antica – Jiggle Belle

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Dec 262013
Jiggle Belle

This holiday season, we couldn't be happier to give you the gift that keeps on giving. Luscious cups and bust. The lovely Antica has these assets in spades, and she couldn't be happier to flaunt her 38G-cuppers for you.

Decked out in a tight, red dress, Antica struts her stuff before unveiling her heavy boobs. This bra show is the perfect tease. Her naughty dancing leaves us craving all of her curves, and her breasts stretching each bra is among a boob-lover's favorite sights. Yeah, she's a bit naughty, but we know Santa won't be leaving any coal in her stocking.

"I can be a little shy at times," Antica said. "But I can also be very assertive. It depends on the man I'm with. I do like when a man takes control."

She's a classy gal, too. Antica enjoys dinner by candlelight, but if you can take her on an adventure that would be even better.

"I love to be with a lovely man," she said. "I enjoy doing things with them that are unintended and not ordinary. Make things exciting for me."

Antica is the one making things exciting for us. And we can't wait to see more of her.

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