Jazlyn Summers – C’mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

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Sep 202013
C'mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

When last we saw and jacked to lively, spunky and rambunctious Jazlyn Summers, she was getting duked by a stiff cock inside a strip club in a wild display of shaking tits and ass. Well, you can take the cock out of the girl but she'll want it back in again and that's what happens here, this time inside a bedroom.

Wearing only a bra and panties, Jazlyn shakes 'em for a new fuck friend and gives him his own titty show. You can take the girl out of the strip club but you can't take the strip club out of the girl. She shakes 'em hard and fast in a bra that's ready to fall off. She moves in very close and almost pummels his face with her swinging globes. If she had, he wouldn't have complained anyway.

Jazlyn likes to tease a guy first and create a build-up before she puts out for him. She loves to talk dirty and encourage cock stiffening with her bad-girl verbal skills. No one cums away disappointed. Jazlyn steps back and sits on the corner of the bed to keep shaking and bouncing and teasing. He dives over and gets pummeled again by her big swinging boom-booms.

Jazlyn turns around and sticks her ass in the air so he can pull down her panties, play with her ass and finger-bang her pussy. Put one finger inside this girl's sugar-box and she wants to get on her knees and blow you. She sucks with gusto, looking at the camera at times and making contented "mmmm" sounds, sucking hands-free.

Jazlyn gets on her back in bed so Juan can drive his skin bus between her large mountain peaks. This gal really likes to get breast-boffed. She sucks lustily on the head of his cock while she's getting tit-fucked.

Do XLGirls like to fuck harder and rougher than other girls? This is a tough question and not easy to answer. The way Jazlyn loves to fuck, hard and frantic, the answer is leaning to a yes. Juan really slam-bams into her with an opening doggie pumping and Jazlyn looks like she could take the cock even harder! This southern charmer is a wild one.

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Jazlyn Summers – C’mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

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Sep 202013
C'mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

Jazlyn Summers is a wild one and she proved it in her first XLGirls.com scene which took place in a strip club. It was the first time she had sex on-camera. You don't see too many ultra-voluptuous girls dancing in strip clubs. This country needs more fleshy big girl strip clubs!

Jazlyn continues her wilding in "C'mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!" It kinda picks up where the last one ended. This time, Jazlyn is in a bedroom but she's still shaking her huge tatas up-close and personal for an audience of one who's eager to fill her pussy and mouth with hard cock in a horny fuck session. This gal really is hot-wired for sex. She said she likes to fuck twice a day and loves it doggie-style.

Jazlyn has great tan-lined tits and big areolae. Guys love sucking on them. Her pussy lips are thick and prominent. When we first met and talked to her in a video interview, she told us she was a virgin to porn. (If you haven't see that naked T&A chat video, we highly recommend it.) But you'd never know the way she takes care of cock on-camera. She watches lots of porn. She has lots of toys. She loves cum and has a cum fetish. "Anywhere on me and I love the taste," says Jazlyn. "I've even swapped cum with a woman."

This girl knows it all although she says she doesn't know all the words, slang and expressions for different sex acts. She must fuck a lot back home in South Carolina because she's hotter than a lot of veteran porn stars. In other words, she's a natural. Jazlyn really rocks!

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Jazlyn Summers – XL Anal Strip Club

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May 312013
XL Anal Strip Club

What makes southern girls so bad? So bad as in so good and so horny.

Some girls are all talk and no action. Some girls are all action and no talk. Jazlyn Summers is all action and a nice amount of talk. Dirty talk. The kind of talk that pours out of a horny girl's mouth when she's being filled with a hard dick. If you saw Jazlyn's video interview, it's obvious that this flirty Carolina cutie loves to fuck. Nothing could be finer than to bang a Carolina vagina in the morning.

Too bad there are no real clubs like the XL Anal Strip Club. To make up for this deficiency, we created one just for XL Girls. There's never a cover...on a pair of big boobs. The girls are horny and drive the customers crazy. This is what happens to one dude who comes in for a night's worth of mentertainment and discovers that more goes on here than he could have guessed. A lot more!

In this strip club, big-boobed lap dancer Jazlyn Summers grinds her thick butt into your groin while you finger and suck her nipples.

In this strip club, Jazlyn swallows your zipper-pipe and creates her own kind of skin-flute music. The girl is enraptured by the power of the prick. What a mouth!

In this strip club, Jazlyn pleads for a filling fuck in her paradise of a pink pussy and in her tight, brown-eyed winky. Ass-sex drives her as crazy as she drives her men crazy. And that's a good thing.

Jazlyn said in her interview that she's a cum worshipper. Girls from Carolina don't lie.

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Jazlyn Summers – XL Anal Strip Club

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May 302013
XL Anal Strip Club

This customer at the XL Anal Strip Club doesn't need to go anywhere else. Everything he needs, he's going to get right here. Blonde Carolina honey Jazlyn Summers is the main attraction at this stripping emporium. Here, a man can get the ultimate in huge-chested entertainment. The bouncers look the other way.

Jazlyn approaches him and offers him a lap dance. The best lap dance he'll ever get in his life. She lowers her top so he can suck on the big whoppers of this thickalicious goddess. Now he's hooked and hooked bad.

Jazlyn's only starting to weave her magic on his tool. She sits on his lap, grinds her meaty buttcheeks into his crotch and scissors her strong thighs. His fingers dance on her exposed nipples, making her pointers tingle with pleasure.

Jazlyn sits on the edge of the stage so he can stand up and drop his drawers. She immediately takes his schlang in hand and begins to give him real lip service. This is a girl who savors making mouth love to hard dick. When she has sucked to her desire, she holds her big tits together to create a boob pussy for his cock.

A torrent of rawness pours out of Jazlyn's mouth while he's banging her jugs. "Put your cock inside my breasts, baby. Fuck my tits, baby. Fuck them titties. Fuck my face, baby. Pull my hair, baby." Music to a man's ears.

Jazlyn looks up with a pleading expression. "I want you to fuck my pussy and ass so bad. Will you do it, baby?" He goes back to his chair so Jazlyn can sit on his pole and take every inch. It's a tight fit but Jazlyn's cunt is so wet, it slides right up her tunnel of pink pleasure. She begins bouncing hard, her tits moving in cadence with her pole riding. Jazlyn likes it fast and furious with her hard-cock daddies.

Jazlyn's not done with her share of man-missile just yet. She loves it in her asshole and she wants it now. What Jazlyn wants, Jazlyn should always get. At XL Anal Strip Club, ass-fucking is a time-honored tradition. When you fuck Jazlyn's ass, you're fucking with the best!

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Jazlyn Summers – Tit Talk

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May 292013
Tit Talk

Boys, we have a live one in new discovery Jazlyn Summers and the questions that come to mind are, where's this one been hiding and how come we didn't find her earlier? Whatever the reasons, Jazlyn's here and she's hot, fresh and ready to go.

So we'll forgo those questions and focus on the here and now in this exclusive video interview with Jazlyn. She's a Carolina babe and things get epic when Jazlyn shakes her butt at the camera and pops her bra to thrust her tits out at 3:50. And then gets epic again at 8:26 when Jazylyn pulls her large pussy lips and reveals her pink sweet spot for your inspection.

The Carolina girls we've been lucky to encounter are great fun-lovers. The legendary SCORE Girl Dawn Stone is from North Carolina. Jazlyn reminds us of another Carolina SCORE babe, Tiny Nicky Tease, and even looks a little like Nicky.

Once you've gotten to know Jazlyn through this tit chat, you'll be primed to see how wild she can get in her first XLGirls.com scene. And trust us, Jazlyn's got so much heat that if she sat on an iceberg, she'd go right through it.

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