Twilight Starr – Bone My Big Round Butt

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Feb 222016
Bone My Big Round Butt

As our video starring Twilight Starr opens, the Bay Area plumper performs a jiggly, ass-bouncing go-go dance, bouncing her big 38G flesh pillows. Her dancing alone is horny. Twilight waits on the couch for the dick who is running a few minutes late.

Twilight rubs her big jugs and meaty pussy to warm them up. When Shaggy arrives, he makes a nosedive right for Twilight's tits, skipping the usual chat in favor of a Twilight blow job that's wet, messy and deep with slurping sounds that only make a man's bone grow harder.

Twilight jumps on the cock, leaving her fuck-me stripper heels on the whole time as she bounces and rides on his bloated one-eyed snake, screaming all the way to cum-town. This is one horny plumper who loves fucking, has fun, and she lets you know it. What a dirty good girl!

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Twilight Starr – Bone My Big Round Butt

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Feb 222016
Bone My Big Round Butt

California plumper Twilight Starr was eager and ready to let this dude Shaggy shag her tight butthole. She screams her head off as he rams her rounded rump. Twilight is a horny girl who "likes cocky guys that are cute, successful and drive fast cars." Shaggy does not fit this description but gets to screw Twilight anyway. She says the worst thing a guy can say is "You remind me of an ex-girlfriend." That's something to never say to any girl.

Twilight said that the first time she got fucked, it was not a fun thing for her. "It was long, hard and terrible. It made me not want to do it again," she laughed. Later fuck buddies improved her taste for sex. So much so that Twilight decided to become a porn star. It was a case of bad cock, good cock. We're happy that things worked out for the end.

"The only time I masturbate is when I am on webcam. But before that it was every night," said Twilight. "I love getting head. That makes me cum best." Shaggy takes the time to lick Twilight's cunt which was very gentlemanly.

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Twilight Starr – Bringing Up The Rear

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Sep 242013
Bringing Up The Rear

From the shyness of newcomer Bri Love to the raw heat of well-known and well-rounded sexual-tornado Twilight Starr may be a leap yet chubby charmers of all personalities and experiences are welcome here.

Twilight is one of those unstoppable forces of nature. She's a wild child and no hole is ever left unfilled. She always looks at you with an inviting and smiling expression. While she is best known for her raunchy anal-sex shows, and can take big cock in her ass, Twilight could pop a lot of nuts just fucking around in a one-on-one solo video, just Twilight and you.

Here Twilight shows us what her nasty-girl, pound-me poses are without a guy getting in the way. She even begins this show by letting us see how she prepares her butthole for cock with one of her anal toys. After pulling the ass-stretcher out slowly, she spreads her legs wide to finger-fuck her meaty taco and doesn't neglect those fat tits either.

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Twilight Starr – It’s Twilight Time

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Aug 062013
It's Twilight Time

It's been over a year since Twilight Starr visited XLGirls and enjoyed a romp in the rump. What has she been up to since then? Living la vida horny and now bringing her 46 inch whoppers back to the big show! Always a pleasure.

"It was yet another fun time shooting for The SCORE Group," says Twilight about this new visit. She's back for wet snatch spanking and fingering, tit-play and hardcore fucking action. A hot beef injection in both holes is upcoming!

As you can tell in these photos, Twilight turns a lot of heads when she goes out. She knows how to dress and show off her phat knockers. "These boobs are crazy. I make sure they sit up and get attention no matter what!"

What kind of dates does Twilight go on? "I go on pity dates because I don't have a real boyfriend," Twilight replies. Now she's pulling our chains because it's obvious she has to beat off T&A men with a baseball bat.

And when it comes to beating off, Twilight does masturbate when a man's not at hand but she adds, "Yes, but it's over too fast and then I'm pissed, so not too much. I try to get fucked every chance I get. One time I brought a guy home from a club and screwed him for two days straight. We never left the house. What can I say, I love cock. I love jacking guys off with my big tits."

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