Denise Davies – Denise Davies Jackumentary

Denise Davies Jackumentary

British boobstar Denise Davies gets the spotlight in a Jackumentary overview of her shoots at TSG in both England and the States, including her pregnant shoots.

"My nipples always go hard. Always. I always play with my boobs and masturbate. It's fun. It's almost better than full-on sex sometimes. I mean, sometimes I'll be at home alone, and I'll just start playing with my tits and sucking on them. That's why I can survive without men, you see, because I can play with my own boobs. I can shove dildos up me, too. I definitely prefer a real cock, but if one's not available, I can make do with a dildo. I can get on all fours, put a dildo in my pussy and clench my pussy muscles so they'll just hold it there for, like, two minutes. I have very strong pussy muscles."

Denise and her unbelievably huge tits continue to get lots of attention. "My areolae are five inches. Somebody once measured them for me. An amateur photographer did it. And they weigh 10 pounds each."

Denise talks about tits, orgasms, cocks and sex in a casual and natural way and that makes what she says even hornier. She even said she has a dirtier mind than most guys.

"I've never had a bloke go away complaining. I love doing naughty things with my big tits. Sucking on them. Biting them. Wrapping them around a big cock. Making a cock cum all over them. Just about whatever you want to do to them, I'm good with it."

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Denise Davies – Rubenesque


This is a greasy, oily, gooey afternoon for Denise, who looks awesome here. Those tits! Holy Boulder Holders! She's bloomin' bigger than ever! Denise has campaigned quite effectively for the reader-driven Voluptuous Model of the Year contest for 2002. We will see what happens in the months ahead. Denise has her band of fervent supporters who love her in all she does. It's not hard to see why. It is hard when you see her. That's good, because Denise likes it hard. If not, she gets insulted.

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