Kris Kelly – Slo-Mo Tits

Slo-Mo Tits

Surprisingly enough, XLGirls (and SCORELAND) don't get many modeling applicants who work in adult shops or companies. Allysa Andrews used to work in a Key West porn shop. Marilyn White went from adult store salesgirl to dancer in a club that books zaftig babes. Violet Addams used to work in a porn store.

We say surprisingly because porn store employees usually check out the latest magazines and DVDs when the store's quiet. There have to be more than a small number of clerks with big tits who'd like to try out modeling. All of this means that if you ever buy a magazine or rent a DVD from a busty clerk, tell her to check out

Kris Kelly is the newest arrival to XLGirls and Kris works in an adult specialty store, Eurotique, selling everything from riding crops to toys. The brunette curvette found our website herself and decided to go for it. (No guy ever told Kris to model in her birthday suit? Shame!) Kris has done a hot boy-girl scene, a video interview and a solo set. Today is Kris's second solo set plus this slo-mo video. First, Kris measures her bustline, waist and hips, taping in at 42-34-43.

Kris talks tits and then treats the world to a couch dance, bouncing up and down on it as the slo-mo cam captures every bounce and jiggle. Slo-mo is the best way to watch bouncing boobs, don't ya think?

Thanks for the tits in motion and all the breast, Kris Kelly!

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Kris Kelly – The Erotic Life

The Erotic Life

"I love having my clit stimulated, grinding on my guy," says Kris Kelly, an employee of an adult emporium. The best kind of employee. An employee with big jugs. Kris sells all kinds of sex novelties and hot clothing. Sexual toys, fetish gear and erotic lifestyle products are part of her daily life. (For the record, Kris is not into Bondage & Discipline and Sado-Masochism but she does enjoy a good spanky and getting her nipples nibbled by a guy who loves nip-nibbling.)

Kris doesn't always dress to show off her 38DDD big boobs but when she does, it's tank-top or tight-tee time.

"I love mutual masturbation, Kris said. "I love watching a guy masturbate. I'm very non-sensual. I like it harder than most, rougher, harder, faster. I don't really like choking or being motorboated. Spanking is good. I like to tease, suck and stroke a guy for a long time. I always swallow unless I'm asked not to." The only possible reason for someone to not want to see Kris swallow his cum is to see her rub it into her big tits.

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Kris Kelly – New Discovery

New Discovery

Kris Kelly's first day at The SCORE Group was on Halloween and she joined the staff, many of them in costume, for a group Halloween brunch. If Kris thought we were out of our minds, she kept it to herself and doesn't mention it in this get-to-know-her video chat.

Kris works for a company that sells adult novelties, shoes, lingerie, BDSM name it. The 38DDD brunette is witty and sharp. She has the goods to be a stand-up comedienne although it's better and hotter that she became a birthday suit model. Unlike your average comedy club performers, at least at XLGirls, Kris can take out her big boobs while she talks about cock cages, riding crops and other items she sells.

Kris knows the effect that mams have on men so she goes for tops that show off her goods. Here, she sports big cleavage in a low-cut top. Thank God for women like this. She explains how she likes her tits and nipples played with. She talks about oral sex, the giving and receiving. Nibbling? A lot. Motorboating? Not so much. Fucking? A lot. Spitting or swallowing? Find out.

Tune in, turn on, toss off.

The next time you see Kris Kelly at, she'll be pole dancing with one of the stunt-cocks. A fun time will be had by all.

Thank you, Kris Kelly, and welcome aboard.

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Kris Kelly – New Discovery

New Discovery

Kris Kelly read the site and looked at the 38DDD-cups she stuffs into her bras in the morning. And now she's here to make magic.

Kris works for a company that sells corsets, toys and other adult merchandise. So that interest in sexy goodies was already part of her day-to-day. So what brands of bras does Kris buy? "B. Tempt'd by Japanese manufacturer Wacoal and Jezabel. I normally buy them off the rack," says Kris who also loves shoe shopping. Hot shoes, of course. "I usually don't wear a bra if I want a more sexy look."

Kris reads, cooks and likes to travel. She watches Red Sox baseball, Ravens football and Washington Capitals hockey. "I want to go camping one of these days. I mean camping in a cabin." No doubt that Kris will have no shortage of eager dudes who want to pitch a tent with her in or out of the cabin.

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