Bailey Santanna – Special Tits & Tugs Special Tits & Tugs

There's nothing quite like blasts from the past. Especially when that blast from the past is Bailey Santanna, one of our most-popular XL Girls of all-time. Bailey Santanna debuted with us in 2002 as a fun, flirty 23-year-old redhead. Because she was a student at the time, we didn't think we'd see Bailey again after her first shoot. She had her sights set on a career in fashion design and modeling was just a quick spell of fantasy fulfillment--though she did take her first shoot seriously.

"When I do anything, I do it properly and completely," she said then. "Whether it's cleaning or posing, I give it my all."

And just as quickly as she came she was gone. Bailey wouldn't return until 2008, but this time she was ready to pop her hardcore cherry. She would go on to be featured in best-sellers like K-Jugs and Preggos & Milkers, and this scene with our cocksman Juan Largo, was one of her first tits and tugs scene.

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Bailey Santanna – Special Tits & Tugs Special Tits & Tugs

You could say this scene featuring the always lovely Bailey Santanna is one she was tailor made for. Before she returned to shoot with us in 2008--she originally debuted at 23 in 2002--Bailey studied fashion design at the West Coast Fashion School. In this now-classic scene, she's the bustiest seamstress on the planet. With her boobs pouring out of her overmatched top, Juan Largo walks into her shop and asks if she can help him with his inseam, which is a bit tight in the crotch. She can do much more than that.

"Looks like you need a little work done down there," Bailey says, eyeing his crotch. "I'm going to have to measure your inseam if that's okay."

Bailey realizes that the reason the inseam is so tight in the crotch area is because Juan's cock is so big. This isn't a problem Bailey comes across too often, but she knows just what to do in this situation.

"I'm just going to work on this a little bit so I can get a really accurate measurement," she says with her hand holding onto Juan's huge cock. "We don't want to make your pants too small, you know."

Bailey's services begin with a handjob. She starts with one, but Juan's cock is so big she's soon using two.

"I think I may need a third hand for this one," she says. "It just keeps growing."

When Juan's cock is nice and hard, Bailey places it between her heavy naturals for a tit-fuck, smothering his mammoth meat. Eventually, they move over to the couch--Bailey laying down and Juan on top--for another tit-fuck. You can barely see his cock when it's stuffed in between Bailey's heavy hangers and she tugs harder and harder as Juan inches closer to blowing his load. When he does finally blow his load, he bastes her breasts with a flood of juice.

Juan came in for his inseam, but it's Bailey who's left covered in semen.

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Bailey Santanna – Maid For Creampie

Maid For Creampie

She's here to both make the bed and make it on the bed. Miss Bailey Santanna, "the world's greatest girlfriend," is back working as a maid in an eye-popping maid's costume. She enters a guest's room not knowing he's still in the bathroom. About to change the sheets, Bailey finds a copy of Voluptuous magazine under the bed spread. A fine choice of hotel reading material for the discriminating breast-lover.

Instead of doing her job, Bailey sits down on the bed and leafs through the glossy pages. What hot girls are in it! Bailey's peers. Bailey begins to touch her own beautifully shaped twin torpedoes that dangle over her top as she reads. She gives her pussy a feel and then pulls down her top. She tweaks her nipples, getting more turned on, quickly. Bailey begins a full-time spanky session on the dude's bed when the towel-clad guest exits the bathroom and discovers this beautiful creature wanking off on his bed.

Shocked at being caught, not thinking the guest was in, Bailey jumps up and begs him not to tell her supervisor. The guest, knowing that this is Xmas morning for a tit-man, relaxes and comforts Bailey, sitting on the bed with her to talk about his favorite mag. "I can't believe how big their tits are," says Bailey as she leafs through the issue again. "You like tits like this?" "I do," he says. His hand is drawn to Bailey's tits and he starts to fondle her gently without being an ape, biding his time and trying to warm her up while she looks at all of the knockouts in the magazine. His objective: plug Bailey and fill her with seed. They strip off her stockings and shoes and she lays back. Bailey Santanna is going to be Maid For Creampie.

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Bailey Santanna – Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

Bailey Santanna is the rockin' receptionist at radio station K-JUGS in this pictorial from K-JUGS The Movie, now playing at for the first time. At this station, all the women employees have huge tits. We're not saying that big jugs and big cans are the only reasons K-JUGS is the #1 radio station in Miami but those inches add up. Samantha 38G is the top DJ at K-JUGS and Renee Ross is the new intern. Right away, jealousy is brewing between these two.

When a visiting rocker shows up at the station, Bailey creams her jeans and gets all flushed with hard nipples and hard clit. She's ripe to be dicked. The rocker knows all the signs of female submission and moves in for the fuck, nailing Bailey right there on her desk in the middle of the day. Bailey drains his nuts on her lunch hour. She got fucked and K-JUGS paid for it! No wonder this is the #1 radio station. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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Bailey Santanna – K-Jugs: Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

K-Jugs: Bailey Fucks A Rock Star

First time at! K-JUGS The Movie is the story of a group of girls with dangerous curves and hot, huge tits who work at a radio station. Samantha 38G is the queen-bee radio host and Bailey Santanna is the stacked always horny office receptionist. Their beleaguered boss is Mr. Bosworth, struggling to keep the station afloat. The last thing he needs is trouble in the form of a big-boobed rivalry among employees.

Enter Renee Ross who wants an internship at K-JUGS. Renee's very presence threatens Samanatha's reign at the station. Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride. As Renee begins her first day at K-JUGS, Bailey is smitten with a visiting rock-n-roller and will do anything for him. When he sees eye-candy Bailey, he wants a piece of her and he gets it... right on her desk! Anything goes at K-JUGS as you will see in every exciting, sex-packed chapter. There's never been a radio station like it!

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