Slo-Mo Tits

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Mar 072023
Slo-Mo Tits

Surprisingly, we don't get many modeling applicants who work in adult shops or companies. Allysa Andrews used to work in a Key West porn shop. Marilyn White went from adult store salesgirl to dancer in a club that books zaftig babes. Violet Addams used to work in a porn store.

We say "surprisingly" because porn store employees usually check out the latest magazines and DVDs when the store's quiet. There has to be more than a small number of clerks with big tits who'd like to try out modeling. All of this means that if you ever buy a magazine or rent a DVD from a busty clerk, tell her to check out

Kris worked in an adult specialty store selling everything, from riding crops to toys. The brunette curvette found our website herself and decided to go for it. (No guy ever told Kris to model in her birthday suit? Shame!) Kris measures her bustline, waist and hips, taping in at 42-34-43.

Kris talks tits and then treats the world to a couch dance, bouncing up and down on the sofa as the slo-mo cam captures every bounce and jiggle. Slo-mo is the best way to watch bouncing boobs, don't ya think?

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Kris Kelly Chat

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Mar 072023
Kris Kelly Chat

Kris Kelly's first day at The SCORE Group was on Halloween, and she joined the staff, many of them in costume, for a group Halloween brunch. If Kris thought we were out of our minds, she kept it to herself and doesn't mention it in this get-to-know-her video chat.

Kris worked for a company that sells adult novelties, shoes, lingerie, BDSM name it. The 38DDD-cup brunette is witty and sharp. She has the goods to be a stand-up comedienne, although it's better and hotter that she became a birthday suit model. Unlike your average comedy club performers, here at XLGirls, Kris can take out her big boobs while she talks about cock cages, riding crops and other items she sells.

Kris knows the effect that mams have on men so she goes for tops that show off her goods. Here, she sports big cleavage in a low-cut top. Thank god for women like this. She explains how she likes her tits and nipples played with. She talks about oral sex--giving and receiving. Nibbling? A lot. Motorboating? Not so much. Fucking? A lot.

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Finger In The Pie

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Mar 062023
Finger In The Pie

XLGirl Sarah Rae has two cherry pies she wishes to share. It would be in your best interest to join her at the table and indulge your sweet tooth. Her kitchen apron is minimal concealment for her sexy lingerie. Her ass looks hot in it. Her tits are severely stressing that sheer, flimsy top. Wait until Sarah loses the Suzy homemaker apron. Sleek stocking and stacked heels complete her hot pie-maker outfit. Maybe this is not a standard uniform for your baker but it is for ours.

Sarah calls herself, "Just a normal, big-boobed Jewish girl with a lot of dreams, a good sense of humor and a strange affinity for shaking her massive tits all over the internet...." Take care not to lose it when Sarah takes out her boobs at 3:40 of this freshly-baked video. is not responsible for seizures or falling backwards out of your chair when you see her incredible body once again. Are you going to refuse her pie once she's gotten nice and naked? The whipped cream is ready. Sarah Rae has a fork for you. So give in. It's not nice to say no to a doll like this.

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Kiki True: A Super-hottie for the Tits & Ass Lover in You

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Mar 032023
Kiki True: A Super-hottie for the Tits & Ass Lover in You

Kiki True poses for Nicky Rebel's camera, but she's too hot and he can't get over her big boobs and booty and her alluring face. Nicky loses control and makes his move, going crazy on her tits. He can't wait to fill her tight, young pussy and equally tight butthole with his swollen man-pole.

XLGirls: What did you think about the scene with Nicky Rebel taking photos of you in the beginning?

Kiki True: I absolutely loved it. I really find photography to be a beautiful art form, and when it is erotic, it's even better. Something about being filmed just gets me extra excited.

XLGirls: This was your first time doing a piledriver position. What did you think about it?

Kiki True: It was amazing. I have done it many more times since then. It was a position I never would have thought to try, but it's so good. It's nice and deep and I love making eye contact and watching my titties bounce as I am fucked!

XLGirls: Was it a different feeling or sensation than other positions?

Kiki True: I am a fan of really deep and really flexible positions and this definitely hit the mark. It felt very powerful like NIcky was all the way in charge and I loved that.

XLGirls: You mentioned your favorite position is doggie. What is it about that position you love, besides looking behind you?

Kiki True: (Kiki laughs) Got me there. I love eye contact in nearly every position. Again, it is definitely that nice deep, powerful stroke. I like feeling completely fucked, and with doggie, it's hard not to feel that way,

XLGirls: You like being pinned against a wall giving head. What is it about that? The surrender to a partner?

Kiki True: The way I gasped when I read this, I just love it. For me, I am all about pleasing my partner, and that saying, "Use me like a Fleshlight" has always stuck with me. With being pinned against the wall, it is 100% the man is in charge, and like you said, I love the surrender and just being that perfect plaything for my partner.

XLGirls: Do you watch adult videos at home? What kind do you like?

Kiki True: I love adult videos that are almost like a game of Simon Says, where the guy tells the girl what to do and she just does it, no questions asked. It can be in a lot of forms like a casting call type of video or just a serious BDSM domination video.

XLGirls: Any message for XLGirls members?

Kiki True: I love you guys so much. You are the best. Reading your comments on my videos make my day! Enjoy your porn and, you know, maybe have a jerk for me.

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Vale Blagoeva: Erotic Charisma

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Mar 022023
Vale Blagoeva: Erotic Charisma

Vale Blagoeva comes to you courtesy of the great SCORE and Voluptuous Girl Demmy Blaze. This photo set and video was also produced by Demmy Blaze. Vale has the kind of striking looks that attract lots of attention.

Vale's interests include photography, blogging, music and sports, especially powerlifting and body building.

XLGirls: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts?

Vale Blagoeva: I am a multilateral person. I can emphasize the chest. I can have either breasts or buttocks emphasized. Deep neckline, tight-fitting outfits, leggings, shorts and jeans according to my physique. I wear everything strictly in style.

XLGirls: Do you get a lot of attention because of your chest?

Vale Blagoeva: I never react to this. It is important for me that they see the person in me, and not only a chest.

XLGirls: Do you always wear a bra?

Vale Blagoeva: I can wear underwear at any time. The main thing is that it is beautiful. Beautiful lingerie is equal to being a queen.

XLGirls: Do you have special talents?

Vale Blagoeva: I am a versatile person. I have many talents. I study five languages because I want to be a polyglot. I develop dances. I developed my vocals from the age of 13. I dream of singing someday. I need a teacher for this. But my main talent is my logic and intuition.

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