Naia’s Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

Naia's Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

Naia Bee likes to go on dates that are "filled with laughter and mutual chemistry, both mental and physical. Foreplay should be lots of kissing, nipple licking and pinching and softly going down on me. I like a man who appreciates a very busty girl and spends a lot of time loving her tits."

Naia was born in Russia and lives in Brooklyn, a borough in New York City that has a sizable Russian and Russian-American population. Naia does yoga and meditates. She likes to watch soccer now and then. She also likes to explore museums and try different restaurants. Naia gets off best with a good tongue lashing. She loves having her pussy eaten and her clit licked. She also loves sex with sweet-smelling females, too, but didn't say if they should have big tits or if breast size matters in a female partner.

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Field of Dream

Field of Dream

Lavina Dream opens this video with the sentence, "Hello guys. I'm gonna undress for you." A short comment but it tells us all we need to know.

Lavina wastes no time taking out her big boobs in a shaded outdoor spot where she can get naughty without nosy neighbors.

Lavina's 40DDD tits are true works of nature's art. "I like to dress sexy all of the time," Lavina said.

"My dresses are tight and my blouses are tight. I want my chest to be noticed." No problem, Lavina. As we've mentioned before, Mr. Magoo could notice those great big tits a mile away.

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Susie Masterson’s Master Course in Toy Play

Susie Masterson's Master Course in Toy Play

Young, juicy and thick Susie Masterson has a lot of toys to try out and she brought them along for a plug and play session.

"I love using fingers, dildos and vibrators in my pussy. Any position is hot for me. I love to masturbate-what girl doesn't? I love clitoral orgasms with my wand and my fingers. I like to try out new toys in my shows."

Susie, a webcam model, was discovered by TSG super-GILF Sally D'Angelo who recommended Susie. Sally has an eye for hotties and felt Susie would be a good match.

"I love being adventurous so I thought going to XLGirls would be a great experience for me, and the thought of being seen by so many guys sounded exciting and different."

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Busty St. Claire: Realtor Boasts Huge Tits

Busty St. Claire: Realtor Boasts Huge Tits

Real estate agents are not supposed to fuck their prospective customers but Busty St. Claire can't help herself when she shows Berry a house. He's more interested in her large tits than the place she's trying to sell to him. If the owner walked in and saw Busty on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind on his couch, he probably would not appreciate it. Or maybe he would.

"Depending on my mood, I can be assertive or I can be passive," Busty told us. "When I give a blow job, I like to swallow his cum. I like to feel his dick pulsating in my mouth while it gets filled."

Busty carefully takes off her eyeglasses while Berry squeezes her big hangers from behind. He strips her down fast. Busty sits on the couch to suck and pull on Berry's cock. She gets on her hands and knees, ready for the beef. He spreads her ass cheeks and thrusts into her cunt. She sucks and squeezes her boobs as they vigorously smash.

When it's time to give Busty the cream, Berry doesn't stick his cock into Busty's mouth and shoot a load. He pops on her face and rubs his cock against her cheeks. She sticks her tongue out to catch some of his squirt and licks his dick, then rubs some of his man juice on her face. We don't know it the sale went through.

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Honet Faxon: Thick Dildo Doll

Honet Faxon: Thick Dildo Doll

Honet Faxon goes hardcore in the DVDs Wide Load Nymphos 5 and Voluptuous XXX Naturals 2. In Big Girls, Bigger Tits, Honet stuffs a big dildo in her pussy.

Honet was looking for adult modeling jobs. It's always interested her and she knew that many Czech girls have taken the plunge. She got an agent and he recommended XLGirls.

"When I want attention, I dress provocatively with uplifting bras that stick my breasts out and up and show off my chest. When I dress that way, I always get good service at cafes and stores. I am kind of a flirty girl. Most of the time, I wear what is comfy and does not restrict me. I never wear a bra at home."

The sticky squish-squish sound as Honey fingers and dildos her wet pussy and her heavy breathing come through loud and clear in this video.

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