Sarah Rae: Respect My Titties

Sarah Rae: Respect My Titties

The ever-lovable Sarah Rae says she comes from a place called "Big Titty Island." We've never heard of this place, but with all due respect to Disney, we'd call it the Magic Kingdom and The Happiest Place on Earth. We'd nestle into a nice piece of supple titty real estate and never leave.

Sarah Rae has the type of tits we'd love to be nestled in between. Our scene opens with our cameraman standing above Sarah as she bounces her tits for the camera. With as much tit flesh as she's working with, she could cause a small twister with the gusts of wind she creates with each booby juggle. And we'd love nothing more than to be caught in its wake.

"Do you like how my big tits bounce?" She asks smiling brightly into the camera. "They're so big."

We could watch this all day, but the good thing about hanging out with Sarah is that she gets better, hotter and naughtier the more time you spend with her. She's already one of the greatest self-sucklers of all-time and she's near the top in dirty talking, too. After peeling her clothes off, fondling her tits and teasing her hard nips, Sarah begins stroking her pussy. It's dripping wet and she's begging for cock.

"I want your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum," Sarah says. "Make me cum all over your big cock."

We wish we could, Sarah. But watching her get off right here is pretty damn hot, too. While stroking her clit and fingering her pussy, her tits are bouncing like there is a cock inside her. "Oh, that's so good," she says coming down from her climax.

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Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

Kimmie says she's looking forward to getting fucked. We love a bold and sexy woman who tells it like it is.

Kimmie is looking forward to being fucked from behind, one of her favorite positions. "Knowing that I'm being filmed makes me feel sexy and desired," says Kimmie who admits to being nervous, something completely natural.

Tony D. sucks, kisses and squeezes Kimmie's bigger-than-big 42H-cup boobs and helps her undress. His hands cannot wrap entirely around Kimmie's hooters. They are sensational.

Kimmie unzips him and takes his stiffy out. She slowly licks the head and balls, sensuously and erotically. Tony drives his skin-train through Kimmie's titty-tunnel and bangs her boobs hard. His shaft practically disappears between her massive mams.

Kimmie lies back on the bed so Tony can bury his cock inside the blonde hottie's tight and wet pussy, building up speed and depth to hammer her good, only stopping to lick her sopping-wet taco.

Kimmie holds her shaking breasts with both hands as her fuck partner pounds her furiously. The room fills with the sounds of her heavy breathing and moaning. It's a spectacular first sexing. Kimmie is in good hands as they try out different fucking positions.

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The Big-Boobed Homeowner & The Stud Contractor

The Big-Boobed Homeowner & The Stud Contractor

Kerry Martin leaves her house and goes into her back yard to check up on the workman she hired. As he steps down the ladder, Kerry holds it to keep it steady but impulsively lays her hands on his ass instead. He turns around while still on the ladder, his groin level with her face. She feels his package and wants to take a look at it. He doesn't object. When she unzips his jeans, his erect dick pops out. Kerry feels it and pops it in her mouth. There aren't many fucking positions one can do on a folding ladder so she brings him into her bedroom. Besides, the neighbor might hear her sucking. He may be on the clock but she wants to be on his cock.

Kerry drops to her knees to suck on his large thang again. She squeezes it between her big fat jugs and looks at him with a satisfied expression. Logan fucks her soft tits fast and hard. They get into her bed to resume their revised employer-employee relationship. Logan lies back so Kerry can squeeze his cock between her tits again. Her tongue lustfully swirls around his shaft. This lady can't get enough.

Kerry loves tit-fucking, sucking and yanking the stud's boner but she wants it in her pussy as soon as possible. She gets on her back and Logan spreads her cunt lips. He rams into her snatch fast and hard. Kerry rubs her clit and moans and cries as he pistons her. Logan wants more tit play and directs Kerry to get on her back so he can fuck her boobs again.

His thirst for big tits slaked for the time being, Logan resumes power-fucking Kerry from the side. He's been eyeing her ass also and wants it, so in her butt-hole his cock goes. He ass-fucks Kerry from the side, then puts her on her back with her legs in the air. He fills and drills her ass and fingers her meaty pussy at the same time. Kerry looks at him with such admiration as he pounds her ass that it's possible he may have spoiled and ruined her for other men.

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Is It Hot in Here or is It Amber Marie?

Is It Hot in Here or is It Amber Marie?

In the beginning, Canadian hottie Amber Marie posted one photo on Reddit. The reaction it inspired from horny dudes gave Amber a rush so she kept on posting photos. Now she does photo sets and videos and she's very good at them. We learned about Amber Marie when her friend sent her a link to Her huge boobs and her overall attractive look plus her natural rapport with the camera made us fans too. In this video, Amber gets playfully hot in the kitchen.

XLGirls: Do you do things at home like cleaning or watching TV topless or naked?

Amber Marie: As soon as I walk through my door, I immediately get naked. Clothes are way too restricting.

XLGirls: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Amber Marie: All the time. Even in public, I'll catch myself. It's definitely a comfort thing and it feels pretty good too!

XLGirls: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Amber Marie: I have been bad and snuck alcohol into a concert. A flask fits perfectly in my cleavage. What can I say?

XLGirls:Do you always wear a bra?

Amber Marie: I don't always wear a bra. If I'm running errands, I usually just wear a tank top with a little support built in or just let them bounce and jiggle around! I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I enjoy the attention! I will wear a bra if I'm leaving my house for a long time or If I feel my outfit would look better with my breasts lifted and pushed together

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Tits Out For Fitness

Tits Out For Fitness

You won't need your X-ray glasses. Monica Love removes her hot chick fitness outfits as she works out. We also guarantee that you won't be seeing exercise routines like this at your local gym. Monica loosens up for a horny work-out session that turns that training room into a hot sauna. "I do fitness a lot," said Monica.

Monica decided to try adult-style modeling because she likes new experiences and she's far from shy, in her girl-next-door way. This seemed like a fun time and she trusted the people at XLGirls after seeing the website and the magazine.

Monica gets hit-on a lot and a lot of guys seem to be photographers or promoters. "Guys will say to me, "You are the most sexual and hottest girl I have ever seen." But then some men will say silly things like "Why are your breasts so large?"

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