Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

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May 052022
Molly Evans: I've Got A Secret

Molly Evans is a talented, playful and huggable teen dream. The teen-tit club is all about girls who started with The SCORE Group at eighteen or nineteen, such as Kerry Marie, Sharday and Nicole Peters. Molly is a perfect addition.

XLGIRLS: Molly, do you exercise, do Yoga or dance?

Molly Evans: Yes, I started to go in for sports again and I was thinking about horseback riding. I love being a rider.

XLGIRLS: Do other girls ever comment on your breasts or ask you questions?

Molly Evans: Of course. Not everyone has such breasts. Everyone is shocked when my boobs come out but they comment in different ways. Sometimes they want to either hug me or touch them.

XLGIRLS: Do your friends call you by any special names?

Molly Evans: Oh, yeah, basically it's "Busty, busty, milking girl with wide eyes," "Titty shaking" or "Big boobs."

XLGIRLS: We wish they had big boobs like you have. Thanks for being you, Molly.

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Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

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May 052022
Molly Evans: I've Got A Secret

Sweet and kissable Molly Evans is dressed to win in a low-cut white top, tight skirt, stockings and black pumps. The super-sexy secretary look. What surprises does Molly have for us?

Molly gets on top of the kitchen counter to give us an eyeful of her treasure chest and says, "I'll tell you in secret that all girls give names to their vibrators." Molly's toy is named "Joe."

"Lately, he has been working poorly. Do you want to be my Joe?"

It's a privilege to be this girl's tool.

XLGIRLS: Molly, if you had two wishes, what would you wish for?

Molly: To become a world-famous model and to read the thoughts of others.

XLGIRLS: You're on your way to the first wish. Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Molly: Of course! When I'm alone at home, I'm usually naked when I do the cleaning.

XLGIRLS: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Molly: Yes, this happens. I like to crush and squeeze my chest.

XLGIRLS: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Molly: My chest is the safest place to store my property, including money, keys and a phone.

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Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

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May 042022
Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

Christy Sparks said she likes hard fucking. One of her sexual fantasies is "taking a man's giant cock." She crossed that off her to-do list after this experience.

JMac and Christy have fruit in the best way possible. They rub strawberries on her perky nipples and eat them. Inspired, he places Christy on her back on the kitchen counter and feeds her a banana, then switches to his dick.

They move to the couch and it was a miracle it didn't collapse in mid-fuck, the way they went at each other. A screamer and girl-next-door with curly hair and braces, Christy looks very dick-drunk as they fuck in cowgirl, doggie, pile-driver and more. She must have had some cock hangover the day after.

Christy said her special talent is sucking cock, something she proves in this scene. The brunette girl-next-door doesn't date--very surprising--and she doesn't masturbate--also very surprising. She loves nipple play and the doggie position and has never been with a girl.

"I've had my ass eaten out but that's all as far as anal. I want to have more sex outdoors. I try to have sex as often but as safely as I can."

A porn virgin until XL Girls, Christy couldn't have had safer sex than here and she impressed us with her heat.

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Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

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May 042022
Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

Christy Sparks said she likes hard fucking and that's exactly what JMac gave her, and then some. It's a tribute to American furniture manufacturing that the sofa didn't break while they did some of the hardest, loudest fucking ever seen at XL Girls. Was Christy thinking about what JMac did to her when she was on the plane going home?

They began in the kitchen, finding the best ways to enjoy fruit. Rubbing strawberries on Christy's ripe nipples and then eating them. Playing bananas games by laying the curly-haired cutie on the counter, putting her head over the edge and feeding her the beef.

They moved over to the sofa where Christy tongue-worships his dick and balls and wraps her big tits around his boner. She occasionally glances into the camera and the eye-contact adds an extra touch of heat--that "Watch me, I'm getting fucked" look. Looking into the camera is usually done in the photo sets but rarely on-video unless it's a point-of-view video.

When Christy gets her young pussy filled and pounded with the pipe in doggie, sideways, on-top and in pile-driver--the ultimate porn-sex position--her moans and screams fill the room until he nuts her pretty face.

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Play Time

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May 032022
Play Time

Nikky Wilder likes "dirty humor."

"I think sex talk made into jokes is hilarious," said Nikky. Like all girls, she likes to hear compliments if they're done right and done smooth.

"I love attention. I love getting checked out and getting hit on. Twitter has great compliments and horrid ones. Telling me something like 'You have amazing eyes' or 'You have a great smile' is super sweet. Guys with dick pics Tweeting 'You do this to me' are not such great compliments.

"I feel sexy when I make eye-contact with a guy or a girl and they smile at me, then look at my chest. I like guys who have a great sense of humor and don't try to be anyone other than themselves."

If you live in Nikky's world, you're in a good place. We all want more girls just like Nikky.

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