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Delilah Dixon: Goals

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Jun 212020

Recently I had set new goals for better equipment so i can best reach my fans. I feel it is going well. As a newbie, I feel that i am getting the hang of this rather well. I have a few more fans to fav me to earn my second badge. I am hoping to gain many more along the way!! Till then my loves :x

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Annabelle Rogers: World’s Hottest Ball-busting Bra-buster

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Jun 192020
Annabelle Rogers: World's Hottest Ball-busting Bra-buster

Annabelle Rogers catches her man secretly texting another woman. Here come the fireworks. He denies it but he can't talk his way out of this. She angrily snatches the phone out of his hand and tosses it away. Hell hath no fury..., ya know. "You were fucking messaging that slut!" Annabelle yells. By the way, Annabelle is wearing a short, low-cut dress that shows off massive, forward-thrusting cleavage and her sensational curves. Who needs a side-piece with a babe like this at home?

Annabelle takes Mr. Rogers' balls out of his pants and gets a firm grip on them. "Say these balls are mine," Annabelle demands, his nuts in her hand. "She can't have them. Text that slut and tell her that I own your fucking balls. Do you know how much control I have over you?"

Annabelle does have him by the balls. Continuing to prove her point, Annabelle pulls his pants down and kneels to worship his cock and nuts with her mouth and hands, sucking his dick and massaging his balls. She makes him lie on the floor and lowers herself over his face so he can lick her pussy. Moving up and down, Annabelle vigorously fucks his face with her pussy, demanding satisfaction.

Annabelle is far from done with Mr. Rogers. Taking off her bra to release her awe-inspiring, huge breasts, Annabelle gets on the bed, raises her legs up in the air and demands he fuck her. As he pounds the horny hottie, Annabelle reminds him over and over that his cock and balls belong to her, saying it like a mantra. She's far from done getting her pleasure from him and sits on his pole, grinding away. When it comes to being a dominating bitch, busting balls and busting bras, Annabelle Rogers is number-one.

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BONUS CANDID PHOTOS: At Home With Emma Lilly

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Jun 182020
BONUS CANDID PHOTOS: At Home With Emma Lilly

"There is very little, short of a turtleneck, that doesn't emphasize my breasts," Emma Lilly wrote. "I do like to show off a little if I'm going out for a girls night out. Anything low-cut with a push-up bra does the trick. Boobs are great. I know people like looking at them and if that happens to score me a free drink or two, I consider that a win/win.

"I get the most comments about my breasts from other women. Female friends, coworkers, and even bosses have mentioned their size to me. Never in a negative way though. It's mostly awe when they realize how big they are or asking if I'd be willing to share. I think it's funny, and it's always nice to be reminded that everyone wants what they can't have."

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At Home With Emma Lilly

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Jun 182020
At Home With Emma Lilly

"A friend of mine recommended XL Girls to me. He said 'I think they'd love you!'" Emma Lilly told us.

"I can't say for certain if I had the biggest breasts in school but it honestly wouldn't surprise me to find out I did! I remember looking at other girls and wishing I could wear some of the cute things they wore, like spaghetti straps and empire waists.

"If I want a bra that fits I have to order from special online retailers for women with larger breasts. Something I noticed is that most of these places sell very basic bras. When I find a retailer selling cute bras for big girls I will go bankrupt.

"I love to masturbate and I usually do so several times a day. I have been obsessed from the very first time. I remember being a teenager and thinking 'No boy will ever be able to figure out how to get me off.' I have explored my sexuality a lot over time and have been interested in a lot of fetishes. I am a try anything--well, almost anything--once type of girl. BDSM, erotic hypnosis, and erotica all had their phases in my life. Currently, I am into edging and orgasm denial for myself and others. It's a little niche, but there's a growing community of 'gooners' out there."

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Charlie Gets Shagged

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Jun 172020
Charlie Gets Shagged

There have been many, many terrific girls here since the site opened in 2000 and Charlie Cooper ranks right up there on the highest platform.

The total package, Charlie's love pillows are completely awe-inspiring and attract tons of attention. She's too sexy for her job also. At work, as a CNA (certified nurse's assistant), Charlie gets a lot of attention.

"I've been taking care of old butts" Charlie says. "Oh, the old guys. They love me. The old farm men are the worst. And you know, I wear big scrubs and it never fits. One of my favorites was so sweet but boy, he had the biggest crush on me. I would go into his room at night to check on him, and I would lean over and see his hand slowly coming up from under the covers!"

Fact is, Charlie has that effect on men off all ages.

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