Busty British Dreamgirl

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Sep 042018
Busty British Dreamgirl

Terri Jane is wrapped up in her sexy string lingerie like a beautiful gift. She's enjoying her tropical cocktail while she opens her nipple coverings. Terri is very vocal in her videos. Her English accent is so sexy, her voice can make a man lose his load.

Cum with this huge-chested Brit lovely as she cools down her hot tits with her cocktail after slipping out of her heels and lingerie. She can't wait to dip into the Jacuzzi. If this is hooter heaven, then Terri must be an angel. "Men like jiggling and bouncing boobs," said Terri Jane in the understatement of the century.

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Busty British Dreamgirl

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Sep 042018
Busty British Dreamgirl

A girl who is the very essence of voluptuous splendor. We're talkin' British bird Terri Jane, a walking Valentine's Day dreamgirl to sink into.

Her stringy lingerie is just fabric frosting on the cleavage cake. We think you know the best place to take this sweetheart on a date but let's find out what it is again.

"I love the beach," Terri says. "We could take a blanket and we could sit there and drink champagne and eat strawberries together and watch the sun set. That would be a dream if a guy did that for me. I would love it."

Terri lives in a small town near Birmingham, England, the land of so many sensationally busty girls.

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Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

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Sep 032018
Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones, a big-boobed, very horny and cum-loving Texas housewife, was happy to talk about her anal sex life. She and her booty-call, butt-fuck buddy Al got it on good. As you may know, Jasmine has a cum fetish. Al gave her plenty of nut-sauce to enjoy.

XLGirls: Do you practice anal sex on a regular basis at home?

Jasmine: No, I have only done it a few times at home.

XLGirls: On a pleasure scale, how do you rate anal sex compared to pussy sex?

Jasmine: I like it especially when I like to get a bit rough. Pussy sex is always going to be the best but anal ranks pretty high!

XLGirls: What is your favorite position for anal, and second favorite after that?

Jasmine: Spooning for anal is my favorite and then after a while, a change to doggie. That is when it gets intense!

XLGirls: How do you prepare your ass for anal sex? Do you use butt plugs?

Jasmine: I don't use anything to prepare. As far as stretching goes, I want him to stretch me open on his own.

XLGirls: Before you and Al had your scene, did you talk about what you were going to do, such as what positions you wanted to do?

Jasmine: We did talk briefly about the different positions and how we were going to do them. I like to start out slow and very quickly speed up. The hard, fast ones feel better to me and grabbing my ass while fucking me makes it even better. I like it deep but not at first. He has to work up to that.

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Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

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Sep 032018
Anal Housewife Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones enjoys taking the cock in her ass and the nut-juice on her face as much as you enjoy seeing it happen to her.

Jasmine is a hot Texas housewife with massive tits and a powerful cum-craving fetish. "I like it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me," said Mrs. Jones.

She is not an exotic dancer or a nudist. She is a swinger and an at-home cam-babe. "I've been a swinger for years," says Jasmine who watches a lot of porn and loves it.

XLGirls talked to Jasmine about anal fucking and how bum boning fits into her world.

XLGirls: What attracted you to making adult videos in the first place? What is there about being nude, masturbating and fucking on-camera that attracts you?

Jasmine: I like to please people and this is a great way to do so. I love to show off my huge, natural boobs and my round ass. And if I can make you cum, that makes it even better for me.

XLGirls: Were you sexually inhibited before deciding to try adult modeling?

Jasmine: Yes, I would have never done photos or cam or adult films. I was told by my husband that I would be good at it and I took his advice and tried it. I never looked back!

XLGirls: Do you anally masturbate with toys? Do you enjoy using toys in your ass and pussy at the same time? What kind of toys do you recommend for women.

Jasmine: I love to masturbate with a glass toy in my ass. I get an intense orgasm that way! I have used one in my ass and one in my pussy before. That was amazing. In my opinion, the glass is great for ass play!

XLGirls: So glass is great for ass. Do you have any advice or recommendations for XL Girls who haven't done anal but are interested in trying it one day on-camera?

Jasmine: Yes, relax and have a good time. Start off slow and before you know it, you will be screaming with pleasure.

The members that take the time to comment on our boards have special praise for Jasmine, her voluptuous body and her obvious enjoyment in making her hot videos and photos.

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Nova Ray: Snapchat and Twitter

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Sep 012018

Hey! Nova here. I finally made a snapchat! you can find me at "novaray11"I look forward to spending more time with my guests! Follow me on my Twitter account as well! @NovaRay11I love you!~ Nova Ray

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