Oct 292014
Pound My Mounds

Alana Lace has a pair of tits we could stare at all day. And we would if this lovely young lady didn't have fucking to do. Alana's latest hardcore scene opens with the camera zoomed in on her best asset: her 38DDD tits. That isn't to say Alana Lace isn't a cute chick. She definitely is. But a rack like this deserves your undivided attention.

Our friend Carlos Rios feels the same way. He makes a beeline for her soft, heavy naturals when he enters the scene. He's squeezing and fondling them and Alana frees them from her overmatched bra to assist him. Alana's tits may be her greatest asset, but Carlos is going to enjoy every single asset she has. He tears open Alana's fishnet stockings at the crotch area so he can stroke and lick her pussy. Even though this is just the foreplay, Alana is already dripping wet.

"Oh, make that pussy wet," Alana says. "You're making that pussy wet."

And Alana is making us rock-hard. Alana teases Carlos' cock through his boxers, nibbling on it through his shorts. Carlos finally pulls out his throbbing member and stuffs it into her hungry mouth. She goes to work on Carlos, sliding his dick all the way down her throat a few times, showing off her skills.

By the time Carlos is finally ready to fuck her, his man-meat is nice and lubed up from her expert cock-suck and ready for her plump, pink pussy. Carlos fucks her missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits.

"Thank you for cumming on my tits," Alana says with a smile.

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Oct 292014
Pound My Mounds

You'd be hard-pressed to find a girl sexier, bustier and hornier than the curvaceous Alana Lace. Her sex-drive is always revving, and her pussy always ready for a throbbing hard cock. A throbbing hard cock like our friend Carlos'. He's never seen a pair of tits he didn't like and a curvy girl he wouldn't fuck. And with her 38DDD tits and hourglass figure, Alana has these assets in spades. Today, we decked Alana out in some sexy fetish-style fishnet lingerie. Which is a good look for a girl like Alana. She's as freaky as they come, and girls like her do, say and crave the darndest things.

"I'm a freak," Alana says with a giggle. "I'm into it all. Bondage, a little restraint, you know? Of course, I'm into anal and I like using ice to tease. I can either be dominant or submissive. Usually, I'm more dominant with women and more submissive to a man."

In this scene, Alana fully submits to Carlos and worships his cock. Always one of our best girls when it comes to tonsil torque, she starts with an extra-sloppy blowjob. Alana's gag reflex is nearly non-existent because she even gets down to the balls a few times.

Carlos' cock is lubed and ready to fuck Alana's pink cunt after her expert cock work. He lays her down and blasts her pussy in missionary before turning her around and fucking her doggy style--Alana's favorite position.

"I love doggystyle," Alana said. "I like feeling my man's cock deep inside of me."

Alana takes every inch of Carlos' dick in this position. She hops on top of him for a reverse cowgirl fuck, before turning around to fuck him in the traditional cowgirl position. Eventually, Alana works Carlos so hard he can't hold out any longer and has to drop his load. He drops his jizz on her pretty face and heavy tits. And Alana gleefully laps it up.

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Oct 282014
XL Origins

"I dress to accentuate my curves and I like to show lots of cleavage," Amanda told XL Girls.

"Dressing like I do attracts the kinda men that I go for. If the guy's forward enough to come up to me and comment on the way I look, then he's basically already gotten to first base."

Not one to waste any time, Amanda goes right for the trouser-hose in the opener of this pure-sex scene, no filler here. Big-boobed Amanda licks his nuts with her studded tongue and literally worships cock with her mouth before they attend to her lady-box. She laps up Nikko's sap with a frisky tongue when he nuts, obviously an experienced cum lover.

Amanda was a "one-hit wonder" and just 24 when she applied. One look at her big tits, sexy face, furry pussy (you don't see many of those anymore) and all-around fertile body was all it took to invite this New Yorker to share her gifts.

After her visit, Amanda dropped out of the modeling scene and never kept in touch. But there will always be these mammaries.

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Oct 282014
XL Origins

Amanda arrived during the early years of XL Girls. In a way, she was a pioneer of the large-and-in-charge league. Unfortunately, the plump and curvy New Yorker only visited once before moving on to other activities. There's nothing else of Amanda out there that we're aware of... no other companies that filched her after seeing her at XL Girls.

In this rare hardcore scene, she and Nikko paired-off for a pure fuck encounter without story or theme. It was one of two XXX experiences she did with the cock.

Amanda told a funny story during her visit that yet again proves that cheesy pick-up lines can blow-back at the pick-up artist.

"One time a clerk at a store where I was buying condoms said to me, 'Maybe you and I should get together and use those, babe!'

"What he should have done was just give me his name and phone number on a slip of paper. It's possible I might have phoned him later on, and if we clicked on the phone, I might have considered meeting him for coffee even though he was a stranger. But he embarrassed me with that line. I think he wasn't really interested in me anyway but he had to blurt something out to sound macho."

Guess that dude missed out on what Nikko got to sample.

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Oct 272014
Ass-tonishing Aimee

Aimee Jackson. Newcomer to XL Girls. Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Sexually liberated. Loves anal pleasure. Loves to suck and squeeze her big tits.

Some info-bytes about Aimee from Aimee:

"I was the bustiest girl in school. No one came close. I played basketball, volleyball and skateboarded. I don't really workout. I consider giving a massage a workout."

"I love music. I mostly listen to rock and metal like Pantera, Metallica and Chimera. I enjoy my oldies too. In my spare time, I like to go shooting, camping and 4-wheeling. I am a country girl at heart. I love anything outdoors. I enjoy watching horror and thriller movies and hanging out with my Golden Retriever."

"I love masturbating. I think I am addicted to it. I can masturbate anywhere. In my car, in dressing rooms. My two fingers rule. My next favorite is in the shower. I have a detachable shower head. I also fuck cucumbers. They are great, cheap sex toys. I've masturbated in tanning booths. It's just naughty. No one else knows I'm doing it. It's just me. They play the music pretty loud so I can get away with it."

Aimee faps it good and finishes herself off to cum-town by plugging her butthole.

Aimee Jackson: made for XL Girls.

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