Face Cream

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Apr 242017
Face Cream

Happy Nikki Smith is just chilling in bed and feeling cozy, tucked up in a comforter. Nikki's point-of-view sex-friend has other plans. He wants to fuck her not tuck her in. He pulls back the comforter and there before him is Nikki in a tiny tank top which barely contains her giant tits. She stands up so we can check her out. She spins around to show her butt tucked in little panties.

He feels her up, and pulling back her panties, takes a peek at her pussy. Nikki unhooks her bra and out come her heavy wangas. Laughing, Nikki bounces up and down. She lets him feel those amazing hangers.

Taking off her panties, she gets back into bed and opens her legs. He bush is trimmed and ready for action. She rubs her clit and pussy curtains and rubs her tits some more. Then she turns around and gets on her hands and knees to show the rear view of her ass cheeks, honey-hole and butt portal.

The giving type, Nikki has a surprise for him and reaches over to get an orange toy. She places it behind her and slides it deep into her asshole. Her friend is astounded as he watches her stick it in and out of her butt. She pulls it out and begins fingering her pussy while he replaces the toy in her ass with his finger.

Worked up, Nikki puts his rigid dick in her hungry mouth and sucks and tongues it good. Once it's dripping wet from Nikki's mouth juice, it's time to hide the salami in her hills and then pump it hard into her pink love-tunnel! This virtual Nikki Smith fuck fling was shot entirely in your point-of-view.

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Face Cream

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Apr 242017
Face Cream

Kickin' it in a tight tank that her thunderous twins threaten to stretch out big time, smilin' Nikki Smith shows her boink buddy what she's got going on before he gets to feel her all over and then proceed with the big show.

He cock-knocks Nikki's colossal knockers, gives her a skin flute to play a catchy tune on (check out Nikki's deep throat skills) and then pokes her pink pussy every which way before launching a load of nut-batter towards her face. Nikki catches most of it in her mouth 'cause she loves the taste.

Nikki has a mischievous side to her that she hasn't outgrown. Hopefully, she never will. She gets this look on her face that good girls behaving badly have. Was she ever caught fucking a boyfriend?

"My dad did catch me having sex," Nikki told a slack-jawed TSG editor. "It was bad. It was at my house. My dad had left for work probably about half an hour earlier. And sure enough, just long enough for us to get naked and get going, he walked right back in the front door. He saw my boyfriend's car outside so he knew exactly where to go. We got in a lot of trouble." Well, as you can see here, Nikki wasn't grounded for life.

The video version of this scene is shot in virtual point-of-view and also includes Nikki sticking a big toy in and out of her asshole before she gets to swallow his prick down her throat. She said she likes to do anal toys at home also. A sleepover at her place would last two weeks.

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The XL Girls Office Pervert

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Apr 212017
The XL Girls Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is the new girl at XL Girls' office. Besides her obvious talents at nude modeling and sex with porn cock, Amiee is a good hire because she's great at office administration and other job duties.

Jimmy is a manager at XL Girls and is also known as the office pervert. He'll walk around the building looking at girls and squeezing his hot nuts. He knows no shame. Spotting huge-boobed Amiee at various times, he checks out her heavy tits and big ass in her miniskirt and goes into his routine.

One day, Amiee walks into his office and introduces herself. As a manager, he wastes no time in introducing Amiee to his style of deep throating and sloppy blow jobs. Amiee picks it up fast and before long, they're doing a couch coupling copulation. As a show of managerial approval, he treats Amiee to a liquid lunch. It's important to show employees how much they're appreciated!

XL Girls: So you were pointed in our direction by an ex-boyfriend?

Amiee: Yes. He said there are a lot of bigger women who are doing porn and men are just loving it, and I said, "Oh, that's not for me. I couldn't do that," and he showed me the website, and I was like, "Well, maybe. These girls have my type of figure, and if guys are looking at that, why wouldn't they look at me?" So he said, "Give it a try," and the next thing I knew, I was here. I sent you my pictures and you called me back.

XL Girls: So you accepted and we set up your trip here. What also appealed to you?

Amiee: That I'm doing something different, something that's outside of my comfort zone. I'm trying to do more things that are outside of my comfort zone. And it's something I want to do.

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The XL Girls Office Pervert

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Apr 212017
The XL Girls Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is not only an XL Girl. She's also a valued XL Girls employee doing office administration work. As you know, Amiee has all of the qualifications we look for. Jimmy is the XL Girls office manager and building pervert. He likes to make his rounds at TSG and check out the female employees. When he spots a hottie, he automatically grabs his junk. He sees new girl Amiee around the office and does his thing when she bends over.

Amiee walks into his office on business so he introduces himself, then introduces Amiee to the way he digs his dick sucked. Amiee's a fast learner to his techniques and is deep throating his pole with lots of slop and slobber, the way old Jimbo likes it. Instead of breaking for lunch, they go to his casting couch so he can fuck Amiee hard and treat her to a liquid lunch.

XL Girls: Amiee, when you first shot with us, was it on your mind to come back and do boy-girl?

Amiee: No, it wasn't. I got an email and it was, "Hey, we're interested in you doing a boy-girl" and I read a bunch of the comments from my followers, and they were like, "We would love to see Amiee get fucked, so I thought, "If this is what they really want, why not? Go down this road and see what happens."

XL Girls: So the guys' comments actually encouraged you?

Amiee: Absolutely. The comments on all the videos at XLGirls.com and the pictures really boosted my confidence to go out and do this.

XL Girls: Do you remember any comments you really liked?

Amiee: One said I was one of the most-beautiful models on the website and I was one of the reasons he joined and he just wanted to see me get fucked. And I was like, "Wow!" He was talking about how great my breasts were and what a nice ass I had and he just wanted to see me get pounded, and I said, "Okay!" And the more I kept reading the comments, the more I wanted to do it. I like the dick.

XL Girls: What do you like about it?

Amiee: I like to suck on the dick.

XL Girls: Are you just saying that to make us happy?

Amiee: No, I really do. If you asked my ex-boyfriends, they would tell you that's what I'm good at. I guess I'm kind of a natural at it. I try to find out what the guy really wants and give it to him. Like the way he likes it sucked. Some like it sucked really rough, some like it sucked softly, some like the balls licked and sucked, some don't. I try to find out how to please him because the more he's pleased, the harder he's going to fuck me, so it goes both ways. I'm not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart. I really do love it.

XL Girls: So you don't have just one blow job style?

Amiee: No, and if he doesn't want anything specific, I'll just do whatever I want. It depends on the mood.

XL Girls: How do you figure out what the guy wants?

Amiee: I kinda judge by how his cock is reacting, and if he's not reacting, they'll usually tell me, like, "No, don't do it that way. Suck it this way or use your tongue more." I'm okay with guys telling me what to do. I want him to enjoy himself, and, besides, I can tell if I'm getting a reaction. It's hard to hide!

XL Girls: How do girls keep their teeth out of the way?

Amiee: By opening their mouths wider and using their tongues more. If the tongue is under the cock, the teeth tend to be covered. I hope all the guys enjoy my scene and tell me what they liked. I love the feedback!

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Coed Kacey

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Apr 202017
Coed Kacey

It would really be nice if Kacey Parker would drop by your place after class and fuck your brains out. She can leave her coed outfit on while she's riding your ruler. Keep her panties as a souvenir.

Kacey's back at XL Girls after several years. These days she webcams and Skypes her "naughty shows," as Kacey calls them with a shake of her 38H tits. Next, in her follow-up, we'll see her getting fucked.

"Porn is the most-fun job I've ever had. I do what I love. Fuck! And I get paid. So I can't complain. When I was dancing in a club, men were always telling me I should be in XL Girls so I just followed their suggestions. Why not? I'm an attention whore anyway. I love it when wives catch their husbands staring at my large, youthful tits."

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