Scream for Ass Cream

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Dec 262022
Scream for Ass Cream

Rocky comes behind April McKenzie and clamps his palms over her 38H dumplings and squeezes hard. Those flesh mounds look ready to overflow her corset top and take over the planet. April encourages him to give her big boobs the loving they deserve.

He sucks and slaps them and pulls April's hair. Raising her nipple to her mouth, Rocky orders April to lick it. Their boob games continue. Fast, slow, hard, soft. She sits on his lap and mashes her flesh pillows into his face. This could become a new sport.

April leans back on the couch, her bare pussy spread open. Rocky finger-drills her as April rubs her clit at the same time. The honey-blonde wants his dick in her throat and unzips his jeans. She releases his cock and balls, gives the shaft a suck and then wraps her huge knockers around his meat like a hot dog wrapped in a bun.

He feeds April more cock to satisfy her oral cravings and her sweet tooth. Now to satisfy her other craving, the one in her pink cunt. April stands up and turns around to impale her pussy on his boner in a reverse cowgirl position. She bounces fast and hard on his rod like she has springs in her ass.

April gets on her back and Rocky fucks her snatch. As in her last shoot, April wants cock in her asshole. This is her second ass-banging. Rocky withdraws from April's pussy and slips his fuck stick into her butt. Both of them let out simultaneous sighs of pleasure. Using two fingers, April opens her pussy lips. That gives us a better view of her ass being speared. This is an excellent way to clearly show a girl being ass-fucked.

As soon as Rocky begins fucking April's asshole, she gets much more talkative and excited, liberally salting her chatting with dirty words and urging him to fuck her ass harder.

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Twilight’s Ass Master

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Dec 192022
Twilight's Ass Master

Some men watch football. Some men watch TV. Tony watches nasty girls shake and swing their huge jugs in his face. Twilight Starr is very good at this. In fact, her skills are extraordinary. She has a black belt in boob-fu.

Twilight is wearing a tight, tank-style top with a zippered front. She asks her boyfriend-for-the-day to move in closer and takes her girls out so she can rub his face in them. Her warm, soft breast flesh is intoxicating. A guy could spend an hour in them, but they must press on to examine other sections of Twilight's succulent anatomy. There are areas that must be tapped by the flesh-hammer.

Twilight gets on her knees and asks him to slip off her pink booty shorts. It's time for him to bury his face in her ass crack. Twilight thinks he's a dirty guy for doing that...but it makes her hot. If she thought that was nasty, she'll find that his finger banging her asshole is even hotter.

Twilight's ass looks so good, it should stay propped up while she hovers over sprawled-out Tony and sucks his dick dutifully. This way he can play with that big pillow of an ass while she deep-throats him to the balls.

Fingering Twilight's ass is merely preparation prior to drilling her butt. First though, Tony will fuck her fat tits and stuff her pink clam. That ass must be filled. It's an epic butt-banger that gets Twilight screaming so loudly, the editors could hear her through the wall.

We knew Twilight's culo would be in good hands with the ass master.

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Breastfest in Bed

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Nov 072022
Breastfest in Bed

Savana Blue gets treated to a "Breastfest in Bed" by Tarzan because Savana's special and she has great big tits and a big juicy butt. He gives Savana a taste of the lavish snack he has prepared for her. It's fit for a queen. But Tarzan is in a hurry to start swinging his dick in Savana's direction so her meal is cut short and he starts feasting on her big boobs and gives her his tubesteak to enjoy.

Savana is a lusty babe and she's happy to open her tight pussy and butthole after she treats Tarzan to a blow job and tit-bang! The feel of her tight ass and her urging him to lose his load over her hooters leads to a messy but happy ending.

Savana's favorite kind of dates are "Fuck dates. I like kissing, sucking my date off and dirty talking. I love doggie style fucking and big cocks."

"My special talents? I can sing and play the piano. I love getting my toes sucked and covered in cum. I also love BBC."

A very well-rounded, tasty little 4'11" morsel with 46I-cup breasts.

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Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

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Aug 102022
Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

"Oh, yes," Mazzaratie Monica says. "Let me jiggle that white ass on your face."

She didn't have to ask our stud Rocky twice as he devoured her 52-inches of booty. Ass like that is made for ass-clapping and booty-popping. Mazzaratie knows all about that from her time dancing at strip clubs, and she shows off her skills here.

Rocky is a man who needs to get his fill of booty, though. And he makes sure Mazzaratie's is ready to be filled as he sticks one, then two, then three and finally four fingers up her asshole.

"Oh, I don't know if I can do four," Mazzaratie says before he slips his fourth finger in.

"Oh, you can do four," Rocky replies as he stretches her out even further.

Mazzaratie hops on his cock and causes a booty earthquake as her ass bounces off of him. This is only a taste of what's to come. Gotta get that rock-hard cock nice and wet before slipping it into her ass.

"God, I love your fucking dick in my ass," Mazzaratie says. "I love watching that go in my ass. That big, fat dick inside my white ass."

After getting filled, Mazzaratie gets the perfect creampie her ass was made for.

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Grand Theft Anal

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Jul 052022
Grand Theft Anal

"I watch porn all the time," sweet, young, wholesome, doll-faced Suzumi Wilder said.

"Of course, that means I masturbate a lot. If I'm going for a quickie, I will use an egg vibrator on my clit and work up to a quick orgasm while thinking about being fucked hard."

That's our type of gal. Of course, with a guy like Rocky, Suzumi didn't need her toys to have several orgasms. Especially not after Rocky stuffed her ass with his man-meat, fucking her pussy and ass, getting in deep.

We shouldn't be too surprised that 44DDD-cup Suzumi let it all hang out, though. She already told us how freaky deaky she is.

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