Nixie & The Backdoor Man

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Sep 132021
Nixie & The Backdoor Man

Beautiful Nixie Night says she cleans houses as a side job. Can you even imagine Nixie straightening up your place? The brain overloads. Just the sight of her in a skimpy French maid's costume and fuck-me heels, wielding a feather duster would straighten something else out, too, and fast.

Never judge a book by its cover. Nixie's wholesome, girl-next-door looks and personality don't prepare you for her horny and hot side.

Nixie's also a student, a gamer and webcam model. She's a student of sex too. "I own about fifteen different books about human sexuality from ancient Greece to now," Nixie says. That deep interest in sex comes out in all of her pictures and videos. Nixie raises the heat levels by doing an anal scene.

Nixie is proud of her big boobs, for which we salute her. We are honored to have her here at XLGirls. All girls should be proud of their tits. "I love to show off my boobs. I like to wear tight, low-cut tops that really show them off!" Nixie loves having her tits sucked, fucked and played with. A man can do that all night to a girl like this.

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Nixie & The Backdoor Man

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Sep 132021
Nixie & The Backdoor Man

Gorgeous Nixie Night is heading to ass-sex city in "Nixie & The Backdoor Man."

In the opener, Nixie, her big boobs about a foot ahead of her, walks over to her fuck partner who is waiting for her in bed. Nixie tells him that she loves having her tits and nipples pleasured. She pops one of her huge tits out of her bra so he can suck it. "I'm a huge fan of nipple play," Nixie tells him. "I love it."

"Other one," says Nixie, pulling out her right tit so he can suck it also, like a baby. Nixie even joins in and licks her own nipples. "Keep sucking," a happy Nixie tells him.

Her booty call undresses Nixie, removing her bra, garters and panties, leaving her in black stockings and heels. He stands on the bed and drops trou. Nixie takes his boner in her mouth and blows him hands-free. Miss Night, who is a gamer and a webcam babe at home, is totally awesome and always has a girl-next-door personality at all times. It's a mix of wholesome yet erotic and horny.

Nixie's smile gets even bigger when she eyes his hard-on. She is always smiling, even when she stares into the camera and asks for cock as she's fucking. That's very hot.

Nixie gets on the bed and sits on the saddle in a reverse cowgirl position, shoehorning his pipe into her cunt. It's nice to see that Nixie has kept a well-trimmed pussy. Most models today sport baldies, not hairy pussies of any kind.

As Nixie's cock-man plunges into her pussy in missionary position, she looks into the camera and asks him, "Are you ready to fuck me in my ass?" The anticipation hangs in the air, adding a sticky, sweet suspense to their coupling.

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Back Those Buns Up

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Jul 262021
Back Those Buns Up

Sashaa Juggs takes the cock from Rocky and takes it well.

"I developed very early-at 13-and I was always the bustiest girl in class. I was the one with the biggest tits and I got a lot of attention.

"I love to wear low-cut tops and very colorful clothing. When I go out to clubs, my boobs are so huge that people stare at me. It makes me feel good. I love to know that people are drooling over me!" Like all of the guys looking at these hot shots.

Sashaa likes to play with tits and pussies also.

"I like thick girls. I can't mess with girls who are thin. I like ass. Titties? It doesn't really matter because I have enough titties to go around. I like pretty eyes. The girl needs to be submissive, too."

Sashaa likes older men.

"They have to be older than me: I don't like guys my age. I like fucking white guys and black guys. Don't ask the circumstances, but I've been with a black guy who was 79. He was gifted! He had the biggest dick I've ever had and it was the best sex I've ever had. Awesome."

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Ashly & Jhostin: Frequent Questions

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May 222021

Hello Guys! My name is SUSAN AND JHOSTIN I am 25yo, student, study at college 1st year.About my Rules:* my room - my rules !!!* be peacefull and friendly to all people in my room, especially to me!* if you demand or require please TIP or BANAbut my PVT show:I feel more comfy when i stay alone 1 to 1 with man. I can be openminded and be more liberated. Anyway PVT much better for intimate things and to talk about some secrets. I do sexy striptease and support good conversation (even if my speaking is not well). I can intraduce my body for you and show you every inch of my smooth skin ^^ make you hard like a rock with my moanings and facial expressions. After all i will play with my kitty till you came and get all relaxed ....Also we can have a nice convo after cumshow.THANKS FOR READING!

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Booty Sticker Shock

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May 032021
Booty Sticker Shock

XL Girl Salena Marie is ready to ride the bologna pony and get ridden in "Booty Sticker Shock.' Al gets to bones her ass too. This little girl can take a cock deep inside her butthole and she's a screamer too.

"The first time I had sex, I was hooked," San Francisco girl Salena said with a gleam in her eyes. "I've been a freak ever since. I like to have sex at least five times to ten times a week. I love being spread and fucked by a hot guy."

Five to ten times a week? No wonder she decided to get into adult videos. A girl like her needs a male harem.

Short and stacked, Salena looks a bit like Snooki from the never ending MTV show Jersey Shore. But Salena Marie is a lot hornier and eager to show the world how she fucks.

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