Laura Bailey – Plumpers


The mushiest letter ever sent in about Laura. The name is withheld so his wife doesn't find out somehow and have his legs broken. We must protect our readers and members.

"Laura, you are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. You are incredible! I can't believe some guy let you get away. What a fool! I simply adore your entire body and I wish I could meet you sometime. But, being married and in Canada, that's not going to happen, is it? Your eyes are the sexiest eyes I've ever looked into. I lose myself everytime I gaze at your photos. Your body is magnificent! I love every curve, every soft spot. You're looking for a boob man? I love your tits and your ass and your pussy and the curves of your hips and your tummy. Laura, to me you are perfection in a woman. I love a woman I can get a hold of and feel her weight as she lays on me. I have fantasized over and over about exploring every inch, every hole of your most incredible body. If you ever come to --------------, Canada please write me first so I can arrange to meet you somehow. In the meantime, could you write to me at this address? I would love to share thoughts and fantasies with you and maybe even chat online. Take care. You are my fantasy, my dream cum true. Your most adoring fan, ------."

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Laura Bailey – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

Hugely popular models in the early '00's, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden only crisscrossed once in their relatively short photo-careers and that was by invitation.

At a TSG studio in London, Laura's reading SCORE magazine on a bed when Susie walks over with a copy of January 2001 Voluptuous that features a pictorial of Laura. They look at the layout. Susie is impressed. She reaches over and feels Laura's big boobs. Girls can do that, usually without formal permission.

It takes no time for the two English girls to pull their dress straps down and go topless so they can really explore the weight, size and feel of their supremely big boobs.

This leads to French kissing, mutual breast kissing and sucking, pussy-fingering and ass-play. Then the girls pull out the portable boyfriends, thick fuck-toys meant to give orgasmic ecstasy. They seem to instinctively know each others' bodies as well as they know their own even though they've never met until this moment.

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